Low back skin of a person covered with plaque psoriasis . Psoriasis is autoimmune disease which is characterized by patches of abnormal skin, typically red, itchy, and scaly and vary in body coverage.

I wrote an article about skin diseases before so there will be nothing said in this article that you have not heard before. Still, many people are asking me to explain what causes psoriasis and how can it be cured.

I understand the confusion because wherever you look, you will be left wondering is it even possible to solve this skin problem since even the top scientists are without the clue of its mechanism. Why it appears, is it an autoimmune disorder, is it genetically triggered …?

Why is there a confusion?

Well, psoriasis is often a family problem where more than one family member suffers from it. This would indicate a genetic influence of this health problem.

Psoriasis is a chronic disease which is not contagious. This excludes pathogens like bacteria, fungus, viruses or parasites.

It is known that psoriasis will intensify in a stressful situation which points to an immune problem since the immune system does not function well during the stress.

The alternative medicine has noticed that psoriasis reacts to a change of a diet so relation with the food and psoriasis has been established but the culprit was not identified.

The epithelium (the surface layer ) of the skin is constantly flaking off so new skin cells have to be produced daily to replace it. Only in some people, there are more skin cells produce than necessary so the skin thickens. On top of this, there is an underlying inflammation going on which causes itchiness. What could be the cause of this?

psoriasis on the hairline and on the scalp-close up

Because of the wrong education that we receive in the medical school, doctors are as always barking on the wrong tree. Since doctors are left clueless, they do the only thing that they are told to do and this is to prescribe a medicine.

Since there is no pathogen involved there is no need for a poison but some doctors will prescribe it anyway suggesting that it will prevent the secondary infections. Pretty dumb since there is no infection involved now, why would it happen later?

Amazingly, sometimes the antibiotics will reduce the skin irritation for a while. Why is that?

Antibiotic is toxic, it will stop cellular hydration including the inflammation.

In dealing with psoriasis, the majority of doctors will prescribe medicinal skin lotions base on steroids. The known anti inflammatory action of the steroids will suppress the symptoms of psoriasis for a while but as the time goes on, the steroids will become less and less effective as it is the case with any other chronic diseases.

The symptoms of psoriasis differ so this health problem is differentiated as:

. Plaque (also called psoriasis vulgaris).


Inverse (also called flexural psoriasis or intertriginous psoriasis).


Erythrodermic (also called exfoliative psoriasis).

This gives the opportunity for doctors to implement different types of treatments and more money for them and the pharma. Industry.

Obviously, I am not going to go into the detail of those symptoms because there is no need for this.

I am absolutely sure that most of you who are following my work, know already or at least have a clue of what is the cause of this skin problem and how to proceed in helping the body to heal from it.

Let us analyse the symptoms.


Inflammation is a sign of the cellular dehydration and the cellular acidity. To solve it, the body orders forced hydration by increasing the extracellular pressure in a local tissue to force the water into those acidic cells.

Cellular proliferation

The cells divide and in this way they multiply and replace the old and the weak cells. The cellular proliferation is triggered by a drop of the voltage within the cell. The new cell will quickly increase its voltage and stop the further cellular division. If the new cell is not capable of increasing its voltage, it will proliferate again, and again….same like what is happening within a tumor.

Understanding that the body never does anything to harm itself, we have to look for the reason, why is our body responding in this manner?

I always point to the fact that the cysts and tumors are additional blood cleansing stations since the blood coming out of them is cleaner than was the blood entering them.

It looks to me that we have just explained what is going on with psoriasis and why is psoriasis forming on the skin.

The skin is not a wall, the skin is an organ and one of its functions is to cleanse the blood. Primarily, the blood will be cleansed by our kidneys and mucous tissues but when there is an insufficiency of water within the body, more and more of the blood cleansing responsibilities is give not the skin. Why the skin?

Because the skin can cleanse the blood with the least loss of the water from the body. We wrongly assume that the skin cleansing happens only when we sweat.

All the pimples, black heads, and skin irritations are nothing more than the toxic elements removed from the blood. Often you can hear that the skin is the reflection of your intestines. Well, the relation is that if the mucous tissues are working properly and cleansing the blood, there will be no need for the skin to do this job so the skin will be smooth and healthy looking.

This is me, when I was 60 years young, after only 6 years of eating correctly.

If there is a prolonged drought of your body, the skin takes over as the primary blood cleansing organ and all sorts of skin symptoms will appear.

The skin is not nearly as effective in its blood cleansing as the kidneys or the mucous tissues would be and it cleanses only what is absolutely necessary. As the toxic load of the blood increases an electric conductivity has diminished because of missing minerals (ions) in the blood, the skin starts to grow additional cleaning stations so it proliferates. This inflamed thicker skin tissue does a better job with the blood cleansing but the body is reminding us of the necessity to change so that everything can become normal again.

Change, this is something that very few are willing to do even when they become aware of its need. It is easier to go to the doctor and take a pill or slap a lotion on the skin.

We have to take the responsibility for our boy and stop depending on others. You are the master of your body so take care of it.

As I have explained it, our dehydrated and toxic blood is the cause of psoriasis.

By hydrating your body with water and a sea salt you will give your body the opportunity to cleanse. By adjusting your diet you will drastically decrease the number of pollutants that enter your body and please, try to understand the toxicity of dietary glucose and the importance to eliminate it from your diet.

So if you want a fresh start, follow the Self Healers Protocol, heal yourself and rejuvenate.

Love and light.




6 comments on “PSORIASIS

  1. Thank you for your post, i think that is necassary to bring same thing now and then to remind us old followers and to enlighten new one. So Darko, you have started eating raw animal product with 54, have you also start to drink sea salt at 54?

      • Hi bro
        I have an ask for u dear Darko

        Im interesting when you start drink water with sea salt in 49y old what you experience for these 6y old till you start follow 0carbs diet? for example are you healed only with sea salt? or what you make feeling young and healthy was when you give up carbs?


  2. Great post! When you explain a condition it often puts your thinking in another light, which clarifies and strengthens our understanding of what you have said before. Well, it does for me… :_D
    Thank you Darko.

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