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Many times I have mentioned how the reason for our ill health is a toxicity on the cellular level.

This toxic pollution can be caused by cells ingesting it or by the inability of our cells to eliminate their waste.

We are well aware of the health issues that arise when we live with constipation.

When we are constipated, we are not eliminating and cleansing our digestive tract. This causes stagnation of energy. We feel heavy, bloated and sleepy. Our energy diminishes and we cannot function normally.

If we allow this to persist, our health rapidly declines. Putrefaction process starts, more toxic elements form, and the result is inflammation of our intestines.

If our cells do not eliminate their waste, similar thing happen and the end result will be the inflammation.

To be able to eliminate their waste, our cells require water, sodium, oxygen, and energy (electric energy).

Sodium and oxygen will merge under the influence of high voltage electric impulse and produce potassium in a process we call the cold fusion. The buildup of potassium inside of the cell will trigger the cellular osmotic pump and water will start flowing into the cell. Once the cells water level increases, the pressure is created that allows for the toxic elements to be flushed out from the cell.

Now as I have mentioned all of this in an article about a fear, what is the role of the fear in all of this?

Well, what is fear?

The fear is an emotion of an unpleasant thought that scares us or makes us feel uneasy about something and it lingers in our conscious and subconscious mind.

Someone can scare us with sudden noise but as we realize what has happened we calm down and we do not give it a second thought, we do not hold it in, we are no longer fearful of it.

Sometimes our fears overwhelm us and we start avoiding things we love to do because of the fear factor that may be associated with them. Many people refuse to swim in the sea because of the fear of shark. Some people avoid walking on the grass because of the fear of snakes. Some people avoid forest because of the fear of spiders. Those extreme fears that prevent us from doing things we call phobias.

The most common fear phenomenon is the fear of death and closer to it we think we are, the more we fear it.

Encouraging the newcomer, the trainer says, "Let's try it once without the parachute".

When we are young we do not give it another thought. Older we are and sicker we feel the more focus is given to death and more fear it creates.

Why do I write about fear?

Because the fear is a form of stress that lingers. It stays with us day and night, day after day especially if we are in the situation where it can materialize, manifest itself.

The fear creates a stress that is robing the body of the energy it needs making us toxic on the cellular level.

Our cells cannot hydrate, they become acidic and toxic. Our organs stop functioning, our brain fogs up. The complete collapse of our health can occur if we do not control our fear.

Another common reason that triggers the fear is change.

Cartoon man running away from woman holding a card sign saying, will you marry me? Cartoon vector illustration on fear of man for marriage commitment concept isolated on grey background.

Our brain is a programmed robot that fears everything that it is not accustomed to. If you want it to do something new it will respond with the fear, the fear of change. More often you expose the brain to changes, the less fearful will it become of them.

This is very important when we are talking about healing. Since we are programmed with the wrong information as far as our health goes, we become fearful to do something that contradicts our knowledge (belief). In this way, even when we follow the new instructions and provide our body with what it needs (water, sea salt, saturated animal fats and proteins….) our cells will remain short on the energy as the fear makes it impossible to flow and our cells stay dehydrated, acidic and toxic and our health cannot improve.

I am noticing this over and over again. Everyone who is following “The Self Healers Protocol” and does it in fear has a rough time with achieving the beneficial healing results. Their hydration, their cleansing, and their sub-sequential healing are extremely slow.

The fear is the result of our brain’s activity, it does no benefits to our survival, it only prevents us from experiencing the life to our fullest capacity. Fear is just another of our senses with which we can measure the intensity in which we are experiencing certain events.

We cannot assume that the fear is not an important factor in us experiencing the life, but we have to be able to have the upper hand over it so that the fear does not end up causing further problems and prevents us from experiencing what we came here to experience.

The only way to control our fears is by understanding the nature of things that are happening around us. The more we understand, the less we are going to fear whatever is being thrown at us.

The more you are familiar with the spider, the less you will fear the forest.

The more you become familiar with the shark, the less fear you will have to go and swim in the sea.

The more you understand the life, the less you will fear the death.

The more you understand the health, the less you will fear the disease.

It all depends on how you program your brain. This is why we have to continue reprogramming our brain. Replacing the faulty programs with the new ones, eliminating the confusion and the fear that the brain will create when it is exposed to something that it does not know or does not understand or it knows but in a wrong way.

You cannot heal if you are afraid of what you are doing no matter how beneficial it is what you do. And I am not even talking about the manifestation, just the simple act of energy disturbance.

young desperate man sitting at hospital bed alone sad and devastated suffering depression crying at clinic for serious disease diagnose feeling worried and in fear about health

You have to have faith and trust the things that you do. This is why I go to such lengthy explanations. Things have to make sense to be understood and not to be feared. You cannot sit comfortably on two chairs at the same time. Neither can you follow one set of instruction comfortably if you have doubt because of some other contradictory information that you have been exposed to.

