Close up of common eye infection and inflamnmation during eye examination.

It is more than two years since I wrote an article specifically about inflammation.

Recently I was sent an article which supposedly sheds a light on to the relation of the inflammation and chronic diseases and as expected, the article is a total miss and serves more as a misinformation piece rather than an educational one.

This is the article that was posted on :

The author of this article correctly states how the inflammation plays a role in every chronic disease but then the standard narrative takes over blaming the inflammation to be the cause of chronic health problems.

Some doctors are confused realizing that inflammation is a part of self-preservation which the body uses to protect and heal itself since it brings a higher amount of white blood cells into the affected tissue.

Only, the inflammation often occurs when there is no pathogen present and since in this case there is no gen and antigen interaction which we are told is the cause of inflammation, those doctors explain this as an autoimmune effect where the body is confused and for some reason, it harms itself by causing unnecessary inflammation. In this case, doctors assume that the inflammation is causing harm.

This is nonsense but because of our bad education, it becomes the only conclusion doctors can come up with.

Such explanation of inflammation you can find on most health sites. One of them is the Web MD.

I am not picking on Web MD, I could as well use the Mayo Clinic site or any other influential site including the alternative sites as Dr. Mercola for example. They all use the same logic since their knowledge is based on the popular science of lies and deceits we are all bombarded with through our education.

Thrombophlebitis in human leg. Painful inflammation of the leg veins. Medical issue

Once we set aside what we have been told and we look at what is happening with an opened mind we realize how nothing of what we have been told makes sense.

To understand why inflammation occurs we can back-engineer the process.

What do we typically find in inflamed tissue?

We find the blood vessels in a spasm. They are constricted.

If we reduce the volume of the blood vessels, what happens?

The tissue is like a bag which has an artery that brings the blood in and a vein through which the blood exits. When you constrict the artery you will get the same effect as when you squeeze the end of a water hose. The pressure in the hose increases and the water comes out with a narrower but a stronger squirt. Basically, the same amount of the water passes through.

The same happens with the squeezed artery.

But when the vein constricts, the outgoing flow becomes restricted and more blood become trapped inside of the tissue. The internal pressure of the tissue is rising and pressing on the sensory nerve causing first an itch and with increased pressure, the itch changes into the pain.

The affected tissue becomes full of blood, swollen, red, and painful. This we call inflammation.

What would be the reason for the inflammation to occur? When would the body benefit from this process?

1 If there was an injury and the body wants to wash off the wound.

2 When a pathogen is detected. Increased blood flow will bring a higher amount of white blood cells, more oxygen and more water which is needed to flush the pathogen away.

3 Allergy, when foreign protein is stuck onto the cells of the tissue. If the cells are lacking water they cannot part with water to wash their surface so inflammation allows those cells to easily absorb some water to be able to do this job.

4 Acidic cells within a tissue or an organ. Increased cellular acidity impedes normal cellular work so when a tissue has acidic cells, the inflammation is set in motion as a forced hydration. By increasing the extracellular pressure of the blood or lymph, the cells are forced to hydrate even if they have decided not to hydrate and have stopped the osmotic cellular pump.

Why would cells do such a thing as refusing to hydrate themselves putting the whole body in danger?

There are several reasons for this but the most common is toxic blood. I explain this in my book and through many articles on this blog site.

5 To immobilize a joint and prevent it from moving. If the cartilage is damaged further movement will cause more harm and pain. Inflammation swells the joint. This prevents it from further movement and more injury. At the same time, it allows forced hydration and reparation to take a place.

As you can see, there is not one case of self-inflicting harm or unreasonable behavior which would point to self-destruction or as we are told to call it the autoimmune reaction.

Once when we realize that inflammation is the response of healing, every interference with this process is an attack on our health.

Now you realize why I state that turmeric is not our savior but does exactly the opposite. It interferes with natural healing response of the body by producing the anti-inflammatory reaction.

We eat toxic food which forces our body to defend itself by engaging the inflammation and then we patch it up with a medicinal remedy such as the turmeric and suppress the body from protecting and healing itself.

Now we are not even aware that we are poisoning our body and we call it a healthy living.

The Internet is full of sites and videos about this type of “healthy living”.

Again I am not picking on the turmeric. The same applies to the garlic, ginger, cinnamon, onion, black pepper…and every other plant with medicinal properties including the high, near-lethal doses of vitamins which we are told to use for medicinal purposes.

Here I am not bashing the medicinal plants. I am just explaining how they work and why we should not be using them if we are not in pain (medical emergency).

