Is it dangerous to eat bananas and eggs together?

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Is it dangerous to eat bananas and eggs together?

Until my friend Mikie sent me this article, I had no idea that my healthy breakfast is becoming a focus of attack. I know that there are many people who got hooked on my banana shake and cannot imagine a day without it but obviously, someone must know the great nutritional value behind this energy loaded shake and found it necessary to put a fear of death in it to shy people away.

Here is the article:

The reason why I am using this article as a topic of my blog is to show you on an example how so-called nutrition experts know so little about the topic of their expertise.

There are a very few nutritionists that realize that there is a huge difference between the raw foods and the cooked and processed foods. There are so few of them that I had not met one as of yet.

In this article they again talk about the nutritional values of bananas not specifying if the banana is a part of a cake or if the banana is in a raw state, sliced on the top of the pastry. The nutritional values will be like night and day, they cannot be compared.

As I had mentioned in previous articles, saying that the cooked food has the same values as the raw food, is like saying that diesel and gasoline have the same values as the crude oil. This is ridiculous wouldn’t you agree?

Beautiful babies inside  eggs  isolated in white

This article does not surprise me nearly as much as some of the questions about bananas I am being asked frequently even after I wrote an article about it and explained what is banana and what happens when we expose it to the heat.

Banana is a fruit. As such it is loaded with seeds. Those seeds need starting energy which is supplied through the carbohydrates with which the banana is loaded with.

As with any other type of fruits, bananas are toxic when the seeds are not ready to sprout. This means that bananas are loaded with toxic proteins and enzymes when they are green.

As the banana ripens, the toxic proteins and enzymes are replaced with fructose. This is done to entice the animals to eat the fruit and spread the seeds.

The amount of fructose is minimal but since the fructose is very sweet, the bananas taste sweet as well.

Since the carbohydrate is not there to feed the animal but it is there to serve the energetic need of the banana seeds, the carbohydrate is packed within the cellular structure and coated with fiber which we call the cellulose.

The cellulose is none-digestible so the seeds and the carbohydrates will not be digested and they leave the animals (or human) digestive system untouched or slightly modified as the digestive flora will brake some fiber in the lower intestines but the carbohydrate will not be absorbed since the absorption of sugars occurs in the small intestines.

This ensures that the bananas will procreate.

The carbohydrate in banana is not there to feed the animal. If it did, many wild animals would suffer from the same chronic diseases as the humans do but this is not the case.

Many “experts” on nutrition are laughing at what I say and none of them has ever tried to test this for themselves and see if this is true.

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If you do not believe me, please try it for yourself. Eat nothing but sweet ripe bananas every day. Eat as many as you wish and you will see how fast you will be losing your weight and how low in energy you will feel especially the first two days when your cells are still adjusted to glucose and cannot produce enough energy from your fat.

All raw and unprocessed carbohydrates in nature are protected by cellulose so that animals do not have access to toxic sugars.

The grains are stores of carbohydrates and when you smash the tough cellulose fiber you expose those carbs. No wonder that horses have colics when we feed them grains and we continue giving them this toxic food because no one ever told us that carbohydrates are toxic.

Many times I had mentioned that glucose changes the genetic expression of an animal cell.

Utilizing the corrupt science, doctors start poisoning us from the early age by introducing us to sugars.

Baby foods are loaded with them. If you give a fruit to a baby, the baby will come down with diarrhea. So mothers are instructed to give their children compote which is cooked fruit.

The same will happen if we give babies raw vegetables so mothers are instructed to cook them.

It is simply replacing one poison with slightly modified one and forcing the genetic change so that the baby starts to tolerate this toxic food but at what cost?

The babies immune system becomes noneffective. There will be frequent attempts of the body to cleanse itself so the babies will have frequent vomiting, diarrhea, burping, runny nose, and fever. Does this sound familiar?

As the mother runs to seek medical help, the doctor continues poisoning the baby with a variety of drugs in an attempt to stop diarrhea, vomiting, and fever. All kinds of diseases are mentioned and all that it is is an attempt by the body to detoxify itself.

Now the expert in mad/sin, the doctor, recommends vaccination to reinforce the none functioning immune system. This is the ultimate poisoning attempt as mercury, aluminum, toxic proteins, and viruses are injected into a babies body.

What an evil society we have created!

Now the same experts are telling you that the mixture of eggs and banana creates a poison that will kill you. Should you believe them?

Well, if you believe that doctors are healing you, that the dietitians are correcting your diet, that the packaged supplements are nourishing you, and the Pope will bring you salvation, then by no means do not ever eat eggs with banana or you will compromise your health and die.

It is not the phosphoric acid of Coca-Cola, it is not the toxic chemicals added to the processed foods. It is not the toxic herbicides and pesticides that found themselves in the eggs or in the banana or in the white water we call the milk that was scorched, degreased and poisoned with dispersants for the vegetable oils that were added to this mixture.

