Mikie had told me that I did not write anything about melanoma.

I did mention it in the past but having in the consideration that skin cancer is the leading type of cancer in the USA, I have decided to shed some light on this chronic health problem that plagues so many people.

Melanoma is not the most common type of skin cancer but it is used as the scarecrow which “confirms” the theory behind skin cancers that they are caused by over exposure of the skin to the ultra violet light emitted from the Sun or the tanning machines.

This nonsense is promoted by our medical books and by those who should know better as is the American Cancer Society for example.

Again, the same rule can be applied when searching for the reason of this misinformation – follow the money.

Why is melanoma frequently mentioned when skin cancer is in question?

Melanoma is a cancer that involves melanin producing melanocytes, skin cells that make our skin dark when it is exposed to the sunlight. Since melanocytes are the cells that start to proliferate uncontrollably and transform themselves into cancer cells, this empowers the doctors narrative indicating that UV light is the cause of cancer.


The prevalent type of the skin cancer is the basal cell carcinoma. Second most common type of skin cancer is squamous cell carcinoma and the third most common type of the skin cancer is melanoma.

Because the real culprit has to stay hidden so that the big pharma and medical industry can have their cash cow the blame for all skin cancers is ultra violet light radiation. This way we can chase the ghost and continue with ridiculous treatments that do not bear any results.

The standard medical treatments are surgery, chemical poisoning (chemotherapy) and poisoning with a radioactive isotope (radiotherapy).

The slogan for medical treatments is ” poison, cut an burn”.

Any surprise there???

Of course not. “We are talking about cancer, so we have to be decisive”, your doctor will explain.

Isn’t it strange that most skin cancers including melanomas are in the area of the body that is not exposed to the sunlight like on the top of the head covered by the hair and hat?

Often a skin cancer occurs in the intestines so how did the sunlight get there I wonder?

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If one is searching for the proof that doctors are not interested in discovering the truth, checking into the skin cancer medical fantasy is enough to topple the whole house of cards the medical science has built around not only the skin cancer but cancer in general.

Eight years ago I have met a lady with a bleeding melanoma on her forehead right on the hairline. Even if she would not use a hat, this part of her skin would be protected from the sunlight by her hair at all times.

She told me that she is battling this skin cancer for 15 years, had multiple surgeries but the skin would refuse to close and stop to bleed. She wore her hat even in the restaurant where we have met. Her daughter suffered from the same problem and had multiple skin cancers removed from her face and her face was becoming disfigured.

I asked her about her eating habits, explained to her where this problem originates and what she has to do to heal.

She was surprised and shook her head in disbelief but since nothing was working in the past she decided to give it a try.

She changed her eating and drinking habits and exposed her skin to the direct sunlight every day for at least 20 minutes and the miracle happened. In less than one month her skin lesion started to dry up and in less than five months her forehead was clean with no sign of cancer ever being there. Only a small scar that was caused by the surgical interventions of the past remained.

Not surprisingly, her daughter refused to follow the protocol as she is better educated and knows what causes cancer and the healing of her mother was a freak of nature kind a thing.

About cancer, I wrote in the past and there is nothing new to say when skin cancer is in question.

The poisonous garbage we call our food is not fit for consumption and it causes toxic environment within our body. Caffeine and nicotine further dehydrate and acidify our body so uncontrollable cellular proliferation may occur in any part of our body, depending on the toxic accumulation and the lack of electrical charge within the affected cells.

The cells of the skin will do the same as the cells of any other tissue in our body respond to dehydration, toxicity and the low electrical charge with their proliferation. As the newly formed young cells are incapable of raising their electrical charge (due to the toxicity of their environment and low electrical supply), they start to proliferate (divide) themselves again and again as the cancer grows.

One of the main culprits in cancer formation are hydrogenated fats as this artificially saturated fat changes the polarity of the cellular membranes and in this way, it makes it more difficult for the cells to hydrate and hold their electrical charge.

Since hydrogenate fats are commonly being used in the preparation of processed foods we buy in the supermarkets, I urge you to read the content of the ingredients of the junk you buy and at least, do not eat the stuff that contains this type of fat.

Since all processed foods contain a load of sugar that gives them the taste and makes them addictive, plenty of salt is being used to camouflage the sugar. The salt being used is mostly table salt. This type of salt is toxic as well so I do not know if it is even important for me to continue explaining how the supermarket junk is not food no matter what the packaging says.

If you suffer from skin cancer or if you have skin lesions that refuse to heal, let me know and I will show you the way out of this situation. Do not be surprised if you will have to o what was strictly forbidden by your doctors. After all, most of the doctors are just overpaid salesman working for the pharmaceutical industry, motivate only by the money they receive for their treasonous work.

There is no reason to panic if your doctor tells you that you have a skin cancer. If you are willing to change, cancer is the blessing of your awakening.

Love and light to us all.

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4 comments on “MELANOMA

  1. Hey Darko, a cousin of mine had melanoma but he just had it removed and it never came back. He mentioned though that he began drinking Holy Basil tea (also called Tulsi) and says that it works for cancers and various other issues. Do you know anything about holy basil/tulsi? Or would you put it in the same category as ginger, garlic, turmeric?

  2. Holy Basil is a Hindu, Ayurvedic medicinal plant. It is suppressor of inflammation and pain. Its oil is being looked upon as cancer retardant. In my book, it is just another medicinal remedy.
    Be aware that often doctors make false claims to make money. They tell you that the growth is carcinogen when in fact it is not.
    I do not trust the average doctors as far as I can throw them brother.

  3. the best thing for melanoma is an ozone bath and drinking baking soda twice a day pudding.and you can take tumeric and ginger and rub it on it for it to heal faster pudding.

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