It is a common practice to use those plants in daily cooking as prophylactics, to prevent the inflammation or health issue from occurring in the future. Now you understand that this is an error and such practice actually triggers health problems itself.

I have seen many doctors popping pills to keep their immune system strong.

I saw mothers giving their children aspirin if the flu season approached as prophylaxis so that their child does not catch the flu.

Those are ridiculous and harmful practices of ignorant and mislead people.

This is why it is so important to learn the truth. Our body is a perfect self-healing robot and it will heal itself if you provide it with what it needs.

Since we have forgotten how to support our body and we have stopped to listen to its subtle signaling, I have created the “Self Healers Protocol” which is designed to do just that.

Provide your body with what it needs and let it cleanse and heal itself.

Our body will never intentionally harm itself. Everything the body does is intended to better itself, to recover and heal.

If we interfere with this process, we harm our health and this is exactly what we are doing when we use medicinal remedies for prolonged periods of time. Using medicinal remedies as additives to our food, we are doing just that.

Since medicinal remedies prevent hydration, they prevent the cleansing as well.

Since there is no cleansing, there are no symptoms of the cleansing present. So such people never experience the flu symptoms and they pride themselves on being extremely healthy. This is a misunderstanding. We are living in a toxic world and cleansing has to occur with all of its symptoms. If they do not cleanse, the cells become toxic and in time the body will collapse. Those people will experience big problems later in life even when they start doing the correct thing. Their cellular toxicity is high and so is the cellular damage. For them, the hydration, cleansing, and healing become a long and often painful road to recovery which will often encompass various inflammatory processes as their bodies will be using them to hydrate, mobilize and heal itself.

I hope that now you understand inflammation and that you see it in a completely different color. Allow it to illuminate your way to health and completely new you.

I love you all.

Young female veterinarian cleaning dog ears at the veterinarian clinic



    • Tersia hi
      The exchange of gasses in our body is controlled by the relative gas pressure. The higher is a concentration of one gas, the easier will it penetrate and replace the other gas in the same area.
      This is why when CO2 concentration within the cell increases we have to breath deeply. This increases the oxygen relative pressure and overpowers the CO2 within the cell pushing it out and replacing it with the oxygen.
      Pumping more oxygen in the area that surrounds us will increase the relative oxygen pressure and this will increase the relative oxygen pressure within our body since we can only absorb as much oxygen as its relative pressure allows.
      This is one way of administering the oxygen therapy.

      • Thank you very much.
        I’m thinking of subjecting myself to a course of mHBOT to help the healing after a total hip replacement.

      • Tersia you should have think about it before undergoing the hip replacement. What surgeons destroy, the body cannot repair love.
        Drink ozonated water or a a few drops of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide to the water you drink. This will help to oxidise the inflamed areas in your body.
        The general HBOT is more of generalized detox. It will help but since the inflamed areas are richer with the blood, the concentration of the oxygen will be higher in those areas if the oxygen is delivered with the blood itself.
        Drinking oxygenated water is much cheaper and you can do it at your home love.
        Keeping the hip warm and exercising it will also speed up the healing of the inflamed tissue.

  1. Darko any idea why my ear rings when I take sea salt (grey Celtic) mixed in a solution of water. It also gives me strange body order from armpits. I’ve tried other sea salts and they all do the same to some degree..however, When I drink pure ocean water this does not happen. Absolutely baffled at this point.

    • After drinking water with sea salt for some time, the blood becomes clean and the cells will use it to hydrate. As they do this, the cells start to eliminate stored toxins. Those toxins end up in the blood an since the blood is well hydrated, the cleansing organs will rapidly eliminate it through the cleansing organs.
      Some toxins have bad odour, especially those from pharmaceutical drugs and as they are secreted, there will be a bad odour.
      The ringing in the ear is sometimes related to the toxic load as well.
      It all depends where are the toxins accumulated since the body will try to get them out the easiest and fastest way possible.
      I do not know why you do not have the same effect with sea water unless the concentration of the salt is so high that most of the salt has to be eliminated so there is a much smaller concentration of toxins comparing to the amount of salt that is being eliminated brother.

      • Thanks for the fast reply darko! I dont take any drugs but use medicinal herbs which I know your against. I may try to drop all herbs and see what happens..thanks again darko and great stuff as always.

  2. Thank you. You have saved me a whack of money with your advice to drink ozonated water instead of HBOT. Eternally grateful.
    Kind Regards

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