atherosclerosis – cholesterol – statins FAKE SCIENCE

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In an attempt to help you to rid yourselves of medications I will write several articles through which I will explain the fake science which is created and publicized by the criminal organization we call the pharmaceutical industry.
The only interest of the pharmaceutical industry is to increase its revenue. The money is the name of the game.
How is the game played?
The recipe is simple and the guidelines are the same as in any other big business.
Create a product that is easy and cheap to produce, make it look inviting, advertise profoundly, and sell expensively.
All these requirements are very easily met if you have the license to lie and the pharmaceutical company is full of licenses and has the right to supervise itself. The state-run agency that is supposed to control it, is bought and paid by them and the public is left on its own.
Actually, the pharmaceutical mafia went even further and by corrupting the law enforcement agency earned the right to medicate people by force.
If you do not have the money, do not worry, they will sell your house for you and keep the change. You will not need it anyway by the time the medical industry is done with you.
Well, this was just a short but truthful intro to this fake science we are about to debunk.
Atherosclerosis – cholesterol – statins, they are related and a result of the same fake science we people have to pay for.
What is atherosclerosis?

atherosclerosis. Artery wall thickens as a result of the accumulation of calcium, fat and cholesterol. It reduces the elasticity of the artery. Stock Vector - 27277777

Atherosclerosis or properly said arteriosclerosis is a deformation of the arteries caused by narrowing the arteries which disrupt the blood flow and may cause a serious health problem.

In medical school, we are told that the cause of this is the accumulation of cholesterol on the inner walls of the arteries. As the cholesterol accumulates, it makes the arterial opening smaller which makes it difficult for the blood to go through. Since the cholesterol involved in this process has a low-density protein bonded to the fat, we blame the LDL cholesterol for this problem and the medical industry has labeled the LDL cholesterol the bad cholesterol.

Which arteries are affected by this problem?

In the great majority of people, the arteries that are affected with the arteriosclerosis are the arteries around the heart but occasionally also the Carotid artery that supplies the blood to the neck and the brain can be affected and peripheral arteries, which supply blood to the legs, arms, and pelvis, also experience marked narrowing.

Actually, when we are talking about our legs, the blood vessels that will be affected most will be the veins (varicose veins), not the arteries. Why is this so?

Because in our extremities the venous blood is exposed to stronger pressure.

The doctors have been told that the plaque buildup in the arteries starts as soon as we are born and it increases as we get older presenting problems after the age of 45-50 years of age.

This is a lie.

Since we are polarized, this is an impossibility but we are not told anything about our electromagnetic properties in medical school so that we can be lied to.

To prevent things from sticking to each other they are kept apart by the magnetic fields. Everything in our body is polarized. Since the blood vessels are positively charged on the inside they are negatively charged on the outside.

So that the blood particles do not stick to the arterial walls, all the blood particles are also positively charged. This means that the cholesterol itself is positively charged as well.

The stronger is the electromagnetic charge of the body, the stronger is the magnetic field around the blood vessels and around the blood particles. The stronger is the magnetic field the further will be the particles repealed from each other and from the arterial wall. The blood particles will not be bouncing one into another and neither will they be touching the wall of the blood vessels. This means no sedimentation of any kind can occur.

Since young children have clean blood and no stress, their electromagnetic field is strong and there is not an even remote possibility of them having circulatory problems. Every rule has an exception and sickly mothers can produce a sickly child. 

'Your cholesterol is high. Lay off the sea food.'

People with polluted blood are at risk as their electromagnetic potential is low and their blood particles clump together and rub onto the arterial walls because of the weak magnetic charge.
Since we eat dietary glucose our body becomes acidic. The buffer from the bones is recommissioned into the blood to maintain the alkalinity of the blood and the calcium cannot be sedimented into the bones for the lack of the buffer. This leaves the calcium circulating in saturation. Some calcium will be removed through the urine, some will be crystallized in the kidney stones and some will start to bond to the weak magnetic arterial wall as the alkaline environment crystallizes the calcium into the blood vessels causing them to become brittle.
A brittle blood vessel will crack when it is exposed to increased pressure. The cracked blood vessel will expose the negatively charged outer layer of the blood vessel and the blood particles will start to bond to it. Since the LDL cholesterol is sticky it will bond all of the other particles and itself to the negatively charged arterial damage and prevent the blood from escaping.
This is why the arterial damages appear in the arteries with the highest blood pressure in the body like the heart for example.
Once the arterial damage is repaired, the positive charge returns and pushes the cholesterol back into the blood circulation.
Unfortunately, doctors are not familiar with the working of our body so they do not understand what is happening and blame the LDL cholesterol for the disturbance that is happening in the blood vessel. Instead of helping the blood vessel to repair itself, doctors are told to reduce the availability of the LDL cholesterol in the blood. This not only that it does not solve anything, but reduced levels of cholesterol also prevent the body from healing as the cholesterol is the building block of our cellular membranes.
What is cholesterol?
The cholesterol is a building material our cells use to repair, reinforce, or build new cellular membranes. The cholesterol is also the base for most hormones in the body. Our body produces exactly the amount and type of cholesterol that was ordered by the cellular demand.
Our cells will use this cholesterol to build stronger muscles, protect the cells from irritants, prevent the cells from losing water, build neurons, hormones… so you can just imagine what havoc we can create if we intentionally prevent its production.
Well, this is exactly what statin drugs are designed to do. They prevent cholesterol synthesis.
Contrary to what we have been told, we cannot absorb the cholesterol through the food we eat no matter how much cholesterol there is in our food.
The cholesterol we eat will be broken down with the digestion into fatty acids and protein and the protein will be further broken into amino acids. What we are going to absorb is the fatty acids and the amino acids. Our body will then use those acids and create whatever the cells demand.
If our cells need building material our body will produce protein and bond it to the fatty acids creating the cholesterol. If not, our body will bond the fatty acids to the glycerol and produce triglyceride for energy demands.
Our body is intelligent, it knows what to do. This is not what I can say about our doctors. Not that they are not intelligent, they are misled and too stupid or uninterested to realize it.
We have to be open to learning new things. Even this science I was just explaining is a Mickie mouse play when it comes to the real quantum understanding and we have to get there to be able to control our body and mind.

