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In my first article about the quantum mechanics, I had explained the miracles of the light and how light is simply an expression of energetic wave-lengths where every wave-length is representing a different color.

Also, I had explained how our brain’s program changes light’s waveform into a particle form where the single particle of light is called a photon.

The photon is a product of our brain and it does not exist in a real form. Since the photon is the basic particle that forms a matter, it makes it obvious that the matter does not really exist. This means that we live in an imaginary reality where anything is possible.

All that we have to do to create is to imagine it and believe in its existence.

Our imaginary world is composed of multidimensional matter.

We have been told that the mater can be expressed in a gas, liquid, or solid form. Only recently we have been introduced to the fourth form in which the matter can be manifested and this is in a plasma state.

What is plasma?

Plasma is a denser form of ionized gas. This means that plasma is a great conductor of electricity.

Plasma is the most abundant form of matter in the Universe. Every time the Sun’s electromagnetic discharge occurs, huge amounts of plasma are being released into space.

Why is plasma important and why was its presence hidden from our knowledge until recently?

Plasma is the building block of matter. You can say that plasma is a nano-particle ionized field.

Why is the nano size of a matter so important now in physics?

Nano-particle creates electromagnetic-gravitational field but they can switch their magnetic direction which makes them obsolete in holding the memory. This is why in nano-particle size, the elements do not express their natural properties.

This is why plasma makes such a great building material.

To form the plasma, many things have to happen beforehand, from the sound that moves the energy field and creates oscillation, to sacred geometry that produces the light, to brain forming the photons, electrons…plasma.

planets, stars and galaxies in outer space showing the beauty of space exploration. Elements furnished by NASA

To explain it simply, plasma is like the cement bricks that we use to build our house.

Let’s say that we want to build a house.

If we have a lot of time and we want to save some money and if sand is available, we may decide to build the house from the scratch.

We collect the sand, mix it with the cement, add some water to the mixture. Then we pour the semi-soft mixture (plasma) in any type of mold we want and we start building our house.

It would be much faster to build our house if we simply buy already mixed concrete or cement blocks. Well, to use previously prepared cement is like skipping the basic points of the creation and use already available premix – plasma, in creating our reality.

Since our brain is using this already prepared plasma to create and shape our reality we can say that plasma is the precursor of the matter.

Since plasma is ionized, it is full of positive and negative ions. Every energy wave has electromagnetic properties. Since our thoughts are electromagnetic waves, if they are directed into a plasma field our manifestation will be much faster. We skip all of the basic steps and we directly use plasma as our building block of our reality.

How can we quickly produce plasma so that we can use it for fast manifestation?

Butt welding underwater pipeline using automatic equipment. Mobile system for welding pipelines. The construction of an underwater gas pipeline. Plasma welding.

Now we are embarking again to a new physics of quantum field science.

One of the experts in this field is Dr. Mehran T. Keshe

Dr. Keshe is a director of Keshe Space Program Institute.

Dr. Keshe explains how the push and pull characteristic of nano-particles are utilized to stimulate elements to go into a state of plasma which he calls the gas – in the -nano state (GANS).

Essentially what is needed is a reactor. This reactor has two membranes. The membranes are coated with nano particles and they are submerged in seawater. Why the sea water you may ask?

Because the sea water has all the necessary elements to produce any type of GANS.

The sea water is loaded with electrically charged particles ions and under the magnetic and the gravitational fields of the nano-particles they start producing GANS.

What we were told are the chemical reactions, are in fact physical reactions caused by gravitational fields. The science is being rewritten again.

Here is a video in which Dr. Keshe explains the photosynthesis in a leaf as a GANS production in which the upper side of the lief is smooth and the underside of the leaf is dull because it is coated in nanoparticles. In between those two membranes which serve as a reactor, there is a plasma (water colloid of ionic minerals) and the changing electro gravitational field starts to produce GANS.

