Closeup portrait young woman with sensitive toothache crown problem about to cry from pain touching outside mouth with hand isolated on gray background. Negative human emotion face expression feeling

The wisdom teeth are the last set of molars that appear usually around 18 years of age.

Because by this age we think that we have accumulated wisdom, those teeth are called the wisdom teeth.

Actually, here comes our first test of our wiseness. If our wisdom teeth are healthy and we allow to be convinced to have them removed, we have done a lousy job in getting wise.

What is the thing with the wisdom teeth and why are so many people having their wisdom teeth removed?

By the time the wisdom teeth start growing, we are adults and we have all but forgotten the discomfort that a growing tooth creates.

Growing tooth is painful as it ruptures through the gums. It creates a problem in chewing the food and it seems like it is taking forever for the wisdom tooth to set in place and stop hurting.

As there isn’t much space for it, a pressure is created on the rest of the teeth to move a bit so the whole painful experience may affect not just the one tooth but we can feel a discomfort in the entire lower or upper jaw.

Sometimes there really isn’t enough space and the rest of the teeth cannot accommodate the wisdom tooth so it sets in crooked and continues bothering us.

Sometimes it does not come to the surface or it rots before it completely sets in. So there is definitely a time when we have no other option but to take them out.

Asian girl group use dentist equipment to clean tooth for prevent toothache and good healthy concept.

If we check some of the statistics, it becomes obvious that in less than 3% of people, the wisdom teeth or a wisdom tooth will create a problem and has to be extracted.

The same statistic shows that more than two-thirds of the people in the modern society have their wisdom teeth extracted.

Why is this happening?

When we feel pain in our jaw, we pay a visit to the dentist. He diagnoses the problem as the growing wisdom tooth and immediately he/she suggests it to be removed.

If you ask why, the schoolbook answer is that there is a limited space in the mouth and the wisdom tooth may cause misalignment of the teeth, and we do not really need it. The wisdom tooth is a remnant piece of our past when we needed more teeth but now we do not need them and some other stupidities that we have been told by our “miseducational” schooling program of the popular science.

The question is, do we need wisdom teeth?

No, we do not but then, we do not need the second set of molars either. We can live perfectly well without them so there should not be a question of their necessity. We do not need two kidneys but this does not mean that we should now go and have one kidney extracted does it?

Since we are living in the increasingly toxic environment and the health recommendations given to us by our health specialists are preventing the cleansing of our bodies, we are becoming very dehydrated and toxic in early age. Our bodies do not work properly and the health problem starts occurring.

A dry tissue shrinks in its size so this happens with the jaw as well. This not only reduces the available space for the wisdom tooth but it also creates a difficulty for the other teeth to move and adjust to the newcomer. This may be the reason why did the wisdom tooth twist and came out crooked.

Since the dietary carbohydrates form the major part of most peoples diet, their bodies are acidic. To maintain their blood alkaline, a buffer from the bones is used to alkalise the blood. This creates osteoporosis but it also makes the tooth fragile.

As the glucose abundant diet changes the genetic expression and lowers the immune system, caries easily attacks the teeth.

Now, if you are a 20-year-old adult with growing wisdom tooth, there is a great possibility that one of your adjacent molars to the wisdom tooth has caries or have been previously drilled and destroyed by the dentist. Instead of having the new healthy wisdom tooth extracted, you may want to get rid of the already destroyed molar since the new wisdom tooth will easily take its place. The teeth are not set in a place forever. With a constant pressure, you can force them to move. This is why braces are used to align the teeth.

cute cartoon wisdom teeth with health concept

Unfortunately, this is not what you will hear from your dentist. They will rather take out the healthy tooth since they are sure that sooner or later the damaged tooth will need more maintenance.

It is all about the money.

Somehow, the dentist forgets to mention that 7-10% of wisdom teeth extractions end up in complications, creating more health problems than the wisdom tooth would create if it was not touched by the dentist.

Now if you take in the consideration that two-thirds of people had their wisdom teeth extracted, and only less than the 3% of them could have developed a problem and 7-10% of the extractions will end up being problematical and require further medical attention you can see how lucrative business can extraction of wisdom teeth become.

My suggestion is, save your body parts and learn how to take care of them.

Love and light.

Enjoy the festivities and have a good time.



  1. Thank you, Darko, for your view point on this! Our dentist recommended that our teenage sons have their wisdom teeth removed simply because they are teenagers. The wisdom teeth have not even started to emerge and they certainly are not causing any problems yet. I declined to have this done. (Then the dentist started listing off all the possible dangers and fearsome future problems I’m setting the boys up for if I don’t comply. I still refuse.) My boys are happy and healthy with no cavities. This seems completely unnecessary. I see no reason to have them go through painful surgery, with all its potential complications and side effects, to because of the small possibility of whatever ominous diagnoses they can come up with. If, in the unlikely case, there is an issue in the future we can deal with it then.

