The brain on carbohydrates

For my computer illiterate people I know a few!

Reading my articles you have probably noticed my translation of diagnosis as di – two and agnosis – not knowing.

This means that the word diagnosis suggests that neither the patient or the doctor know what is going on when a health problem is encountered.

For those of you who think that I am just kidding, please read the following article:

In this article, actress Angelina Jolie talks about the events in her life, her “preventive” double mastectomy that she underwent to save herself from the possibility of developing a breast cancer.

Then based on her “expert health specialists” advice, she had her ovaries removed.

After that, she has developed hypertension and Bell’s Palsy (numbing of the nerves on one side of her face).

Angelina is only 42 years old and her butchers have carved her up like a sheep after slaughter.

LOS ANGELES - JAN 7:  Angelina Jolie arrives at the 2012 Palm Springs International Film Festival Gala at Palm Springs Convention Center on January 7, 2012 in Palm Springs, CA

Now, this young mutilated woman feels proud of her achievements as a free thinking woman for saving her family by making sure that she will be healthy and able to take care of them. This would be hilarious if it wouldn’t be so sad.

The doctors should have taken her brain out to prevent her from developing Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease when they were at it.

The complete disconnect from the reality and the blind faith in medical knowledge and doctors, are destroying more lives than all of the wars and traffic accidents put together.

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The claim that a human all of the sudden develop cancer causing gene, demonstrates how little do the doctors know about the body they are supposedly qualified to cure.

As the environment changes so does the genome, and previously dormant genes become activated. They did not just all of the sudden appear, they were always there but they were not active.

I know a very successful and highly respected pediatric surgeon in New York City, who had her breast removed for the same reason as Angelina did. I am not implying that Angelina is stupid, but her doctors certainly are nothing more than robots full of crappy information not capable of clear thinking.

For you my family who are following my work, it is no brainer to see what is Angelina’s problem and why she has health issues. Simple hydration and change of her diet would do the trick.

For those of you who are not familiar with the life of Angelina Jolie let me inform you that she was vegetarian and vegan for some time until she has ruined her health enough to realize that she has to start eating meat again. Unfortunately, there is very little information out there about the real human diet so once the body is harmed, healing cannot take place unless strict changes in the diet are made.

The acupuncture can take you only so far. The energy flow is re-established but the body still has to be cleansed so that it can heal on the cellular level.

There are so many lies floating around that it is really mind boggling and not surprising that seemingly smart people revolt against some obvious truths as it is with the Flat-Earthers.

For example, how often have you been told that once you take antibiotic, you have to use it a minimum of 7 days otherwise the bacteria may not be completely destroyed and this will cause its resistance to the antibiotic in the future.

What a great scheme to sell more of its products and increase the revenue.

In fact, the antibiotics should be administered only locally whenever it is possible, and one dose is often all that it takes for the antibiotic to do its job.

Why is it so?

The bacteria will react to its surrounding the same way as our cells do. Since they do not know of the antibiotic’s toxicity, they will absorb it and die or be incapacitated. Those bacteria that had survived will hold a sample of the antibiotic for future reference. So next time they get in touch with the same antibiotic, they will refuse to let it in and the antibiotic will be ineffective or it will have just a mild effect as a small amount of it penetrates into the bacteria.

This means that what antibiotic did not destroy in the first attempt, it will not destroy in next 20 attempts. It is the same with our cells in relation to the “chemo-poisoning” or the chemotherapy as doctors call it.

The bacteria will hold onto the sample for approximately three weeks and if no other contact with the same antibiotic was made, the bacteria will let the sample go so in the future the same antibiotic will be effective again as it was the first time around.

If the bacteria are exposed frequently to the same type of antibiotic, the bacteria will adjust its genome to be able to survive in its new environment and in this case, the bacteria will become resistant to the antibiotic in question.

This is common in hospitals and through the animal products we are eating that have been steadily exposed to antibiotics.

Before I knew of the nano-colloidal silver, if I had to use an antibiotic, I mixed one capsule with distilled water and administered it locally. One capsule of an antibiotic mixed with 1 deciliter of distilled water will be good for several applications. For example holding a sip of this solution in my mouth to get rid of a toothache or to pour it into an open wound… Taking antibiotics internally creates a lot of unnecessary damage to the body itself. Especially fragile is the liver and the kidneys.

As the truth is emerging, you can expect more and more articles like this one:

Isn’t it amazing how shallow is the knowledge of most doctors and they have the title and protection of the law? So much so that they can order you to be imprisoned if you do not follow their recommendations.

More and more we are realizing what corrupt and inhuman world we have created and that this cannot continue in this way.

Please be part of this awakening and help me spread the truth to as many people as possible.

We cannot convince everybody.

Convincing someone is not our job.

All that we can do is to show them that there is a better way of doing things from the one we have been told.

The one that searches, will find.

When one is ready, the master appears. You be the masters, my friends.

I love you all.

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  1. Great job on this! Celebrities are little more than “celebrated dummies”, helping corporations lead you down the wrong path, time and time and time again…all to tune of billions of dollars $ $ –$-$.
    Fascinating how everything is wrong.. But then you show how to use an antibiotic correctly and explain why it is so.
    It’s heart warming.
    Your truths feel like water falling on my desert for knowledge ;__0/

  2. “The one that searches will find”? Does this mean that if your neighbor is lacking that you will not give him truth? Where is the “love and light”?

    • Breal hi.
      The experience showed to me that if something bothers you, you search for the way to help yourself. If you search, you will fin.
      Many people are satisfied with what they know, who they are and with the status they have. Those people will no accept what differs from their opinion. They do not search an are not interested in other opinions. One would be wasting it’s time trying to change their opinion brother.
      I am doing all that I can to show that everything we have been told are bunch of lies. Finally, people are awakening and this brings me tremendous pleasure.
      The times of gnosis lay ahead of us. Love and light.

    • Honestly, I am a doctor of veterinary medicine who has spend his life searching for the truth in all aspect of our existence.
      Since humans are just another types of animals, last 15 years I have mostly been helping people to regain their health.

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