During the day, the gravitational pull of the Sun causes the oxygen to be released from the lief and during the night the strong gravitational field of planet Earth is causing the release of the carbon dioxide.

As you can see, nothing is the way we had been and still are being told.

Here you can watch the video. In the 58 minute, Dr. Kash talks about the plant.

Now you can finally realize why is the sea salt so important for our health.

Our body has a variety of membranes (reactors) and for our body to work properly, all of the minerals and salts which are in the seawater are important.

When we ingest the sea salt and water, we provide our body with everything it needs to create whatever is necessary through the actions of its MAGRAV reactors we call the membranes.

Our blood is calibrated to tolerate a certain level of elements. When this level is breached, our body will expel the surplus through the urine. This is why we do not have to be concerned of how much of the elements we are taking in as long as there is plenty of water to eliminate what is not needed.

What is kept by the body is what was missing and the body can function properly.

When we take supplements, we often do not have enough of water in our circulation and elimination of the surplus is drying out our blood of the precious water creating a toxic environment. Almost always we supplement what our body does not need which makes the situation worse.

As we had mentioned the water, it is important to understand that water also has a fourth state in which it manifests itself.

Water can be in a gas form as it evaporates, in a liquid form and in a solid form when it freezes.

When in liquid form, the water H20 arranges itself ionically where it is mostly in negatively charged form when touching other objects and mostly positively charged form in the center.

The outside layer (top layer) is mostly negatively charged and with the contact of the positively charged foreign body, it creates an electromagnetic field that causes the water to have a tension.

Stronger is the electromagnetic field, the stronger will be the tension.

big, medium and small water bubble elements, transparent background, 3d illustration

Put two spoons together and place a drop of water where the spoons touch each other. Now start to separate slowly the spoons and you will notice that the drop of water creates a bridge. Stronger is the electromagnetic field the farther you can move the spoons one from each other without the water bridge collapsing. The water is acting like a plasma.

This tendency of water to change its ionic action in the presence of foreign bodies allows it to create a colloid in which the positively charged particles will be kept apart by the negatively charged particles of water.

This tendency of water to separate its ions and cations allows the cells to accumulate electric charge. Same as a car battery does. Since the water is in this ionic separated state within the cell it makes it behave like plasma. In the plasma state, the water’s characteristics are changed and it will not freeze so easily. In some cases, it can stay in a liquid form up to 40 degrees Celsius below 0.

I think that I am getting a bit too far, to technical so I will stop here.

In this article, I have shown you that the chemistry we are told in the school is not really what moves and shakes our body. It is the physics of magnetic and gravitational fields and this is why the most necessary thing is water salts and nano-coated membranes of which the most abundant nanomaterial is copper.

When we provide our body with the elements it needs and with the water, the body can produce whatever it needs including the amino acids and about the amino acids I will talk on the following blog.

Love and light

Author: darkovelcek

Awakened human being. Helping to spread the truth in awareness and health.

15 thoughts on “GOING QUANTUM 2”

  1. Hi Darko,
    Very interesting! Should prob be read twice these articles :).
    I discussed the salt water with a friend today and she asked a lot of questions. Which of your articles would you say is the first introduction on why to drink sea salt water?

  2. Hi again,
    What’s your view on activated buckwheat? Is it ok on the protocol? From my understanding it’s the seeds of a fruit.

  3. Darko any ideas why whenever I add sea salt to my water i can’t stop peeing? I even wake up in middle of to go pee and am extremely thirsty when this happens. I also seem to wake up at 4 am exactly when I do the sea salt and can’t go back to sleep. Also, i get this foul odor that comes from my armpits that literally smells like low tide, no joke. This strange body odor occurs when I eat sea vegetables as well. The odor is so bad that my wife can even notice. This is strange because I’ve never had body odor issues and I never wear deodorant. I drink spring water that I gather myself. I don’t eat carbs and have been eating a meat diet/ no sugar for over 8 years so it is not diabetes or blood sugar issues. When I don’t do the sea salt however i do not have to pee during the middle of the night and the foul body odor goes away. I’ve been trying to solve this mystery for months to no avail… Ever hear of anything like this??