  2. Hi Darko,
    Hope you had a good Christmas.
    I have 2 questions.. What are your views on tattoos? Is it something really bad for you?
    Also.. Is cold-processed whey protein isolate powder from grass fed cows (no other ingredients) an OK addition to the diet? I exercise a fair bit and also travel alot so it would make things a lot easier (specially when on the road as food choices are sometimes very limited.)

    • Tom it all depends what type of ink is being used. Most tattoo inks are based on salts of metals. This will cause pain when exposed to electromagnetic fields. So some diagnostic equipment will cause a great pain.
      Also since the ink is toxic, this can contribute to allergies and it lowers the immune system of the body. I do not recommend this practice to be done.

      Protein isolate is only necessary if you are building your muscles but as the energy source, fat is much better.
      When I travel I basically eat eggs and dairy products. Both are a live foods and a live food is the best nutrition for every body brother.

      • Hi Darko,
        I noticed the protein isolate has 0,2% soy lecithin in it for solubility. Is this a deal breaker or still OK for a muscle building phase?
        When i travel i find it hard to sometimes find good quality eggs and dairy. Do you still feel that supermarket options are good? Such as packaged pasteurized milk or packaged mass produced cheese and regular free range eggs? Is this still the best option when on the road? Is this dairy still considered “live”?
        I have found a source for “bath milk” now close to where i live (they label it that since raw milk is illegal in Australia. Cigarettes and alcohol is legal but oh my if you sell raw milk!!??!) . They offer raw milk and raw cream which i will incorporate into the diet.

      • Tom, this is why I avoid to use protein drinks. They ad the soya products to undermine our health.
        It is better to have lower quality dairy and eggs then using a processed food.
        Yes the enzyme is destroyed but a live culture is added to make the cheese or yogurt.
        So have fresh cheese and the full fat yogurt brother and bless t before you eat it.

      • Hi Darko,
        I contacted Great Lakes Gelaltin and they add nothing to their gelatin or collagen. I also found a Protein powder without soya, they use “tapioca dextrin and tapioca” instead. Would this be OK you think?

  3. Hi Darko, Thanks again for your wisdom and insight on these matters of health. My questions are about routine dental care. I brought my 14 year old son to the dentist the other day for a routine cleaning. He had no cavities and they said his mouth looked healthy, but said that he could probably benefit from getting braces to correct an overbite. What is your opinion of braces (orthodontics) for kids? What about the routine check ups and cleanings. Do you think the twice-a-year scraping and polishing is necessary? Could it be harmful? (We do go to a dentist that does not use fluoride or mercury in his practice.)

    • Laura, the braces are ok when needed and this means if the teeth are out of place and create a problem or are cosmetically unattractive. If this is not the case, I would ignore the dentists advice. Remember they think with their bank acc.
      Sugars are sticky so if we eat cooked carbohydrates we can cause dental problems. Also this kin of the food acidifies the boy and it leas to osteoporosis. Caries is dental osteoporosis as well.
      I do not allow dentist to touch my teeth any more an I do not have any dental problems with the exception of the large holes dentists created during my early life when I did not know any better.
      Once a year is more than enough and if caries appears it has to be healed and not drilled and damage the tooth further like what dentists are doing.

      • Darko, Thank you for your advice. I appreciate it. It is very helpful and re-assuring. Also makes me laugh a little bit.. ” Remember they think with their bank account…” Funny! Makes me smile. Have a great day.

  4. Hi Darko,
    What is you view on toothpaste? I currently use a fluoride free one from Aesop.
    Also when it comes to other products for hygiene etc. Should they be eliminated during the protocol? Such as deodorant, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, body/face lotion etc.
    It would be interesting to hear your thoughts on this and what suitable alternatives could be.
    Kind Regards

    • Tom, when we eat correctly we do not have to brush our teeth but since our bodies are toxic, we are going to have an unpleasant odour this is why we cannot stop taking the care of our appearance.
      Avoid the known toxins, use toothpaste without fluoride, deodorant without alcohol and alluminium, the skin products without the mineral oil and talcum powder, shampoo without alcohol….

  5. Hello Darko brother

    Which is yours opinion about Apicoectomy surgical procedure after root canal tooth?

    It is better to remove my front tooth(root canal) and to be free of apicoectomy surgical and free of other infections that can occurs in necrosis tooth(dead tooth now).
    And then to hope with braced to resolve missing tooth.

    Or to do this surgical procedure and to save my tooth?


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