Hypertension – salt – diuretics THE FAKE SCIENCE 2


Male doctor in white uniform holding blue label white bottle of diuretics drugs, close up

As we continue debunking the fake medicine oriented pharmaceutical science in, an attempt to rid ourselves of the unnecessary and health-threatening medicinal remedies (pharmaceutical and natural), in this article I am going to explain hypertension and the fake science that was built around it whose sole purpose is to extract your money. The healing has nothing to do with it and in the matter of fact, those drugs people are given for “controlling the blood pressure” actually cause accelerated health deterioration and creation of what we call the autoimmune diseases.

In my book “The Owners Manual For The Human Body” and through some of my previous articles I had explained how there is no such thing as a normal blood pressure with set parameters.

Our blood pressure will vary according to the cellular demand.

Yes, we have to get accustomed to hearing this phrase – the cellular demand. The cellular demand is actually a DNA signal.

We have to understand that every change in our body is changing its environment to which our cells respond. Those changes can be triggered by the nutrients we ingest but also by the cellular activity.

This means that if one tissue or one organ of our body changes its behavior by either accelerating or by slowing down its metabolic processes, this will send the message to the rest of the body. This is the change of the environment within the body.

Now some other tissues or organs will have to adjust its metabolism or production to compensate for those changes so that the body as a whole continues operating properly.

How does this relate to hypertension?

Let’s say that you had to sneeze. You close your eyes, tighten your facial muscles, and create a sudden contraction of your chest and abdominal wall muscles. This action forces a rapid exhalation we call sneeze and this is what we are aware of but this activity put a higher demand on the cellular activity of those muscles involved. They had increased their metabolism so more oxygen and more food is needed. At the same time, faster metabolism creates more heat so more water for cooling is necessary. All of this will be supplied through the blood and as the demand for all of this stuff was increased so must increase the speed of the transportation. This means that the blood has to start circulating faster. As the heart rate increases so does the blood pressure since higher blood volume will be involved.

As you can see, increased blood volume will raise the blood pressure. Everything is normal and in good shape but the blood pressure went up. This is why our blood pressure rises with every move we do including something as basic as talk. The act of opening our jaw will raise the blood pressure.

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There are other things which we are not aware of that will raise the blood pressure such as our digestion but a really dramatic increase in our blood pressure will be experienced with the intense brain activity. The act of fear can raise the blood pressure so high that we can actually sense the heart palpitation in our temples or in the neck arteries. We can even faint in extreme cases.

Our brain is a real energy guzzler and it can create symptoms that we can mistakenly attribute to a variety of different things and in this way misdiagnose (misunderstand) the body.

Hypertension cartoons, Hypertension cartoon, funny, Hypertension picture, Hypertension pictures, Hypertension image, Hypertension images, Hypertension illustration, Hypertension illustrations

A lingering cerebral activity as constant worrying, constant depression or any kind of fear and anger will keep the blood pressure elevated during the day.

On the other hand, there are also mechanical reasons why the blood pressure could be elevated.

When I was explaining the mechanism of inflammation I pointed that inflammation is simply a forced hydration where the blood vessels constrict to increase the overall blood volume within a tissue or an organ. This increases locally the blood pressure forcing the blood into the cells. The inflammation process increases the resistance to the blood flow in this area which will increase the blood pressure in the arteries all the way to the heart. If an organ with a large blood flow is affected by inflammation, this can noticeably increase the blood pressure over the whole body.

Such is the case with a kidney inflammation. Here I am showing you that the relation between hypertension and the kidney inflammation is actually contrary from what we are told in the medical school. Hypertension does not cause the kidney failure. Instead, the kidney failure can contribute to hypertension.

Also, the inflamed blood vessels prevent the arteries from expanding under the pressure and this increases the blood pressure as well. If the arteries stay inflamed for an extended period of time they become very dry and acidic on the cellular level. This also makes the arteries lose their elasticity and the blood pressure goes up.

