The Flat Earth theory, the religion, and the politics, THE MASTERY OF DECEPTION and its implication in the shaping of our medical knowledge.

Donkey running after a carrot

Since we have entered into the field of high frequencies, we are changing on the genetic level and as I have told you before, the genetic changes will trigger the cellular changes.

The higher resonance will bring us closer to the understanding, it will trigger what we call the awakening of the masses.

To slow down this process, our handlers are doing everything they can to further confuse us by pushing more and more of the false information. As we are becoming aware of the fact that we have been lied to, now we have started looking into everything with suspicion. Our handlers are using this by injecting alternate views by themselves to keep our minds occupied so that we do not notice the more important actions that should be taken at the present time.

One of them is the Flat Earth narrative.

Flat Earth / Old Vision of Planet and solar system / Earth like dish/ plate/ in space with sun and moon / realistic vector of Earth /Earth in space,

I cannot believe how many intelligent people are spending hours in researching and debating this altogether unimportant thing at this time of our fight for the liberation of humanity.

At this time, this is totally irrelevant and unimportant knowledge but it can be partially explained by using the scripture from the Bible.

As there are many people who believe that the Bible was written by God, they are willing to ignore what they see and accept what they are being told.

I do not want to waste my time on debunking the Flat Earth theory by dissecting the claims one by one. Instead, I am going to mention some of my observations.

You cannot see the curvature of the earth while you are standing on the firm land since the landscape can be positioned in concave or convex form.

The place where you can see the curvature of the planet Earth is when you are on the  open Sea.

You can see the horizon in the distance of 5 miles around you. Of course, there is no way that you can actually see the curvature in such a short distance but as the Earth is a globe, its curvature will not allow you to see the water any further than that. All that you can see after the distance of 5 miles is the sky.

If you are sailing and approaching the land, you will not see the land until the highest peak comes into the view of the horizon. As you come closer, more and more of the lower landscape becomes visible. It looks like the land is rising from the sea.

Whenever you want to know the truth, first trust and analyze what you can see, then use your intuitive self and at the end, consider what you have been told and dissect it.

What I am suggesting is that we have to observe and think. We cannot just blindly follow, as we have been told all our lives.

Our educational system is set in such a way that only those who do not think and only memorize and recite what they have been told are rewarded. Such people are rewarded with the highest honours. Such people are put in the most influential positions and put in the charge of the rest of us. No wonder why they all sound like robots.

Hand turning winder on business person's back. Grey background. Control concept

Why is it so?

Because they are not capable of a clear thinking and they will eagerly follow orders. Unfortunately, they are accomplices to the highest crimes and not even aware of it.

Just look at our doctors.

This is why it is easier to explain the new understanding of how the body works to a nurse than to a doctor especially if he/she is an “expert” in this particular field.

The deception plays a big role in our reality. The easiest way to control a human is with fear. What the human brain does not understand, it fears. This is why we are afraid of changes, a new understanding.

Concept of fear of a businessman behind a chair

The masters of lies and deception were and still are the Jewish people. Why? Because their sacred book the Torah teaches them that they can lie, deceit and organize a murder of none Jew, the Goyam.

Do not take me the wrong way. I do not hold grudge against the Jews. My ex-wife is Jewish and I love her family and we are still friends. One of my Jewish friends Andrew, once told me while we were playing chess; “I wonder if the world would be a much better place if the Jews were not a part of it”.

Jewish people had the knowledge of the One God and were supposed to share the knowledge with everyone. Instead of sharing the knowledge, they manipulated it for their own benefit since they knew about manifestation. They were the money changers.

Wherever they went, they took over the politics. This was possible because they controlled the money.

During the drought, they went to Egypt asking for the food and little by little they started to control the place so much that the Pharaoh threw them out of Egypt.

As they have left Egypt, Moses a Jew who was brought up as the Pharaoh’s son and was familiar with the energy system of Egypt, stole the Egyptian energy device called the Tetragrammaton.


Tetragrammaton was a device left by the Anunnaki and once it was used to open the lake so that princes can retrieve her favorite bracelet that she dropped into the lake by accident.

When the Pharaoh discovered what has happened, he sends his army after the Jews to retrieve the Tetragrammaton. Moses used it to open the Red Sea and then he closed it on the Egyptian army. The Pharaoh pledged to destroy Jews which he did later on and the Jews had lost their land.

Joshua used the Tetragrammaton to split the river Jordan so that the Jewish people can get across as well.

As Jews lost their land, they tried to take over the ruling position everywhere they went and since there is no end to the human greed, they caused collapse first of the Roman empire by corrupting the senate, they took over Germany so Hitler ordered them to leave. Since they have refused ,he started to confiscate their properties and put them together with the gypsies and other convicts including German people into labor camps. My father was in one of those camps. They were not a Jew extermination centers as Jews claim. The Holocaust is just another deception perpetrated by Jews.

