Editorial cartoon on the media and sexual misconduct

This article will be about the Meniere’s disease but before I go there I want to make some comments regarding the observations on some political happenings.

You know that I am trying to avoid politic as much as it is possible but when the politics is in some way connected to the health I think it is important to go there.

I have mentioned that stress can be as toxic as a bad food and scare tactics are often used by our handlers to keep us in fear so that we can manifest for them the chaos that they thrive on.

The late bogyman is the nuclear threat from North Korea.

Everyone who is well informed knows that there is not and never has been a nuclear threat coming from North Korea. The communistic system is always doomed to fail. It is extremely oppressive and none-productive and it is always promoted and pushed by Zionistic Jews.

The blueprint for the One World Government is based on this as well.

This is why more and more things are being censored and spied on. The global era of worldwide communism is trying to be established but it is crumbling instantly as humanity is awakening.

Now it is easier than ever to spot trolling and the fake “alternative media” sites and messages.

Everyone who is promoting the fear is in on it and directly benefits from your fear. Those fear-mongers are subsidized for their work and they never tell you the real truth, only some versions of it to keep you hooked onto their site.

One of the most popular is the Prison Planet from Alex Jones but what many people do not know is that the Health Ranger Mike Adams and his Natural News is also the fake alternative outlet.

Both of them claim that they have your interest first but all that they do is to push supplements and fear. They both have my information for many years but have never shared it with their followers.

Whenever you hear an apocalyptic news, shy away from that site, it is a fake news.

Be calm, no apocalypse is coming. We are past those times when this was the possibility.

Yes, the times are turbulent, a lot of things are happening but there will be no apocalypse.

There will be no nuclear war, the deep-state is crumbling.

North Korean actions are actually CIA false flag’s and nothing will come out of them.

And now let’s go to the Meniere’s disease.

sick businessman suffering from stress, headache, vertigo, migraine, emotional problem

Everyone is familiar with the term vertigo.

Vertigo is a sensation of feeling off balance It is like having dizzy spells and can be followed by nausea.

I am not going to bother you with all the information about vertigo. If you want to know more about it you can read about it here:

It is a pretty good article explaining vertigo.

In this blog, I want to explain a specific type of vertigo called the Meniere’s disease.

We know that our balance center is in our ear.

Our inner ear has a special snail-like labyrinth filled with a fluid and crystals.

Those labyrinths are equipped with motion sensors and they send a signal to the brain of the position of the fluid and the crystals.

The brain uses this information and creates the feeling of the bodies position in the space that we are in.

Dizzy, Abstract, Autumn, Blurred Motion, De focused/Autumn swirling trees

Sometimes the information can be false and sometimes the information can be misinterpreted. In these occasions, we are going to experience a strange feeling of dizziness, nausea, spinning and off balance.

If there is a false signaling being produced, the cause of the vertigo is in the inner ear and it is given a name the Meniere’s disease.

The symptoms of the Meniere’s disease are; recurrent episodes of vertigo, hearing loss and ringing of the ear, episodes may be accompanied by a headache and a feeling of a liquid in the inner ear.

It usually affects only one ear but it can spread in both ears as well.

Usually, the symptoms start occurring sporadically but as the time goes on, the episodes can become more frequent a hearing loss can become permanent.

Since doctors do not understand chronic diseases they attribute this to genetic predisposition as the symptoms often run in family.

Because doctors are not being told the truth they do not understand chronic diseases and they label the Meniere’s disease as incurable, progressively deteriorating chronic disease based on the faulty genes. How “scientific” of them to do so!

As followers of my work you can right away spot the tells of a toxic influence on the organ ( in this case it is the inner ear), and the consecutive reaction of the body through the symptoms it presents.

The fact that it often appears in the same family tells us that it is influenced by the exposure to the same frequencies since it is connected to the same environment.

The family habits are the same for all of the members of the family so it is most likely that more than one member of the family will end up with the same health problem.

Here we are talking about the poisoning of an organ, the inner ear.

What can cause this?

There are always the same two things involved. One of them is stress and the other is the pollute blood.

Now you may say, “if the stress or the polluted blood are involved, why is only the era being affected?”

It is never just one organ that is affected, but one organ can be more affected than the other organs so it will be the first to show the symptoms of toxicity.

Why would one organ be more affected than the other organs and even the other ear as it is the same organ but on the other side of the head?.

Something has to have happened that the blood circulation has increased in this organ. More polluted blood swamps the area and accelerates the toxic level of the organ in question.

When the ear is in question, the causes could be a loud sound often being on that side of the head.

Some injury in the area. Deep cleaning of the ear which is never a good idea an should be avoided at all costs. Synus problems in a local sinus area which could be caused by an infected tooth.

Badly done dental work or simply a rotten infected upper molar. It can increase the blood flow in this area of the skull and contribute to faster pollution of the inner ear.

The symptoms of ringing in the ear and a hearing-loss demonstrate that the whole ear is inflamed and affected. This explains the extra liquid buildup within the inner ears labyrinth.

This is the reason why doctors recommend their patients to use diuretics to try to eliminate some of the fluid. As you know by now, that is the worst thing to do as more water and electrolytes are necessary so that the blood can be cleansed. Only then cells can start hydrating properly and cleansing themselves from the toxic garbage they had accumulated.

Again, implementing the Self-healers Protocol will solve this chronic health problem but we have to keep in mind that most of the inner ear depends on the lymphatic supply. This means that the cleansing will be a slow process and so will be the healing, very time-consuming.

To speed up the inner ear cellular hydration, Dr. Beck’s magnetic pulser can be used since the blood electrifier depends on the red blood cells which are not present in the lymph.

No medicinal remedy can resolve a health problem that is caused by the cellular toxicity. This is why doctors are unsuccessful in treating Meniere’s disease. All that they can do is usual and that is to suppress the symptoms for a while.

If you have this problem, now you know what to do and you can always count on my guidance.

Love and light to us all and remember, NO REAR!!!




  1. Thank you very much Darko for your article about this disease many people I know have. It is always helpful to show how the Self Healer Protocol knowledge can shed some light on usually “obscure” disease.

  2. Hi, Darko can you please talk about Cellular Senescence . what is it , what cause it ,
    how to prevent it from happening ? thanks in advance.

  3. This probably isn’t an issue in Peru where I imagine its warm, but in cold weather climates some people get symptoms of Meniere’s disease, or even symptoms like shaking and cramps. Is there something about cold weather that causes people these symptoms?

    • Chris the cold weather demands more energy as the metabolism must be faster so is the blood circulation and toxic people may exhibit the health problem faster but the same health problem occur all around the world.

  4. I stumbeled on an exercise called “the 5 Tibetan Rituals” it takes not even 4 minutes. Very easy. Especially the first exercise works on balance and hearing. The Soefies do it in their ancient meditational dance. You can find it on YouTube.
    Love your blogs. I also like to hear ” the Corbett” and “”.
    It is a crazy world, obliged vaccination in Italy, parents can buy it of €500,- for every vacicination and that ads up. Other wise no school or kids are taken away. France stats 2018.
    Even though I keep my mind in good spirit, this really worries me,
    Reds. Lida

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