Going quantum 3

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In the last article, I have explained the basic things about the fourth state of matter that we call the plasma.

I have also explained the properties of nanoparticles and their ability to switch between the gravitational and magnetic expression in which one is doing the pulling and the other is pushing. Within the nano-coated reactor, the plasma can produce the GANS (gas in nano state) and depending on the frequency and the MAGRAV (magnetic-gravitational) field it will be determined what will be the final result.

Dr. Keshe also explained how the leaf is basically a reactor with nano coated membranes and plasma in between (water with salts) and depending on the gravitational pull it will either produce the CO2 or oxygen depending if the nano-particles of the membrane act as magnetic or gravitational forces. The sunlight magnetizes the field and at night mother Earths gravitation causes the release of the carbon dioxide.

What makes it possible for the leaf to create either the oxygen or the plasma is the presence of nitrogen. This is why nitrogen is used as a fertilizer.

The nitrogen has 7 protons so if it loses a proton because of the gravitational force it will become an isotope of a carbon and if it gains a proton from the magnetic field it will become an oxygen isotope.

Exactly the same thing is happening in our skin.

Our skin, the same as our kidneys, is loaded with small reactors we call the glomerulus.

Nephrons 3d illustration

The glomerulus are round chambers and within them are the blood vessels. The glomerulus are nano coated and through them, the chemical changes are happening. What we call a chemical change is actually a physical phenomenon of the MAGRAV field.

Here there is a video in which Dr. Keshe explains how the skin serves as a blood cleanser and as the bodies energy producer depending if gravitational or magnetic fields are engaged in the process.

He also explains how the same alveoli or glomerulus structure is present in our lungs and in our kidneys only we use different names for them. If the reactor is in the skin or the kidney we call it glomerulus and if it is in the lung we call it the alveoli but their function is exactly the same.

Now you will be able to understand how can the lungs and the skin cleanse the blood same as the kidneys and also you will understand that most of the energy our body need is actually produced by our skin using the environments frequencies to stimulate MAGRAV reactors of our body – the glomerulus.

In the first hour of this video a Russian doctor is explaining the workings of the skin on the chemical level and from the 1: 06,00-hour point Dr. Keske starts to explain things on the quantum level of our physical expression of the MAGRAV field and the plasma.

From Dr. Keshe’s explanation, you have learned that 80 % of the energy is produced in our skin and the remaining 20 % of energy will be supplemented through our breathing and digestion.

For those of you who have used the Self Healers Protocol and cleansed and healed your bodies, now you understand why you do not feel hungry and a small amount of food is more than enough to satisfy your energy needs.

Being a nano-coated reactor, our skin manufactures amino acids under the influence of the frequencies that come from the environment. Those amino acids will be reabsorbed into the skin and further nourish the body and also act as the precursors for the hormones and vitamin D3.

Under the influence of nitrogen, same as in the leaf, our membranes will manifest the oxygen or the carbon dioxide depending if the magnetic or the gravitational fields will be triggered by the nano-coated membranes and glomerulus.

I prefer to use more basic explanation using frequencies and electromagnetic fields because I find them to be easier to understand. Here through the teachings of Dr. Keshe you can see the step up in manifestation where from the plasma under the influence of the magnetic and gravitational forces the quantum energies are converted into a three-dimensional elements and then we can go even further into the more complicated explanation of those three-dimensional elements changing their form utilizing the biochemistry as the tool.

vector - hand draw Organic Chemistry on background

I do not think that it would benefit us in any shape or form to complicate the things so I believe that using the frequencies will make the understanding easier unless you would prefer me to go more into the plasma field of things.

Because more and more haling equipment will use plasma GANS I will occasionally explain things in this field so that you can understand them better.

As far as the plasma goes, the important realization is that to function properly, our body needs plenty of copper, zinc, and iron since the GANS that are produced from them are the running force of our body.

The sea salt contains all of the elements needed by our body and by ingesting the sea salt, you are supplying the body with almost everything that the body needs. Plenty of water is necessary so that the body can selectively eliminate what is the surplus or the unwanted toxic garbage.

Yes, there is a much smaller amount of copper in the sea salt in the comparison to the bodies demands for it but by supplying enough of sea salt and filtering unnecessary elements out, our body will keep the copper content optimal at all times.

Little by little we are realizing the vast importance of the sea salt in regards to our health and how great health problems may occur in its absence.

I firmly believe that we are on purpose educated the wrong way as to avoid salt at any cost, since this is creating a generation of unhealthy people dependent on doctors a poisonous medicinal remedies as suppressors of the symptoms our body creates to let us know that we are doing the things the wrong way and that we have to change what we are doing if we want to regain our health back.

I can just imagine how difficult all this new knowledge must seem to you so let me know when you get stuck and I will try to find a way to make it easier for you to understand.

I love you with all my heart and I hope that you will absorb what you need from this knowledge and utilize it to heal yourself.

As always I am here to help and guide you if you so desire.

The healing potential is within us and when we do the right thing, healing occurs.

For those who are able, please send me a donation so that I can continue helping others. There are many who cannot afford medical care and some are not even able to buy the correct food.

Do not feel obligated. Donate only from the goodness of your heart.

Love and light to us all.

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Author: darkovelcek

Awakened human being. Helping to spread the truth in awareness and health.

5 thoughts on “Going quantum 3”

  1. As always very amazing article and deeply explained.

    I have an question bro:

    For example as i understood is that our skin Is like generstor that absorbs all frequencies of our environment.
    So does this mean that if we always wear clothes and dont expose our skin in sun and other nature we dont catch to much of frequencies?


    1. The frequencies are represented in various forms not just as a light and yes, being naked is healthier and using cloths of natural fibre is better than using polymer derivatives brother

  2. Darko I do believe that many can benefit from an increased intake of sea salt but do you believe it is necessary for all? The Inuit, who you talk about having great health, never consumed sea salt or any salt for that matter. They ate a mostly raw animal diet. This is well known and is written about in a book of two explorers who went and lived with the Inuit. Also many uncontacted tribes such as in the amazon do not consume sea salt but their health is robust and much greater than most domeaticated humans. They eat cooked animal foods and raw organs from what I have been researching over the years…. I guess what I’m asking is do you believe if diet is correct, salt is necessary?

    1. Mark I often mention that we are living in a toxic environment and we are loaded with toxins so the sea salt is helping us to detoxify.
      Cleaner diet requires less detoxifying but salt has to get into our body somehow.
      People that eat predominantly meat get the salt through the food but still it is good to supplement salt. It cannot cause any harm.
      The Amazonia was under the sea before and there are many salt deposits spots.

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