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As you know, this blog site is about healing and awakening. Since we have been prevented to know the truth about ourselves and our purpose by some we call the Cabal or the Illuminati, the truth that is being revealed may look stranger than the fiction.

We are all aware that we have the freedom to do what we want. We make decisions about what we will do and how we are going to do it. What we have not been told is that we are also creating our reality. We do this through the process we call the manifestation.
We can manifest anything. Our imagination is our limit an often it is limiting and we depend on our guide, the higher self or the God, or the collective, or whatever you want to call it to help us and show us the way.

As we have forgotten who we are, we go to schools to learn and what we are told there are lies that further misinform us and lead us astray.
To make us docile and weak, we are being poisoned. First by the food and later by toxic elements that are purposefully added to our food exactly for that purpose.
Our vibratory rate is lowered and our pineal gland is calcified.

Why is the Cabal doing this?
The answer is simple.
They know the truth and use it to be superior to others. They use the rest of us as their slaves. This system works for them and they do not want any change where the rest of the humanity awakens and becomes equal in the knowledge. The Cabal would lose its dominance and this is what they do not want to happen.

We are at the time of evolution. The frequency is rising and awakening is occurring. To prevent humanity from rising their frequencies, the Cabal through their puppets (the politicians and their apparatus) enforce the laws to control and implement further poisoning of people on this planet.

Now we are being poisoned by the GMO foods, the vaccines, the food additives, the water “disinfectants” (chlorine, fluoride, bromine…), the chemtrails and IMF frequencies.

Many young brainwashed people are the proponents of the green movement promoting the climate change created by the increased levels of CO2 global warming fiasco. Something that is completely natural has been used as a tool to promote the agenda by blaming it on the human intervention while the real human intervention that is really destroying this beautiful planet is being ignored by them. I do not see any of the proponents of the global warming protesting against the chemtrails and the vaccines or the GMO foods.
Why don’t they protest the globalists agendas?
Because they are brainwashed and lead by those who are on the take being financed by the Cabal itself.

Everything is upside down and many things make no sense.
Humanity is in the phase of separation. Those who managed to raise their frequencies are separating from those with the low vibratory rate.

It is very hard to raise your own frequency if your mind or your body are polluted. One cannot even think straight when it is in the polluted state.

Through several of my articles I have revealed who we really are, why are we here and what is our purpose but mostly I am writing about our health, revealing the truth about our self-healing abilities and how we can use simple things like the food, water, and sea salt to help our body to recover and regenerate itself. Having clean, healthy and well-functioning bodies makes it much easier to raise our frequency and realize how we are being played.

Some people reading my articles immediately resonate with them but for a great majority, what I am writing about is unbelievable fiction that is hard to swallow.
The Majority of humanity is still sleeping in trance being held in place by trinkets such as are the Tel a lie Vision, “dumbphones” (since they are made for dummies who can operate them without engaging their brain) they call them the smartphones, and other banal entertainment gadgets that they possess.
It is not surprising that the great majority of entertainers, actors, singers, comedians and professional athletes, whose purpose is to keep the crowd entertained and stupid are proponents of the status quo. They are subsidized by the Cabal and behave as the league of its own not realizing how stupid is what they are doing, by cutting the branch on which they are sitting.

Slowly even those who are the most distracted are realizing that something big is happening but the battle is not between the black and white or the Catholic versus the Islam. The battle is the humanity versus the evil, the Cabal.
The brainless supporters of BLM and the New Fascist group that calls itself the ANTIFA have to wake up and smell the coffee. How stupid and brainwashed does one have to be not to realize what is really going on??????????

Protesters "Eyes" | Portland Or | June 4th 2017

On which side are you?
Are you supporting Love or Evil? This is what you have to ask yourself. Forget the religious views and the color of your skin, they have nothing to do with what is going on in the world today.

I am sure that if you are following my work, you are with us, radiating love, raising your frequency and helping the human to enter the New Earth leaving the evil behind.

To be able to absorb the facts of our reality, we have to understand what the reality is.
This is why I would like you to listen to this video in which Dolores Cannon gives more information about who we are and where we are going.

Her work was extraordinary and even that she has left this plane, her findings are helping many to make the change.
In her teachings, Dolores demonstrates how our mind is causing us to become sick and has the power to heal us instantly.
As I said before, the future of medicine is in our understanding of who we are and in our ability to control our thoughts. Our thoughts are making us sick and our thoughts can heal us.
It is all just energy and its manipulation.
Since our thoughts are energy, they leave an imprint on the energy that surrounds us. This imprint becomes conscious of itself and this is how we create the Devil and other negative monsters.

Listen to Dolores and learn.