Now, what is the medical response to hypertension?

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Since the primary reason for the hypertension is an increased volume of the blood, doctors used to bleed their patient. Today they call such technique barbaric and they poison the body with drugs. As the body wants to quickly eliminate this poison it engages the diuretic effect and the patient ends up eliminating a lot of water through the urination.

Here I want to mention that when the patient is bled, a pint of a toxic blood is removed so not only the blood volume went down, so did the blood’s toxicity and when the body makes a new blood it will be cleaner, less toxic. That is a good thing and a positive effect of bleeding.

When we use diuretic poison which we call medication, the body eliminates water but the toxicity will remain unchanged. This actually creates more problems as the dehydrated body cannot cleanse and becomes more polluted. Here you can see again how the modern medicine actually worsens the health situation.

So if you have been given a diuretic to “control” your blood pressure, do not think twice, just get rid of it and never look back.

There is never a case where decreased blood volume will help your health. It is just the opposite.

Only because of prolonged medically induced dehydration of our blood, the body can deteriorate on the cellular level and an extreme cellular dehydration occurs. The blood circulation can become so compromised that the water retention starts occurring and in extreme situations, only through eliminating some blood we can control the water retention. Here again, the bleeding would be a much better choice either through opening the vein or using the leaches to suck the toxic blood out of the body.

Since multiple inflammations can be causing hypertension, doctors now prescribe toxins that dilate the blood vessels. They call them the beta-blockers. If the blood vessels are inflamed as well then the combination of the diuretic and beta-blockers are needed. As you can see, none of them is designed to improve your health. They are just lowering the blood pressure.

What is wrong with this picture? Isn’t the blood pressure the problem?

As I had explained earlier, hypertension is just a symptom of something going wrong within the body but this, doctors do not even address. By artificially lowering the blood pressure they are actually working against your body.

In a case of inflammation or restricted blood passage, increased blood pressure is necessary so that the body can be properly supplied with the blood. By lowering the blood pressure we are countering the natural response of the body, we are messing with the natural autopilot of health.

Doctors are trained to implement the scare tactics by telling you how increased blood pressure can harm your health and cause a stroke. Nothing is further from the truth. Nobody ever died from elevated blood pressure, ever! But millions of people are dying daily from the consequences of doctor’s actions when they are “correctly” following the protocols of their science and millions more are dying from additional errors they commit through misdiagnosing things, administering the wrong poison and cutting the wrong organ.

Man refusing salt. Health care concept, hypertension prevention

I did mention previously that the hydration of the blood is impossible without increasing the ionic content and that the sea salt is the optimal solution as it contains all of the minerals that are normally found in the blood. Actually, if we lose a lot of blood either through prolonged menstruation or an accident, our body will rapidly replenish the lost blood if we hydrate with water and sea salt. Not only that the blood will be rapidly replaced, the new blood will be cleaner and it will help the cellular hydration and the cellular cleansing. This is what actually aids in our healing.

As you have noticed from this article, hypertension has an underlying issue and this is what should be addressed and not camouflaging the problem by artificially lowering the blood pressure.

No matter what is the reason, properly hydrated blood is required so that the body can heal itself.

This is why drinking the water with sea salt is always a good idea. Doctors are wrongly educated and actually, believe that increased levels of salt in the body will cause increased blood volume and consequential hypertension.

This can happen only when the blood circulation is compromised and the reason for hypertension, in this case, is not the higher level of the blood but the compromised blood circulation that has to be healed. Elevated blood volume and its ionic level will allow the cleansing organs to cleanse the blood and the cells. In this way, the blood circulation will be repaired and the blood pressure will normalize. This sometimes requires more time and guidance but it will happen.

One can never overfill the blood circulation with to much water. You cannot pressurize glass of water, the water will simply spill over. Same will happen in our body. The excess of salt and water will be eliminated through the blood cleansing organs and on the way, more toxins will be eliminated improving our health.

