Supplements – cleanses – alternative medicine THE FAKE SCIENCE 5

SWAZILAND - JULY 15: Sangoma's hut on 15 July 2000 at Swaziland. Sangoma is the shaman, healer and magicician in Swazi and Zulu culture.

This may be a touchy topic but it has to be addressed and explained because many people are being fooled and same as in the mainstream medicine, the results are interpreted the wrong way.

In the field of the alternative medicine, the supplement market is running wild. The health-food stores are popping up on every corner and the supplement market is more and more resembling the pharmaceutical industry showcases.

Blurred image of vitamin store shelves with huge variation of vitamins and supplements, natural remedies, functional food, lifestyle support, and herbal. Medical supplies product abstract background.

I know many people who have been listening to health gurus like David Wolfe (avocado) and Dr. Joseph Mercola and after initial success, their health stopped to improve and in time ended with dysfunctional bodies.

I am mentioning only two health gurus who became wealthy by spreading false information although the Internet is loaded with such people. Most of them are parrots simply repeating what they are served.

The truthfulness of their science is very obvious. One of them is becoming fat and the other is becoming bold and dry like a twig.

Why do I call the alternative medicine the fake science?

Because it is guided by the same manipulated “truths”.

The alternative medicine is guided by the same scientific beliefs that are supporting the allopathic medicine (modern medicine).

There are some deviations like the acupuncture for example, where the presence of energetic meridians is acknowledged and utilized. This is a step forward but it is not enough since the energetic pathways will become clogged again if the habits that brought the health problem are not changed.

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Holistic medicine acknowledges the spiritual power of healing and the homeopathic medicine recognizes bodies ability to manufacture antidotes and create its own healing but they are all basing their scientific knowledge on the same false and controlled science of the modern medicine.

They all have one thing in common and that is to deal with the symptom and the real culprit or the underlying cause of the disease is never touched.

The result is ongoing deterioration of the body and premature death often associated with discomfort and pain.

In my opinion, any one of the alternatives is better to follow than the modern medicine. You will have a healthier life with less pain at least further into the older age. Why did I specify older and not old age?

Because unless we change our habits and the principal science about the workings of our body, our lives will be short. Do not think that being 120 years of age is a long life. Since our genetic signature points that human life was programmed to last 600 years, 120 years old is just a teenager.

As I had pointed out in many of my articles we had forgotten what to eat and how to eat. Our diet and our lifestyle is to be blamed for our short lives and since we started to exaggerate and we have started to stuff our faces with tremendous quantities of the wrong and toxic stuff that we call our food, we had further shortened our lives and we have created many health issues which we classify as diseases.

Since we have lost the ability to communicate with our cellular structure, we have no idea what is going on in our body until the problem escalates to the point in which our body sends an ultimatum message in the form of the pain. This message means if you do not change what you are doing, you will die. The cellular structure has exhausted all alternatives and no longer can cope with the toxicity.

Alternative Medicine cartoons, Alternative Medicine cartoon, funny, Alternative Medicine picture, Alternative Medicine pictures, Alternative Medicine image, Alternative Medicine images, Alternative Medicine illustration, Alternative Medicine illustrations

Now we go to see our health provider and the focus is on the pain. As soon as the pain is suppressed we are told that we have been cured and everything is ok.

The toxic body changes the cellular environment. This reprograms the genetic expression which results in different cellular behavior. The blood picture changes and here is where we see the different approaches dealing with those changes but not a single one goes down to the core problem of the nutrition.

Some health-conscious people are realizing the importance of the proper diet but then they follow the same wrong and manipulated scientifically approved dietary recommendations.

There are some old beliefs about diet which many people are following. One of the oldest is the Ayurveda diet of India. This diet promotes ingestion of dietary carbohydrates but classifies our bodies into digestive groups. All this is incorrect and I proved this to my friend who is an Ayurveda doctor.

There are only those digestive types that we had created through the food that we eat but there is only one healthy diet for all humankind. I had explained this in my previous articles on nutrition. and in my book “The Resonance of Nutrition”.

Since we are in the time of evolution and great changes are happening all around us and within our bodies, I will start writing a couple of articles that will allow us to accept those changes and empower us to be able to use those extraordinary new abilities in forming our perfect world around us. We will be able to heal ourselves and others in an instant and we will be able to change whatever we do not like about our body. I just hope that there will still be some diversity and that not everyone will look like Barbie and Ken. I can’t stand them.

MILAN, ITALY - SEPTEMBER 18: A model walks the runway during the Moschino show as part of Milan Fashion Week Womenswear Spring/Summer 2015 on September 18, 2014 in Milan, Italy.

After you learn more about the way our reality operates, you will realize that all of the money you had spend on supplements, vitamins, and aphrodisiacs was a pure waste.

When our scientists tell us that there are essential elements that our body cannot produce and we have to kill to get to them, they are wrong because no one is really healthy so all those scientific findings are based on tampered samples.

Instead of medicating people with drugs, the alternative health gurus are medicating people with additives, supplements, and vitamins. All those things our robot (body) can produce by itself but only when we know how the robot works and how to use it correctly.

Many health enthusiasts become surprised as they let go of their supplements and vitamins during the Self Healers Protocol and their bodies start to work better than ever. Even Viagra becomes obsolete.

Some people undergo unpleasant liver, colon and kidney cleanse. They go through this annoying process sometimes several times a year thinking that they are healing their bodies. Well, this is what they have been told. Yes, they can see the difference. They witness what comes out of their bodies and they feel lighter and better (sometimes) but if this is a healing protocol why do they have to repeat it so often?

