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Since the majority of people suffer from a blood circulation related diseases, many of them experience irregular heart rhythm. Some people experience irregular heart rhythm, some experience slow heart rhythm but most of the people with health problems experience accelerated heart rhythm that we call the tachycardia.

Our heart controls the speed of our blood circulation by the rate of its contractions. We have been told that the normal heart rate is 60 to 100 beats per minute. If our heart beats faster we suffer from tachycardia.

If the heart has fewer than 60 beats per minute we have bradycardia, a slow heart rate.

Some people can have a normal heart rate that occasionally skips a beat. This is irregular heart rate and it is common for professional athletes.

People that experience “abnormal” heart rate are often medicated. Through the medication, doctors are controlling the heart rate and keeping it within the “normal” parameters.

Why did I put the words normal and abnormal in quotes?

I put the word normal in quotes because the normal changes with the circumstances.

For example, for a baby of 3 months, normal heart rate could be 170 beats a minute.

Even for a 12-year-old child 120 beats a minute is considered normal heart rate.

So why is it necessary to medicate someone if their heart rate is elevated?

To answer this question first we have to know what causes the heart to increase the speed of its contractions?

We know that when we are asleep, our heart rate drops to 50 or even lower.

On the other side, our heart rate increases as soon as we make a motion or open our mouth to talk.

There are some people who can consciously lower their heart rate to only a few beats a minute and this does not present any danger to their health.

For example, a blue water free diver slows the rhythm of its heart to just a few beats a minute so that it can stay submerged for more than 5 minutes reaching depths of more than 100 meters.

The important thing is that this diver is barely moving, has empty digestive tract so that there is absolutely no digestion going on, and it is controlling its emotion so that there is no excitement of any kind.

This means that this diver has to be in total control of all of his body.

As soon as one organ starts demanding either energy, oxygen, cooling, cleansing…or whatever thing that has to be supplied by the blood or lymph, the heart rate starts to increase.

This information now shows you the connection between the heart rate and the cellular demand.

The young organism grows faster so it has a higher rate of  metabolism, it requires more oxygen, more cooling, more energy. For this reason, it has to have a faster delivery system. This is why young people in their growing phase have faster heart rhythm than the adults.

Since the cellular need for nutrients and energy is low when we are sleeping, there is also not much CO2 produced so there is a lesser need for oxygen and cooling and the blood circulation can slow down.

Heart Disease cartoons, Heart Disease cartoon, funny, Heart Disease picture, Heart Disease pictures, Heart Disease image, Heart Disease images, Heart Disease illustration, Heart Disease illustrations

The professional sportsmen and women whose cells are very active in energy consumption have a strong demand for oxygen and cooling so their blood circulation has to be fast. This is why their heart rate is fast during the exercise and since they exercise many hours daily their heart increases in size to be able to cope with this circulatory demand. When they are relaxing there is no need for this fast circulation of the blood and since the volume of the heart is larger, often the heart skips a beat as there is no need for it to work as the cells of the body are content and have everything that they need.

It is like if you are building a house and the material is delivered to you by one-ton trucks. If you need 5 tons of material you will receive 5 trucks of the load. Now if one truck brought 2 tons of material, there was no need for one of the one-ton trucks to deliver their load so we can skip that truck. It is as simple as that.

As you can see, there is no such a thing as a “normal” heart rate. The heart rate is adjusted to support the cellular needs. So if the heart rate is different from what we consider that it should be in a certain situation this means something is going on in the body that is causing this irregularity to occur.

Instead of poisoning the body with chemical suppressors to slow down the heart rate so that it is in the “normal” parameters, we should look what caused this extra demand.

If we would do this, we could actually find the real culprit and help the body to heal but this would be counterproductive. Doctors and the pharmaceutical industry would not be able to sell their poisons and patients would heal and no longer require a medical attention.

So instead of doing the right thing, doctors manipulate the symptoms with poisons we call medicament making sure not to lose their client.

Since doctors are not healing their patients and only suppressing their symptoms, the drugs they are using are permanent. Because the medicinal remedies are toxic, in time the symptoms worsen or change and stronger or different drug has to be used.

The patients toxic level increases and with it change the symptoms. This way one “disease” replaces another “disease” until the death occurs.

Doctors proudly declare how they had extended their patients life when in fact they are the reason why the person was sick and died prematurely.

Often health professional defends their actions by saying “we did not make them sick, we are just trying to help”.

This is not true.

Just have a look at what their food recommendations are. Have a look at all of the health food sites where the health “experts” guide humanity into healthy food habits.

Animal saturated fats are forbidden, animal proteins are only in traces and medicinal poisons like the turmeric, garlic, onion, ginger, cinnamon, and others are promoted as health food.

And let’s not forget the “necessity” of carbohydrates and cooked vegetables and their “digestive” fibres.

It is nothing but a charade if you ask me.

People eat all this toxic stuff and then they are surprised that their heart is racing, their stomach is hurting, their bones are braking, and they cannot remember their name.

Many of my clients experience tachycardia during their cellular cleansing.

When there are enough water and electrolytes in the blood, the need to quickly eliminate toxins will accelerate the blood circulation so tachycardia will occur. As soon as the blood cleanses, the need for fast blood flow will cease to exist and the heart rate drops down to the average (normal).

There is no reason why we should ever interfere with the functioning of our body unless it is an emergency which may be life-threatening.

There could be a variety of reasons why the heart would increase its rate to dangerous levels. Most common is a poison than again medicinal remedies are poisons as well.

Another reason could be an obstruction in the blood circulation where not enough blood is returning to the heart.

The lack of oxygen or too much of carbon dioxide in the blood.

Heart Disease cartoons, Heart Disease cartoon, funny, Heart Disease picture, Heart Disease pictures, Heart Disease image, Heart Disease images, Heart Disease illustration, Heart Disease illustrations

Stress, as it puts the body into a fight or flight situation or simply an increased activity of the brain, has such strong energy demand that the blood circulation has to increase so that the brain can be supplied with enough food and cooled down….

If we can control our emotions and calm down, the heart rate could be controlled and lowered. If we cannot control ourselves and if there is no medicinal suppressor all that will happen is that we are going to faint. As we lose consciousness we calm down, the demand for the fast blood circulation ceases to exist and the heart rate drops down.

As you can see, the tachycardia is not a disease, it is a symptom showing us that something is happening in our body that requires faster blood flow. We can lower our heart rate by controlling our emotion and muscle activity so before you faint, sit down, relax, calm down your nerves and breath deeply.

Love and light.




  1. Almost 2 years, I have been using your all fat, high sea salt water and diet.
    My blood pressure diastolic went from 70 to 90. Seems stuck at 90+
    My chest often hurts..and down my left arm.

    • Paul you are obviously doing something wrong. Send me an e-mail and explain me your diet. Let me know what you eat exactly, how you prepare your food and what youdrin.
      Love and light brother

  2. Hi Darko, I can testify that when I started Self Healer Protocol, for at least two weeks or may be three weeks, my heart was doing arrythmia as you explains. Then it stopped and never returned 🙂 My heart rested rythm is always below 60, and I have no problem with that. Thanks for your article.

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