Blaming the salt for causing the hypertension is the oldest trick in the book that is used to make people more toxic and sick. It was the first manipulation of the truth that the medical and the pharmaceutical industry used to harm our health so that they gain more clients by increasing the amount of the sick people.

To make sure that people get sick even if they use enough of salt, they started to promote the artificial table salt and the bleached and iodized sea salt which both of them are toxic and unfit for the human consumption.

Just to give us some “healthy” option, they spread a lie about the exceptional benefits of the Himalayan pink salt and promote it through the “alternative” so-called “natural medicine”. This is another lie and shows you how there is a very little difference between the natural and the mainstream medicine. No matter which one you will follow, eventually you will end up sick.

Since we have been brainwashed so hard on the issue of the salt and hypertension, the majority of people are scared to the death of the proper hydration and leaving their hypertensive medication.

This is the reason why I wrote this article since the consumption of water with sea salt is the base of the deep cellular cleansing and the Self Healers Protocol.

To conquer your fear, please contact me and let me lead you to health if you are concerned with this issue. Do not let the fear control your actions. There is no healing under the influence of medication and the drugs for controlling hypertension have to go. One cannot heal under their presence.

Love an light to us all.

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Author: darkovelcek

Awakened human being. Helping to spread the truth in awareness and health.

9 thoughts on “Hypertension – salt – diuretics THE FAKE SCIENCE 2”

  1. Hi Darko,
    Good timing with this article! One of my close friends dads has just been prescribed statins. I’m trying to get him to think it through so will pass this on to him!

    For eating raw fish and sushi. With soy sauce off the tablet is it ok to have it with tamari instead? Also, is the wasabi OK to eat?

  2. Hi Dr. darko and everyone, I hope you all doing well.
    Has any here cured sleep apnea following Dr. Darko’s protocol?
    Please click link to watch the video

    1. wow ! ….Terrible disease sleep apnea ! The cpap machine and losing weight is the only solution and never eat before going to sleep ...lose weight as much as posible ! I lost over 98 pounds and I no longer have sleep apnea .

  3. My Doctor told me I will have high blood pressure for life !…Well I cured it with cream of tarter (Potassium bitartrate)..I take half tea spoon of cream of tater in the morning with half glass of water and lemon juice — two times a day and my pressure went from 158 down to 127 …….if you decide to use cream of tarter donot use over 3 half teaspons a day …too much cream of tarter (Potassium bitartrate). can damge your kidneys and dehydrate you . balance is the secret !…. I follow a high protein low fat diet, no sweeets , no coffee , no alcohol ,no wheat , no tropical fruit ..no refine carbs and I only eat two meals a day and I fast saturday and sunday .

    1. Mikael hi.
      There are many reasons for hypertension and many ways to suppress it but the real heeling has to incorporate cleansing on the cellular level. Your diet is ok but start drinking water with sea salt for the cleansing purposes brother.

  4. Hi , I have high blood pressure and have had 2 heart attacks. I have 3 stents and am worried about drinking the water with sea salt. Shouldn’t I gradually drop the BP meds while doing the water and sea salt. And what kind of sea salt do I use? I have some I have bought from the market, I think its Morton Brand. I haven’t been able to get your book yet so this is why I’m asking. Is there any supplements or something to dissolve the plaque already in the arteries, as I still have blockages. I really am a mess with my health right now.

    1. Debbie hi.
      The plaque is not a culprit to which you should aim your attention. There is a reason why the plaque has formed and I explain this in my articles and in my book. If you want to allow your body to heal, you have to do changes in your life. Drinking water with sea salt is not enough. The salt that you have to use is not refined, natural sea salt that does not contain added iodine.
      If you would like to be guided, please send me more information. I need to know your diet and drinking habits, what medication are you on, your weight and whatever other ailments you have.
      You can send this information to may mail darko.vlck@gmail.com
      If you prefer to do the work by yourself than please read my book or as many articles on this blog as possible so that you start understanding the workings of your body.
      Love and light

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