Immune system defends the human body from external attacks. Digital illustration.

We are living in a diverse world. Our reality is fractal, This means that everything has its reflection in a smaller and larger expression of itself.

All life forms are structured from the same genetic pool. Depending on the environment, the genes will be activated that best respond – resonate, to this environment.

This means that depending on the vibration of the environment, life forms are going to be created and thrive being supported by the resonance of that environment.

Wave Particle series. Backdrop of fractal spherical patterns and conceptual elements on the subject of science, technology, spirituality and design

Understanding that every life form needs a particular environment to thrive in, is something that is completely ignored by the medical science.

Why is the most important factor influencing the state of our health being completely ignored by our medical science?

The answer to this question is obvious. By maintaining the correct resonance, we create an environment which will support certain life forms and not support certain other life forms of which many we call disease forming pathogens.

If we would have been told this truth in the medical school, we would not spend all of our energy chasing the ghost. Instead, we would be concentrating on the environment of our body, making sure that it resonates properly.

The properly resonating body creates the environment that supports its own cells and not other foreign life forms like bacteria, fungi and virus. This means that prevention is way more important than the destruction of pathogens within our body.

Unfortunately, there is no money to be had in preventing diseases so preventative medicine is none existent and all we are being told and schooled about is how to fight and destroy the intruders (pathogens) which have been allowed to occupy our boy.

Why is it important to understand this?

Because no matter how good we have become in destroying the pathogens, by allowing our body to resonate the wrong way, we are creating disturbances in the environment of our body which will alter our cellular expression and make our cells perform differently.

This so called abnormal cellular behaviour we call a chronic health problem or the chronic disease.

According to what I have just explained, the best immune system of our body is its correct resonance. The wild animals do not suffer from chronic diseases and their wounds heal rapidly without the need of any antibiotic. They do not wash their food, monkeys do not wash their hands and eat their food from the ground, full of dirt and no disease occurs.

How is this possible?

What kind of immune system do animals have, and why we do not have the same, strong, immune system?

Since we have the same genetic chain as the animals, the reason why we have much weaker and inefficient immunity is related to something we do and the two major differences between us and the animals are the way we eat our food and the emotional part of our self.

Eating the wrong foods strongly undermines our immune system in more that one way.

The food of God resonates correctly and it synchronizes itself with the frequencies of our healthy body. Since animals in nature eat the food of God (raw food as they have found it), they maintain the energy level and frequency maintaining their body healthy and the immune system strong.

When we eat cooked food, the frequency of the food has changed. Our cells do not recognize it as food and as soon as the cooked food enters our digestive system our immune system is alerted. The number of the white blood cells increases and our energy levels diminishes as the immune system charges and prepares for a fight. We had all experienced the drop of energy and sleepiness that comes over us during the time of eating.

We accept it as normal but there is nothing normal about it. You will not have the same experience of sleepiness and weakness if you would eat correctly.

Since the cooked food resonates with different frequencies, it activates different genes and at the same time deactivates some of the previously active ones. In the case of dietary glucose, the genes that deactivate are related to the immune system. The gene that has been deactivated is the GcMAF gene that stimulates macrophage in action. When GcMAF protein is not available, the macrophage will not activate and no pathogen will be attacked. Not just pathogen, but neither will be the old unnecessary and discarded cells destroyed and taken a part. This will provide ample food for the pathogen to thrive on. The whole environment of our body is changing.

As I had explained it many times before, as the frequencies change, so does our body change with them. The physical changes of the body that we can see are just our brain’s interpretation of those frequencies manifested in our multidimensional perception of our existence.

Man in space with particles

We must become accustomed to viewing things from the aspect of frequencies so that we can grasp the whole picture of the events that are taking the place. If we are stuck in understanding how the food changes the cellular response and behavior based only on the changes in the chemistry, we get stuck in explaining how can a cell phone, microwave oven or a bad thought create the same cellular response as a wrong food does.

To be able to give you the whole picture, I will be giving more and more explanation by using the quantum understanding.

The medical treatments are changing and more and more doctors are using electromagnetic devices while doing the healing but this is just a transitional part of events. With those devices, doctors are adjusting the frequencies an establishing healing.

The true control in healing is going to be given to us as our consciousness raises. We have to take the responsibility for our body, nourish it correctly by supplying it with the correct frequencies. Now we can do this by eating correctly but in the near future, we will be able to heal our boy simply using our brain and its ability to reproduce every frequency that it is familiar with. Think health, and health will be what will manifest in your reality.

For now, eat correctly. This will bring the correct frequencies and keep your immune system strong. Think health. The thought will do the same. Unfortunately, we have to have faith in believing what we want to manifest because we can only manifest what we believe in and this is why so few manifestations are happening at this time. This will change as we awake and our understanding of the reality increases. With it, our faith will increase as well.