There are some points where my understanding on diet differs from what Dolores is saying as no one realized the harm the dietary glucose is doing to our body but Dolores states that we should eat live foods and when we do this, we do not have contact with the dietary carbohydrates anyway.
For many years I am revealing the information that our diet will change and we are going to switch to liquid diet first before we are going to stop eating altogether.
I am now on a mostly liquid diet myself, consuming meat only 2-3 times a week and only in small quantities since I am losing the urge to eat it.

Take your time and listen to more of her videos, they will help you to remember who you are and what is your true purpose.

With love and light to us all my dear eternal family.

Snow covered trees and ski mountaineer ascending on sunny mountain slope


7 comments on “CAN YOU HANDLE THE TRUTH?

  1. I listened to the entire video and it’s very interesting.

    There’s something that confuses me though. She says that there is no “good” and no “bad”, only lessons. She says you can do anything as long as it doesn’t harm or take away from somebody else. What are these things?

    Most sins involve harming others. But some sins don’t. I’m mostly referring to sins involving sexuality. The bible condemns acts like fornication, prostitution, sexual desires, homosexuality, transsexuality, etc. Most times, these “sins” do not harm or take away from anybody.

    Is she saying these things are okay?

    • SK hi.
      What we refer to as God is the energy of consciousness but the Jewish religion in the Talmud worship Enke, the fallen angel. This is the bearded God in the sky that the Bible and Koran are referring to as well since those religions come from the same ideology.
      The true God, the creator of everything is the energy of consciousness and it is present in everything that participates in our “real world” as we know it..
      The creator has no preferences as it is pure love and loves his whole creation.
      He did not create the Evil. The Evil is creation of our mind and as such it is irrelevant to God. It is only relevant to those who continue to feed it energy.
      When you harm other being, you create karma since that is something that you will have to correct. If you do not correct it during your life, you will by your own decision come back to correct it in the next life experience.
      To understand how things work you have to understand the sacred geometry.
      Learn from Drumvalo Melchisedec.
      Love and light brother. Thank you for your awakening.

  2. From my experience I have come to understand that believing in karma is more challenging and that believing in the law of attraction is for smooth sailing. For something bad to happen to you, as a retaliation(karma), then that would require you to discern your own actions as bad/wrong. For karma to exist you must allow it to exist. I perceive it as a tool to be used as an intentional roadblock. “I did bad, i shall repay later” vs “this is what I am going to experience thus attract”. By having a CLEAR mind you can focus your thoughts on ONE subject: what you intend on experiencing or accomplishing. With the Law of attraction you only attract the picture that you’ve painted with your minds eye. With the karma belief you live as if a god is watching over you. Personally.. I think that limits life experience in a bad way. “Is this bad? Idk.. I just won’t do it. Better safe than sorry”. Do you see what I am saying Darko? This is how I see it:] I am not tooo familiar with sacred geometry. Maybe that will change how I understand karma? Love and light broooo, I love your articles homie. Keep preaching and healing

    • Taylor as you know the attraction and karma are two separate things. You can attract a beautiful wife and then you find someone raping her. It is difficult to be calm an plead with the rapist to stop and forgive him We take a bat and hit him over the head. This is karma you had created as you have caused harm to other.
      Rapist had caused his karma and you caused yours.

  3. hi there darko,

    about something you wrote in this article that sounds a bit scary to me!…

    darko: “i am now on a mostly liquid diet myself, consuming meat only 2-3 times a week and only in small quantities since I am losing the urge to eat it.”

    loosing the urge to eat can sometimes be a sign that the body is in a state of either poor health or sickness?!…

    ALSO your statement above contrasts strongly with something you wrote previously in your article on ‘SUN GAZING’…


    please COMMENT and give us some FEEDBACK soon how you are doing on your new regime: ie: if you need to curtail it OR extend it further?…

    love and light to you too

    • Brian , when you eat correctly, you start eating small amounts of the food.
      I have noticed that 4 eggs, half litre of yogurt, and some coconut oil are enough to sustain me and this is a content of my shake.
      I feel good, go to the gym and work just fine.
      Less food I put into my body, the smaller amount of toxins I bring in as well making my body cleaner, and the food that I eat is all raw with its correct frequencies.
      Listen to your body, just keep away from cooked or processed carbohydrates and limit the amount of heated food to a bare minimum brother.

  4. Excludeding the digestive process (chewing) is unnatural and dangerous in my experience. Liquid diets tend to lower the body stomach acid production due to lack of chewing. The fact that you no longer crave meat as often could be a sign of lower stomach acid levels. In my experience low calorie liquid diets are great in the beginning but eventually the body will burn out on itself. Just figured I would add a comment because something like you are describing happened to me and it was very hard to recover from (building the stomach acid back up)

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