Cholesterol cartoons, Cholesterol cartoon, funny, Cholesterol picture, Cholesterol pictures, Cholesterol image, Cholesterol images, Cholesterol illustration, Cholesterol illustrations

Knowing this what I have explained, it becomes obvious that we should never interfere with cholesterol production. This means that if you are taking any type of statin (the cholesterol-lowering drug) stop ingesting it immediately. You do not have to do it gradually. Simply stop and throw them away.
If a doctor suggests that you take them, you suggest to that doctor to go back to school and learn about cholesterol.
There are no ifs and buts about it. There is NEVER A NEED FOR CHOLESTEROL REDUCING DRUG. All they can do is to harm your health.
So, if you are medicated and want to rid yourself of medication start here, ditch the statins (cholesterol-reducing drugs) first.
If you still have your doubts and prefer to be guided, let me know and I will guide you.
Love and light

Author: darkovelcek

Awakened human being. Helping to spread the truth in awareness and health.

23 thoughts on “atherosclerosis – cholesterol – statins FAKE SCIENCE”

    1. Mikie, I had explained it briefly. Cholesterol is fat bonded to protein. It cannot be absorbed as such. It breaks down into fat acids and amino acids and this is what is absorbed. Our cells use those and form what they need which is mostly triglyceride and protein.. Cholesterol is produced only when needed and in the amount needed. Love an light.

      1. Mikie read my book.
        Fat does not dissolve in the water and before it is send into the blood it has to be emulsified. Our body emulsifies the fat either by creating triglyceride or the cholesterol.

  1. Hi Darko,
    Thanks again for providing a very interesting read.
    What is your view on farmed vs wild salmon? Where i live its very hard to find wild salmon that has not been frozen. So the question is really… Is it better to eat raw farmed salmon or cooked wild salmon?

  2. Hi Darko,
    I’m consuming a fair bit of activated macadamia nuts when doing the protocol. I know you say nuts are OK it they are soaked but is there an upper limit of how much one should eat? I’m having a fist-full per day the last two days.

    1. Tom, plant based fats and proteins are inferior as the food to animal based fats and proteins. Eating nuts as snacks is ok but do not try to replace animal products with plant product. You will harm your health brother.

  3. hi there darko,

    wishing you a happy and healthy new year 2018 brother…

    there is a factually incorrect statement near the end of your article above…it is this:

    “So, if you are medicated and want to rid yourself of medication start here, ditch the cholesterol first.”…

    taken literally this will mean “CONTINUE to take the deadly rubbish medication that is a cholesterol reducing statin drug!”…

    it should have read like this:

    “So if you are medicated and want to rid yourself of medication start here, ditch the cholesterol reducing drugs first”…

    love and light to you too brother…

  4. Hi Darko,
    Is fried minced beef an ok meat to eat? It would be more or less cooked through so not in the raw state as you recommend. I notice you have chicken as a recommended protein and I assume you would eat this well done as well?
    Thanks for your insights and quick responses.

    1. Tom I recommend that you read my books. You should never eat coagulated protein especially minced as it will not digest and cannot be eliminated since there are no fibres left to help with this process. If you eat minced beef, have it raw like a stake tartar.

  5. love the article, so well put and easy to understand
    we have friends on statins, and will send to them
    keep doing what you are doing darko-the ripples are huge!

  6. Good stuff as always, Darko. I can relate because my dad was recently in the hospital with ischemic colitis problems, which is different than atherosclerosis….but it amazes me how the doctor tried to give so many medications including a statin. He tried to give meds for the heart palpitations too, but I had to jump in and remind him that palpitations are quite normal and usually harmless. Not one mention of diet or lifestyle changes, just take this and that medicine for the ischemic colitis. Some docs are useless.

  7. Hello Dr. Darko – can you tell us how many days we should be fasting in order to clean out the clogged arteries? I’d rather fast than to potentially have bypass surgery. Also, what are your thoughts on our system’s Autophagy mechanism. Thanks so much.

    1. Tajo hi.
      Fasting properly with consumption of water with sea salt is the fastest way to detoxify and realign the cells and the genetic expression but it is not necessary to fast to repair the blood vessels and the circulatory system of the body.
      Follow the Self Healers Protocol and you will repair your body without being hungry.
      Our body is an intelligent conscious self repairing organism and the Autophagy system is just a part of this mechanism. Our cells are constantly regenerating and replacing themselves where the old dysfunctional cells are being recycled with the help of Autophagy. Macrophage are involved but the cells to be recycled have to be marked for recycling. Because of toxicity and the wrong genetic expression, sometimes the old cells are not marked to the macrophage has no idea that they have to be taken a part. This is where some health issues may occur brother.

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