We are being fed with a toxic crap but this is ok. The problem is the combination of egg and the banana. You’ve got it.

I am being sarcastic since there are many people that are unable to see the truth, no matter how clearly it is presented to them.

The science behind everything is quite simple but we are instructed to complicate it so that we can confuse people. When confused, people will believe in anything.

In the past, we had been told that 2+2=4

Now we are told that understanding how you get to the result is more important than the result itself.

This is why if you want to know how much is 2+2 you use analytical way.



This is why 2+2=4 get it?

Banana cartoons, Banana cartoon, funny, Banana picture, Banana pictures, Banana image, Banana images, Banana illustration, Banana illustrations

As we are raising our frequency, our eating habits will change, this is unavoidable.

We have to readjust the size of our stomach to the original small capacity. This is easily done through a liquid diet. Many if not all people will switch to a liquid diet in the near future.

The banana shake is a perfect tool to achieve this.

Stop paying any attention to what the “experts” are saying. If it is promoted through the media it is a fake.

I will mention my diet in the addendum.

Love and light to us all.

Author: darkovelcek

Awakened human being. Helping to spread the truth in awareness and health.

12 thoughts on “Is it dangerous to eat bananas and eggs together?”

  1. hi there darko,

    interestingly enough your own observations about it being dangerous to cook foods and to consume them either raw (or only very slightly cooked) is supported by mainstream medical research vis a vis the production of heat induced heterocyclic amines – see below:

    “Figg reported in October 2012 that men who consume the most ground beef more than double their risk of aggressive prostate cancer. “Interestingly, the consumption of rare or less cooked meat was not associated with an increased risk of prostate cancer.”2 This suggests it isn’t just the choline content but also the heterocyclic amine production during cooking that’s to blame”

    love and light to you too brother.

  2. Hi Darko, it seems bananas are the same as most all other fruits like apples, peaches, cantelope, watermellon, oranges etc. as they all have a carb mass that surrounds the seeds and feeds the seeds, and as you say entices animals to eat the fruit and spread the seeds. Whereas most vegetation and plants create toxins to prevent creatures from eating the plant and the seeds. So like bananas, do you think you can eat lots of these other raw fruits with no negative effects?

    1. David, bananas have more carbohydrates and less water than most other fruits so if heated, they provide a lot of sugar which is about 60% glucose and 45% fructose. You will get fat on cooked bananas.

      1. Hi dear Darko
        Can we really become fat from fatty foods?
        For about 8months i was trying a lot to eat more eggs more diary more meat but my body add 1%fat.
        And for 1weeks i add carbs my body has gain a lot of fats.
        Since i want to add almost 10kg in my body does this mean i need to eat carbs?


    You do not have to protect your apples from animals or birds where I live. Sure they might try a bite.. but no more. Even the omnivorous raccoon will only eat a bite.
    Point Here: Animals know – NO Energy in fruits or they would be all over it and back for more and more and more.
    I have seen 10 crows fighting over who gets to eat a skunk that was just run over by car… But, will crow eat the 1000s of apples on neighbor’s tree? -Hell no.
    Even animals know there is No Energy for them in fruits. Darko batting 1000 here.

    Some of my friends had orchard of pistachio trees, like 800.
    Well, you would fall over laughing to hear their stories of battling especially crows. One crow will eat 60 lbs of pistachios in a season. SOooo, they shot at them with shotguns.. but during harvest time, basically had to have a 24 hour watch and netting on trees.. Still crows got alot of the nuts!

    NEW MEXICO, the ‘New-Age State’ of America
    Yep, I live in this crazy state with its Hilary lovers and everything else that goes with that.. BUT, what I want to share with you are its fruit lovers. Some folks in NM, try to live solely on fruits. Here is what to expect… -Expect the unexpected!

    SHE was at Whole Foods in Santa Fe. Gobbling down a fruit salad, first. Then she tore into mango cubes she bought pre-cut. Folks were curious. Started gathering around the young lady, very pretty, a solid 7. (Most girls, women, are 1-4) This 22 year old was cute and she was friendly answering every question! Then the farts started. She was sitting on a wooden stool. So, they were Loud! Like something in grammar school. She said it was natural. That animals do it.. (Well, I can’t remember any animal farting except maybe one old old beagle.) Pretty soon folks were clapping, astonished at the ‘carnival farts’. I left.. my libido in tatters…

    Fruitarians are one way to test a relationship, imho…

    There you go.

    1. Chris, we have a hard time to absorb potassium because of its atomic size. Besides, as long as you ingest water and sea salt, your body cleanses all unwanted elements including the radioactive elements.
      Lov and light

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