Swelling on gums the child.

There is a particular reason why I want to address a tooth abscess.

When first I started promoting the Self Healers Protocol, I had noticed something very particular.

What was happening to many of my clients was a development of a tooth abscess below the seemingly healthy teeth.

This was very strange and I had to find why is this happening and how can people protect themselves and prevent this from happening.

For those of you who had never had a tooth abscess and do not know what tooth abscess is, here is some information.

In general, an abscess is an encapsulated infection.

Detailed view of elbow with big carbuncle or furuncle

When some pathogen enters the body, the immune system will react and try to destroy the intruder. The first action of our body will be to inflame the area and with this extra pressure push the intruder out if we are talking about a wound.

By constricting the blood vessels, the blood’s return into the vein and getting back into the heart is reduced, slowing down the spreading of the infection.

At the same time, the body creates a membrane around the infected area and isolates the pathogen. The membrane becomes reinforced with white-blood cells and in this way, the spread of the pathogen (bacteria) is held in one place and under control. This membrane that forms around the infected area is the capsule of an abscess. Within this capsule, the bacteria continue to proliferate (multiply) and at the same time, the immune system is trying to destroy them.

A lot of toxins are produced so the inside of the capsule becomes filled with what we call pus.

This new formation which is composed of the capsule and the pus we call an abscess.

The formation of a gas from the metabolism within the abscess increases the inner pressure which increases the sensation of the pain.

If an abscess forms in the mouth in the vicinity of a tooth we call it the tooth abscess.

Often the tooth abscess is connected to the root-canal and as the internal pressure of the abscess rises so does the toothache.

What is so special about the tooth abscess?

The tooth-abscess often forms near a perfectly healthy tooth.

Since the abscess has a capsule, no antibiotic will penetrate it so healing of the abscess is not possible, at least this is what we are being told in the school and dentists repeat this to their patients.

How does dentist treat an tooth-abscess?

Dentists drill the perfectly healthy tooth so that they can access the abscess through the root canal. So they destroy a perfectly healthy tooth and in this way, they can drain the abscess and apply an antibiotic directly into the capsule of the abscess and destroy the infection.

Inflammatory abscess,acne on face

To make the thing worse, once the dentist has access to the abscess they do not bother to check what pathogen is causing the problem. They simply administer the most popular antibiotic. This often does the job but sometimes it does not.

This is what has happened to my friend in Macedonia.

His dentist drilled his tooth, drained the abscess and administered antibiotic but the infection remained. Antibiotic was administered orally as the infection started to spread through the sinus labyrinth. The antibiogram was never done so later when it was obvious that the antibiotic is not working there was no way to test for the pathogen since the antibiotic had polluted the sample.

My friend is on the oral antibiotics for almost a month and the pain persists.

Now they want to do a surgical procedure to cut into the abscess and take it out. Why was this not done in the first place since this way the tooth would be saved?

Here you can clearly apply the term “the blind are leading the blind”.

My friend Mr. H. from Macedonia was on my Protocol and I warned him to use the Colloidal Silver during the Protocol until his immune system strengthens itself.

Why is this important?

When there are bacteria living in our mouth and on the roots of our teeth and our immune system is weak, bacteria proliferates and as there is no resistance coming from the body, bacteria and its toxins sip into the blood and pollute our body, especially the heart.

The infection is not spreading because the bacteria are kept in check by the presence of the fungus in the blood.

While on the Protocol the immune system strengthens and the amount of the fungus reduces so the bacteria attempts to spread but the improved immune system immediately springs into action and creates the abscess.

When we start using the Colloidal Silver for the prevention of the abscess, the bacteria becomes destroyed before the immune system strengthens and no abscess occurs.

Normally, now I would describe what and how to use the Colloidal Silver for abscess prevention and I would explain how to use the antibiotic correctly so you do not destroy your whole body and keep it concentrated only in the desired area but I will have to hold onto this information.

Occasionally I ask for a contribution, kind of an exchange for the information I am freely giving away and helping everyone to heal but I always receive a donation from the same handful of people.

When you contribute, I am grateful and you can be free to ask me whatever detail you want to hear and I will gladly share my knowledge with you and help you to heal and empower you with better understanding so that you can help others. It is all about energy exchange.

I want to end this blog with the statement that tooth-abscess can be prevented and healed without the loss of the tooth. Many of my clients healed their tooth-abscesses and saved their teeth. It is not a brain-science. It just takes some clear thinking and the clues are all over my posts.

Love and light to us all.

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Author: darkovelcek

Awakened human being. Helping to spread the truth in awareness and health.

7 thoughts on “THE TOOTH ABSCESS”

  1. Darko two things. First, why do you recommend colloidal silver over medicinal herbs? Aren’t herbs more natural? Second, what are your thoughts on concentrace mineral supplement? Its concentrated sea water with 99% of sodium removed. It’s really high in magnesium….. Great post!

    1. Colloidal silver has no medicinal properties It is not toxic).
      When did humans ever surpass the nature? Why would you think that processed sea water is healthier than the natural sea water? Sodium was never a problem so why to reduce it?

  2. I read this with interest as i have what looks like a pus-filled sac on my gum. Its small, doesnt hurt at all. I read up on gum abcesses and apparently they hurt, and dentists warn not to pop them. I wanted to just pop it, but i wont now. I gargled with sea salt to see if it works. Do abcesses always hurt? Is it safe to just pop them?

    1. Chris, abscess is an encapsulated infection filled with the bacteria and their toxic secretion mixed with white blood cells. If it does not hurt, this means that the bacteria are dying and there is no reason to touch it. Slowly it will reabsorb itself. It is good to use the colloidal silver and hold it in the mouth for as long as possible so that it can absorb and prevent any spread of bacteria.
      You can puncture it but only if you have colloidal silver and apply it immediately to prevent the spread of infection. Better is not to touch it but use the colloidal silver.

  3. Hi Darko, on the topic of teeth I have one amalgam mercury filling. Just one. I spoke to a biological dentist about removing it, and he was telling me that most people have far more than one, and that just one isn’t very dangerous. Would it be wise to just pull the tooth? I was reading online that sometimes pulling teeth can result in the jaw misaligning. Or would it be far better to just get the amalgam removed safely? Since it is just one, I am debating between removal of the amalgam or just pulling the tooth like they did in the old days.

    1. Eli do not pull out the tooth because of amalgam filling. If you have no health issues, the amalgam is not a big deal but if you want it out, just have it replaced with porcelain filling. Do not worry much about the procedure. Just drink plenty of water with sea salt and your body will not deposit the mercury. It will cleanse it out.
      If you have some chronic health problem, most likely, the amalgam is not causing them but it can be an additional burden.
      Love and light

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