Doubt trigger fear. The fear creates stress. The stress robs you of energy an creates the cellular toxicity.

The cellular toxicity results in cellular dysfunction we call disease.

Learn to conquer your fear by learning the truth about yourself, and the events of which you are part of and call them your life.

Celebrate for you have graduated my eternal family, I love you all.

Author: darkovelcek

Awakened human being. Helping to spread the truth in awareness and health.

12 thoughts on “CONQUER YOUR FEAR”

  1. Hi Darko,
    Again – a great article. Thanks for the consistency in putting up good reads.
    I’m starting the protocol the day after tomorrow. I have a few foods i’d like to get an OK or not OK on from you. Can/should i have;

    – seaweed
    – Acai
    – Prosciutto
    – Gelatin or hydrolyzed collagen powder
    – Chilli?

    Thanks for all your help!

    1. Hi Tommie
      The seaweed is a good cleanser. Do not eat it daily It provides 0 energy.
      Acai contains carbohydrate so eat it only in a raw state. It has a good oil.
      Prosciutto made the traditional way wit the sea salt, light smoking and air drying is ok but the new methods of preparing it contains toxic elements and should be avoided.
      The hydrolysed collagen powder is ok if it does not contain any Soy lecithins. They are always present in the protein powders but some manufacturers add them into the collagen powder as well.
      The hot food is another cleanser and should not be used frequently.
      When you start eating correctly, you will be amazed how little you actually have to eat.
      Love and light brother.

  2. Darko is cellular dehydration the main cause of histamine intolerance and food allergies? I use to drink over a gallon of water a day and would use sea salt sparingly. Maybe 1/4 tsp a day. I started to develop food allergies to eggs, raw milk, fermented foods, and avocados. I’m wondering if this had to do with dehydration due to lack of sea salt and too much water

  3. Darko, have you had any experience with quantum healing hypnosis? I am looking for ways to get rid of my social anxiety (mainly my fear of public speaking) and am wondering if this would be a good option, or if you had any other suggestions. Thanks brother.

    1. Hi SK
      Manipulation of the sub conscience through the hypnosis can certainly help. It has to be a deeper type of hypnosis like the one that was done by Dolores Cannon. There are many of her students around who do this job.
      Also, practice makes it easier.
      Can you imagine me 15 years ago having to talk to groups of people with health professionals in them about how they actually do not know nothing?
      As you can see, I have survived!

      1. There is one person in my city who practices this type of hypnosis. I think I will send her a message.
        I am in school right now, so I have lots of opportunity to practice.
        But the only way I can practice is with the use of beta blockers to reduce my physical symptoms.
        If I had to give a presentation without medication, I wouldn’t last more than 20 seconds. My heart beats uncontrollably, my hands shake, and my throat tightens to the point where I can barely speak.
        Do you think it’s okay to continue using these beta blockers?
        I don’t want to become dependent on them–but at the same time it’s the only way I’m able to make it through a presentation.

  4. Hi Darko,
    Just finished the 2nd day of the protocol and feel very good. No symptoms or “sideeffects” other than feeling a bit cold during the day today even though it was 29 degrees. I havent started the pulser yet – it will arrive next week.

    I posted this in one of your holiday posts, not sure if it was missed or if you have no input on this matter so will post again to make sure you got it. “I have developed a lot of moles/ brown spots on my body throughout the years. Is this something that is reversible and something the protocol will take care of? What is the cause of these?”

    Also – may i recommend a blog post about eyesight problems. Astigmatism, nearsightedness etc.

    Kind regards

  5. I BELIEVE I KNOW WHY YOU ARE SEEING MIXED RESULTS… in people who use your protocols.

    98% of all laundry cleaning products in America have both formaldehyde and chloroform in them now.
    In every store in every restaurant in every building where Americans are, now there are massive choking plumes of poisonous chemicals, actually not unlike Chemical Refineries put out, from the people in those places. (The fact that no one seems to notice or talk about it, or ban the “Gain” and “Tides” of this world is not good. I believe the best parallel would be when Industry put lead in gasoline and lead was found to cover every centimeter in every city of America. “Lead was put in gasoline after war, because there was a surplus of lead and Industry Captains went looking for a use for it.”)

    How can anyone recover when they are breathing formaldehyde and chloroform 24 hours a day?

    It just shows us, we can drink right, we can eat right, -but, if our personal air is literally poison, it makes little difference.

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