The reason is the fact that those cleanses are exactly what they say they are, cleanses. They clean the passages through the increased flow of fluid but they do not heal anything, and they do not do one thing that they all claim happens when they are implemented, and that is a deep cellular cleansing.

All those specific cleanses are based on medicinal action (medicinal = toxic). They actually stop the cellular hydration and this means that not only do they not perform the cellular cleansing, they further pollute the cells of your body.

I do not mean to discourage you from doing those procedures but at least you understand what is exactly happening when you do them.

Since the Self Healers Protocol does flush the organs but performs the cellular hydration and cleansing as well, there is no benefit of any kind of doing any other separate cleanse.

I am mentioning this because I was asked about this individual cleanses from my clients on several occasions.

Again, for those who find themselves surprised why I refer to the people I help as clients and not patients, the chronic diseases do not exist, they are just reaction of our bodies to the toxicity. The names differentiate them and put them in different boxes when in fact they all have the same origin and cause.

Love and light to us all.

Alternative Medicine cartoons, Alternative Medicine cartoon, funny, Alternative Medicine picture, Alternative Medicine pictures, Alternative Medicine image, Alternative Medicine images, Alternative Medicine illustration, Alternative Medicine illustrations

Author: darkovelcek

Awakened human being. Helping to spread the truth in awareness and health.

13 thoughts on “Supplements – cleanses – alternative medicine THE FAKE SCIENCE 5”

  1. Hi Darko,
    Very interesting read indeed!
    Would this mean that humans would have lived to 600 years old 10.000 years ago? I assume the toxicity etc would have been minimal back then and at least on a comparable level to how animals lived?

    1. Tom, the Bible tells us that people used to live 600 hundred years, Methuselah lived 900 years and Enoch never died, he simply mutated (rose to the Heavens and walked with God).

      1. Hi Darko,
        Hard to grasp indeed. But wouldnt there have been people even 200 years ago or even today who live in isolation and eat a “correct” diet and live their life as they should that would be very very old in that case. Wouldnt there be several multi-centerians living in different parts of the world? Like tribal people or other small cultures.

      2. Tom, the healthiest people on this planet were the Inuit people (Eskimos).
        They never had a medicine man because no one was ever sick. We do not know how long was their lifespan but since they lived on ice, they had no access to hard objects. They used bones of animals they ate and their own teeth to process the leather. This wore out their teeth. Once without the teeth they could not eat well but what was worse, they could not help their family because they could not do the work without their teeth. So they simply walked out to the cold, meditated, left their body and left their body to froze.

  2. Sorry to change the subject but it seems like I have a blood clot in my leg. I’m thinking I must fast. What else can I do? Haven’t slept hardly at all in over a week and am getting tired and desperate. Can you help?

    1. Matthew, blood clots are sign of very polluted blood and low electromagnetic charge that results from it. If you do not cleanse your blood, you will have to take anti coagulants like an aspirin to prevent the clots from occurring.
      Because of the low electromagnetic charge, your blood particles are not repelling enough and they end up hitting each other and damaging themselves. This causes them to form a blood clot.
      Also the blood particles need strong magnetic field to be propelled through the body. When the magnetic field drops the particles create friction and they do not push one another strong enough so the blood circulation in our legs suffers. The blood has a tough time to circulate.

  3. Hi Darko,
    Enlarged glands in men, like gynecomastia. Is it reversible with the protocol? Or will the body just leave it as it is if it doesn’t do any harm? Would be interesting to hear your thoughts.

    1. Tom, gynecomastia is caused by elevated estrogen hormone in the body. Plastic additive bisphenol A closely mimics the estrogn hormone and causes this problem. The correct dietnormalizes the genetic expression, adjusts the hormones and the body changes to normal.

  4. Hello Darko, I have been eating correctly for a couple of weeks and had to get my yearly blood tests done. My cholesterol jumped up in all the numbers and of course my doctor wants to put me on meds. My question is: on your protocol, how long will this stay elevated. I have to retest in 3 months. Will I show improvements in numbers then. I otherwise fairly healthy and do exercise. Thank you.

    1. Kathleen hi.
      The change of the diet triggers changes in genetic expression. This changes influence the cellular activity. For any change, cells require cholesterol since the cholesterol is a building material that the cells use to do this job. There is nothing to worry about and do not listen to your doctors, they are trapped in the wrong understanding and cannot help you..
      The cholesterol will be elevated until the cells are fully adapted or something is changed in your body. No matter what you will eat, your cholesterol will remain elevated until the cellular need for it vanishes.
      Whenever you have any concern, contact me on

  5. Hey darko nice article. I myself am against supplements as well but one supplement that I believe is worth while is either fulvic acid or shilajit if you can get quality products. Ive used fulvic and shilajit in the past and there pretty interesting. I definitely feel my strength and flexibility increased on them. I had to stop though because they began to change my bowel movement and felt like I couldnt empty completely. Pretty disapointing because the benefits were really good on them…Was wondering if you have experimented with these and what your thoughts are. Thanks!

    1. Hi Mark.
      This is what happens with all supplements. First you feel good because the supplement has increased the level of certain element. This also creates a cellular reaction. They usually want to prevent the saturation and close the osmotic pump. At the same time, as the level in the blood reached the max. tolerance, the body triggers diuretic effect to clear it out. This is a cleansing effect and not just the excess of the supplement is eliminated, so we star feeling better but in time the body starts to show problems on the cellular level.
      Love and light brother.

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