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In the last week’s discussion about the inflammation, we had explained how inflammation is not a result of the fight of gen and antigen. Instead, it is an override action of the body to increase the amount of the blood in a particular tissue with the purpose of hydrating this part of the body.

This can force dehydrated cells to take in some water or it can flush this particular area of the toxicity.

Often people confuse inflammation with a water retention which are two completely different things. The water retention is mostly the result of a bad blood circulation and in extreme cases, diuretics must be used to get the water out.

Although diuretics have to be used if the inflammation endangers our life (choking) in almost all other cases the opposite is what has to be done and this is to hydrate the body with water and sea salt. This helps cleansing of the blood which will cancel the need for inflammation and the inflammation will subside.

Here is the second part of the program on the inflammation:

As you can see from the discussion, as far as the chronic diseases go, the inflammation is the bodies response to force hydration and it usually ends up with cleansing the area that is inflamed. So how do we combat the inflammation?

By keeping our body clean and well hydrated. Prevention is the best course of action.

To be able to detoxify, our body needs water, ions, and energy.

The water and sea salt we can drink and the energy our body produces unless there is a problem (stress, pressure on a nerve, and pollution).

As Dr. Jeremy had explained, grounding helps to stimulate electron movement in our body and helps with the cleansing.

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Misplaced muscle or disc in our spine can insert pressure on a nerve and interfere with the energy flow making the cleansing impossible. This is why a visit to a chiropractors office can really help.

Since our muscles are the ones that hold the skeleton in its place, if we are dehydrated on the cellular level, our muscle-tension will be low and there will be a lot of movement in our articulation. We will notice our joints to be noisy.

If we go to the chiropractor for alignment and feel great, this may be a short-term relief since there is a big chance that in a short time you will be in the same place as you were before because the joints will slip to the wrong position easily.

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This is why it is better to hydrate first, cleanse, and regain the muscle tension. Only after you have done this, go and have yourself adjusted. This will ensure that you will stay aligned and feel well.

As you can see, there is a close relationship between the inflammation and cleansing. You can be sure that this topic will be often revisited since there is no health possible when the body is toxic.

Love and light to us all.

Author: darkovelcek

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  1. Interesting. I keep going to the chiropractor because my hip keeps “going out”. He doesn’t instruct on any stretching, but I added some I found for my particular misalignment just to see if it would help prevent the problem – with some success – maybe because I started “drinking”. (sea salt water)

    1. Yes Becky, stretching is good but the most important thing is the hydration on the cellular level. This means, be careful that you do not have any medicinal remedies, alcohol or caffeine in your food.

      1. Actually, I don’t drink alcohol and never did – never liked the taste of it or coffee. Not a big tea drinker unless it had sugar in it – so I was drinking it for the sugar – not the caffeine. Did have my emotional – “MUST have chocolate” times. I do not take any medications and I dropped all my supplements when I started the protocol. Must confess – had to stop the caffeinated sodas – and all soda pop. I lived on sugar and caffeinated beverages for energy – not that it helped when the crash came. My mother always said how much more time we would have if we didn’t have all that meal preparation. She would have loved the protocol. With the protocol, I realize you not only will have more time in a day, but may have more time in your life – and life in your time.
        In the protocol, you mentioned not to take supplements because you do not know what you are deficient of yet. Did you write a blog or will on what proper tests a person should have done to find any deficiencies? Or signs to look for? With the grey skies of winter, mine is probably Vitamin D. Thanks, Becky

      2. Becky, I am just experimenting with something and as soon as I have my answer I will expose it through my blog. In the meantime do not take any supplements until you cleanse well. Then let me know if you still have any problems and we will go from there love.

      3. If a person is quite a bit overweight (obese) and doesn’t use the Pulser, how will I know I have cleansed well? Do you have to first lose all of the excess weight? I have been healthy my whole life and rarely ever called in sick. I have never been hospitalized and antibiotics would have been about the only medication I have taken in my lifetime – mainly when I was young. I don’t even like to take Tylenol or Aspirin – and Advil or Motrin gave me such a bad leg cramp at night that I dropped it like a hot potato. I have a high pain tolerance. So what is the definition of “until you cleanse well.”? I am still working on that early evening fatigue by TRYING to just take a ten minute power nap. I am intrigued and looking forward to when you post the results of your experiment.

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