    1. Mark, I have noticed this problem in many vegans and vegetarians when they do the protocol.
      As I explain, vegetables have toxic elements. Some of them we use as medicinal remedies and some we use as cleansers as they accelerate certain bodily functions. Since plants are toxic, our cells hold a sample of the toxin as the reference and as soon as the toxin is detected in the blood the cellular osmotic pump is disabled. No more hydration.
      Since water with sea salt stimulates cleansing and most of the cleansing on the cellular level occurs during our sleep, it is normal to expect accelerated urine production during the night. The detox of the blood if higher load of toxins are detected is done not just by the kidneys but also by the mucous of our respiratory in digestive system. So bad breath, smelly farts and diarrhea can occur. Skin will also do the cleansing so in areas of higher perspiration, more toxins are expelled and more bad odour is noticed.
      Stop eating toxic vegetables brother.

  4. Hi Darko, today Dr mercola talk about the importance of Magnesium and he say if you rarely eat leafy greens, you’re probably getting very little magnesium from your diet.
    and you say we get no nutrition from vegetable so this subject is really confusing me!
    and also other health nutrition agree that vegetable is very important for health and may be you are the only one i know who say that vegetable is toxic so please explain these things.

    1. Karim, Dr. Mercola knows abut the digestion as much as the average Joe. Matter a fact he know only what he had read about in the books so his knowledge is compromised by lies. He still recommends coffee and red wine as healthy nutrition.
      Through my article I paint completely different picture of the new understanding. If you pay attention to what I present then you understand that everything is just expression of energy through the frequencies and the brain’s interpretation of this which depends and relies on information the brain has gathered. Limited information prevents us from understanding of what is going on.
      I understand that it is difficult to switch the gear so if my articles confuse you and you want to understand it better, schedule a Skype appointment. Prepare a list of questions and I will explain everything so that it makes sense to you brother.
      Love and light.

  5. Hi Darko, I’ve read that blood has a concentration of salt and other ions that is very similiar to sea water, except that blood has 1000 times more copper, also more zinc and iron, I guess just shows how brilliantly our body has evolved to transmit electricity, since copper is about the best electrical conductor known. Would it make sense to supplement with copper occaissionally since it seems our blood is higher in copper than the sea salt?

    1. David, this is why the Yogi drink their water from copper jars but they have to be cleansed daily since the copper oxide is poisonous.
      By drinking the water with sea salt, the body absorbs what minerals it needs and eliminates what is not necessary. In this way, the copper and zinc levels are kept at their optimum.

  6. I prefer to ask my question here so all the readers get benefit from the discussion and
    the valuable information you told us specially i ask general question to understand health and nutrition that may be other readers want to ask . thank you for everything you have taught us to open our minds to the truth.

    1. Karim I understand but some explanations take to much of my time and they have been addressed in previous articles and in my books. Please forgive me if I do not answer them in depth brother.

  7. Karim, i also have a lot of questions since this is very different from what we once
    learned. I have read Darko’s books, The resonance of Human nutrition and Owner’s
    Manual for the human body. I also do my best to follow the Self- Healers protocol.
    I go back to them all the time because sometimes I don’t get it.
    I also learn from all the comments and questions that are asked here.
    The spiritual side is also interesting since everything goes hand in hand. I’m looking
    forward to learn more about the Quantum physics. I know I will understand
    better through the articles and questions that will come.
    Thanks Darko and love & light.

  8. Hi Darko,
    How long can I keep the banana shake in the fridge before it’s not ok to drink anymore? Both taste and nutrition wise?

    1. Tom, it is best to drink the shake immediately as you make it. The banana will oxidise quickly turning the color of the shake dark.
      Oxidized elements have much less energetic value.

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