Stay focused on the positive events. Pay no attention to the negativity and fear. They are not what you want to manifest so ignore them.

Love and light to us all.

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8 comments on “IMMUNE SYSTEM

  1. Hi darko, this is the place where i go if i want to know the truth about anything
    I have two question and two request my first question if i can’t eat meat raw what is my next best option? my second question is fasting cancel carbohydrate effect i eat moderate carbohydrate content but i always fasting and i didn’t gain any Weight
    and i even lose weight so can i said fasting cancel any carbohydrate negative effect on the body? my two request could you please talk about protein there is Currently alot of talking about protein they say restrict protein is important as restrict carbohydrate because it increase insulin and IGF-1 and mTOR but you Encourage us to eat a lot of protein so i want your thought about this subject and what is the difference between eating low and high protein diet . my second request i want u to talk about chronic stress i believe stress make us sick and age faster so how can we handle stress that occurs daily like unhappy marriage , bad job, financial problems, etc? thanks in advance .

    • Karim, the base of my diet are the eggs. I eat in average of 4 eggs a ay in my banana shake with the coconut oil and plain yogurt. On top of this I have milk an cheese aily as well. Often, the shake is my only meal in a day. This means that my raw food diet is not based on the meat but one day I may have a chicken for lunch, one day cheeseburger, one day fish…and they are usually lightly cooked so that they are juicy an raw in the centre.Carpacio is completely raw as is tartar stake. So as the meat is concerned, you can partially cook it.
      Dietary carbohydrates are very toxic so I simply do not eat them at all. Dietary carbs are pure sugar.
      As the protein goes, I will write an article but in the mean time remember, what is promote openly is always a lie.

  2. darko, knowing me as you do, you will surely understand that i agree 100% with your arguments to eat healthily in a way that brings us closer to the way God created our food and to cut-out all the highly processed, synthetic cr*p that loads the shelves of supermarkets these days!…it’s no accident that the present explosion of obesity and diseases like diabetes, heart disease and cancer have increased exponentionally in the last 50 – 60 years following a sea change in eating habits!…however when you make a statement like this: ” We had all experienced the drop of energy and sleepiness that comes over us during the time of eating.”…

    notwithstanding the undeniable connection to eating the wrong or over cooked foods to ill-health, aren’t you hijacking a perfectly natural phenomenon to prove your point!…namely that following a substantial meal blood is needed by the digestive organs and it’s no surprise that we are not so energetic and alert at those times?…to pursue your animal analogy: a lion kills a wildebeast and feasts heavily on its flesh…following that heavy meal the lion will quite naturally tend to get drowsy and need to ‘sleep off’ that heavy meal…love and light to you too brian…

    • Brian you are correct stating that digestion demands energy but there is a huge difference in how you feel when you are eating the food of God or when you are eating the food of the Gods or the food prepared an manipulated by man.
      After I have my shake I am ready to roll, I am not sleepy and this energy stays with me the whole day as long as I am busy. The same I feel after having carpaccio or stake tartar. I never go sleeping after my meals an the level of the white blood cells does not increase. It was not like this when I was eating carbs.

  3. thanks for your reply, darko…you’re absolutely right!..i also enjoy a healthy shake every morning and can confirm your own reactions that it makes me alert and ready to roll too!,,,also i don’t get hunger pangs all day long…i only have two meals a day: very late breakfast (‘brunch’ as the americans like to say) and dinner…

    btw. martyrs got burned at the stake in the middle ages…also it’s a known fact you can only kill a dracula with a wooden stake driven right through his/her heart…but that cut of meat that is so enjoyable to eat lightly cooked or uncooked = tartare (‘tartare’ is a french word that dates back to the thirteenth century and refers to a fierce Mongolian tribe, the Tatars, the name ‘steak tartare’ is a shortening of the original french: “à la tartare” or “served with tartare sauce,”…

    that very nutritious and enjoyable cut of meat is called ‘steak’ and not stake!…an easy way to remember: a ‘stake’ is made of wood and impossible to eat!…unless you are a beaver lol…

    PS: “In the Czech republic, steak tartare (tatarský biftek) is commonly found in most restaurants”…

      • sure darko, i realise that!…but i don’t think that “stake” (aka “steak”) was a typing error as it figured in one of your recent articles too…also please don’t take my reply too, too seriously bro…maybe it made you (or someone else?) smile…that’s also important in life to have some good humour occasionally!…

  4. thanks for your reply, you say you often have one meal per day is that sufficient to meet your needs of vitamins,minerals,amino acid,especially calories i think this meal will not exceed 700 or 800 calories at most .
    I will wait your article about protein and please talk also about handling stress as i said
    i believe stress make us sick and age faster.

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