Aging concept. Comparison of young and old. Real result achieved with work of professional makeup artist. Not CGI.

As the humanity is awakening, the realization of fraud that was perpetrated upon it is sparking a revolt but more so, the realization of completely different truths is unleashing the true science brought to the light often by people with no diplomas from misleading universities.

I believe that the time of licensing professions is nearing the end.

We have been brainwashed into believing that the university diploma is necessary so that the individual can follow its dreams and be an explorer, or designer, or a captain or healer.

I can name you thousands of acknowledged doctors who do not know how to heal simple stomach ulcer or blood circulation, or diabetes, lupus, krone’s disease, sclerosis…and I can go on and on mentioning every chronic disease. Those diseases are chronic because our highly prized doctors have no clue what they are, how they develop and how to prevent them from developing.

Loaded with the worthless knowledge from the medical school they graduated from, their pursuit to discover some cure always ends up in failure.

Nowadays a lot of attention is given to the extension of life.

It does not surprise me at all that more attention is given to the research of immortality than to the research of diseases. I guess the pharmaceutical and the medical industries need for the disease to be present so that they can thrive.

The cellular research shows us that older people have shorter telomeres so they are now saying that longer telomere equals longer life, so what is it now. Please make up your minds. What causes aging, shortening of telomeres or the oxidative stress????????????????????

In my book the Owners Manual….I explain how telomeres are extensions of the DNA spiral that protrudes from the chromosome. They are frequency sensors.

The longer is the telomere, the wider range of frequencies it can capture and transmit to its genes.

Since there are different genes that respond to different vibratory ranges, the wider is the spectrum of resonance the more genes will be set in motion. More genes are active the better will the body perform but also the more of the genes are active the healthier will be the body.

Today’s experts are claiming that the telomeres are shortening with every cellular proliferation (multiplication when the new cell replaces the old and damaged one), and this is why older people are doomed to become sickly since after many proliferations the chromosomes telomeres are short and cannot capture enough signals to make genes to respond correctly.

If this is so, why are young children more prone to diseases than grown-ups?

Why do young people perform better than children?

If the telomeres are shortening with every cellular proliferation this should bare negative effects on the body of younger people if compared with children but it does not.

In my book, I explain how toxic environment harms the health of our cellular structure. When the cell is toxic it suffers damages and at one point it cannot raise its electric potential. This is the moment when the cell will proliferate. It will create another new cell that will replace it and the old cell will be taken apart by the macrophages.

We are told that we have completely new body every 6-7 years as all of our cells had changed being replaced by new ones. There is no significant aging of the body noticed from the age of 23 to the age of 29 years but we can see a tremendous difference in people when they are 55 or 63 years old.

Another observation proved to me that the telomeres are not shortening. By observing what is happening to me and to the people who follow the Self Healers Protocol. After relatively a short time we experienced a rejuvenation of our bodies. Not just in the physical aspect but the psychological aspect as well. We look, feel and behave much younger.

If our telomeres were short, this would have been an impossibility.

Another thing that we have to have in mind is the failed research in which the scientists were trying to find out how long can one cell from animal body live in a clean environment.

One cell from a heart of a chicken was used.

Domestic chicken lives to about 12 years of age and during her life, there experienced many cellular proliferations.

Well, the isolated cell lived 25 years and died when the assistant forgot to change the liquid where the cell was living. So we still have no idea how long can one animal or human cell live if the environment is clean. This means that the chicken could live much longer and the reason for its death is not a short telomere but a toxic environment.

There is another thing that scientists call the cellular Senescence.

The cellular senescence would be like a menopause in women. The cell had reached its final number of proliferations and can no longer proliferate and create new cells. Why?

The scientists claim that the telomeres are too short and not enough information can be obtained for the cell to proliferate. This means that the cells will start dying and consequently the whole body has to perish. The research shows that cells can reproduce 50 times before the cellular senescence is reached. This is a large number but are things really happening the way they are saying?

old age cartoons

Not exactly.

For one, the telomeres do not shorten down with the cellular proliferation this is obvious.

I had explained in my book that the toxic environment shrinks the DNA. As it shrinks the DNA the same happens with the telomeres, they coil up in a tighter coil so they become shorter and less responsive but there is a huge difference between the telomeres being tighter or them being shorter.

Short telomere you cannot prolong since it would not be able to regrow. Only a cellular proliferation would be able to do so but as we are told the opposite happens.

On the other side, the coiled telomere can easily unwind and extend itself. It can do this in relatively short time. The only thing that is necessary for this unwinding is a clean environment.

This is why people on the Self Healers Protocol regain their youth back.

Relaxed telomeres can respond to a great variety of frequencies and maintain our body healthy and young.

Our death has nothing to do with the telomeres. Our life is an contract of experiences we decided to go through and when our mission is over it is time for us to leave this robot and enter another game which we call life.

Relaxed telomeres are ensuring that our body is healthy, that it is functioning well and allows us to go ahead with our mission.

Since we are polluting our bodies, often we make it impossible to accomplish what we have planned because our robot (body) becomes diseased from the toxic load put on it.

In the New Testimony, Jesus Christ advised us to keep the temple (our body), clean.

Now it is more important than ever to clean up our bodies as the frequencies are rising and relaxed telomeres are important so that the higher frequencies can be captured by the telomeres and the previously dormant genes can be activated.

The people with toxic bodies are experiencing health problems and the toxic food that was not creating noticeable problems in the past is no longer tolerated.

Since the cellular toxic load rises in time, older people are more toxic and their bodies have trouble performing properly. This reflects in the way they look and feel.

Aging process, rejuvenation anti-aging skin procedures. Old and young faces isolated on white background

A new testing for the length of the telomeres is now being recommended. Like, this is going to make any difference.

We have the greatest testing equipment in the history of humanity and at the same time, we have the highest number of sick people.

Making the diagnosis is only putting the label on your symptoms which is completely unnecessary. What is necessary is to help the patient to heal or better yet, to prevent the human from ever getting sick in the first place.

For this, we do not need any testing equipment. A human with wrinkles is dehydrated and toxic. Observation is the best and cheapest diagnostic equipment there is.

Detoxify, eat correctly, exercise and laugh. If you do this daily you will live a long healthy and exciting life.

Love and light to us all.




  1. Very informative. This is one of the reasons fluoroquinolones such as Cipro can be so dangerous. I’ve also said it doesn’t matter at times but it does, not only for healing but preventative measures.

  2. Darko what are your thoughs of raw fermented foods like sauerkraut? Do you believe in good bacteria and bad bacteria in terms of gut health or will eating raw animal foods correct the gut biome only?


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