Jewish money paid for the Bolshevik revolution that was organized by the money changers. Vladimir Ilic Lenin and Karl Marks were Jews that had changed their names to be able to deceit the Russian people easier. They are known to hide their identities by changing their names, there is a reason for this.

PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC, JULY 6,2016: Statue of Vladimir Lenin and USSR flag inside Museum of Communism, Prague, Czech Republic.

What the Jewish people did in the Egypt, Russia, and Germany, they are now doing to the United States of America.

Since there are only a small amount of Jews and as the self-proclaimed “chosen people” they want to conquer the planet they became the masters in terrorism blaming others for their actions. The first big act of false flag terrorism was their attack on the Olympic village in Munich where they have killed their own sportsman and put the blame on Palestinian people.

Divide and conquer.

The World Trade Center was put down by controlled demolition set by MOSAD and Jews were caught celebrating and filming the event. Now the blame is on the Arab people again.

The feminist movement was started and financed by David Rockefeller to enslave them and tax them. In this way, they can destroy the American family and easier brainwash the children.

The takeover of the medical science and the pharmaceutical industry was orchestrated by David Rockefeller as well. He is the reason why the education of doctors around the world is creating death and not a healing. The Jewish “banksters” profit from it.

I am mentioning this so that we know who the real culprit is so that we do not blame and fight the wrong enemy. We have to oppose the Zionists since most of the Jewish people do not know what is being done by their leaders.

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL. June 14, 2016. Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu making an address.

We all have to unite if we want to be able to overthrow the Evil.

The history is manipulated by those who are in charge.

The money changers have been in charge for a long time.

Even Jesus Christ attacked the money changers so they went against him knowing that he was of a noble blood. Yes, he was a king.

The history teaches us that Isa was his false name so that he can hide. His mother was the Egyptian queen Cleopatra and his father was Julius Cesar. To escape the prosecution of Octavian, he left for India and there are records of Isa being there studying Hinduism. He was also in Tibet as the records show.

Jesus feeds birds, original oil painting on canvas

This is why he did not promote Judaism and Torah but Hinduism, the religion of forgiveness and humility.

As I have told you, nothing is the way we are told it is.

The Bible was put together by the Jews to guide the humanity into the one world government by professing the future events, controlled by the Jews whose God is not the creator instead their God is the Anunnaki leader Enke or Lucifer. This is becoming more and more obvious as the time goes on. The Satanic rituals are becoming the part of every day’s reality.


Baphomet Stock Photo

True God, the creator has no preferences and loves the whole of his creation, no judgment, no punishment, only love.

Doing the research into the medical fraud exposed me to this knowledge as it is all intermingled part of the same deception.

Please do not get offended. Do your own research.

Let us stop fighting one another. The times of deception are behind us.

Let us get together and build a New World, free from deception and lies where we all help and support each other.

We are all blessed and loved by the same God. We are all God’s children and we carry the God within. This is why Isus or Isa or Jesus …said that he was a son of God, but so are you my brothers and sisters so let us love each other and prosper in this new world that we are creating.

The electromagnetic energy that propels us is polarized. It is a toroidal field created by our heart and not by the food we eat. The positive energy field is entering our body through the crown chakra and the negative energy field is entering our body through the base chakra. The polarized fields create a duality but they meet in the sacred place of the heart. There they lose duality and the collision of the two opposite charged fields is what creates a tremendous field of electromagnetic energy that expands way beyond our body before it makes a loop and returns back into our body again. This sacred place in our heart where the opposites collide is the place of oneness and pure love.

Toroidal Field Around Heart Royalty Free Stock Image

Let us not be ruled by the duality of the brain and instead let us use the singularity of the heart in decision making.

Love and light to us all.




8 comments on “The Flat Earth theory, the religion, and the politics, THE MASTERY OF DECEPTION and its implication in the shaping of our medical knowledge.

  1. Jesus was God manifested in the flesh. These same people you are bashing in this article are the same people Jesus came for. He came for sinners offering salvation. The ultimate act of love, God (Jesus) sacrificing himself for his creation. All we must do is believe in Christ for salvation and not in ourselves. Once we believe we are given the spirit of Christ (the holy spirit) and we are forever marked in the book of life and will spend eternity with our creator…. Christianity is not a religion, religion is man made and requires work. True Christianity as we see throughout the bible is faith in God for salvation, and not in your own works…

    There are many spirits among us Darko, just be sure you’re entertaining the right ones.

    • Darko i completey agree. There is well known fact that the jews where thrown out of everey country in our history. In Soviet Union 85% of ruling class where jews!

    • mark, your fate is strong. As long as your heart is in the right place and you love even those who do not agree with you, hold onto your beliefs. The most important thing for us is to have the fate and do good. Love an light.

  2. So, you have seen a (true) picture of global earth? You must be a privilege man, cause even NASA say only the CGIs exist. You would have the thought with all the available tech – hubble scope, satellites etc, someone could have taken true picture of global earth by now.
    And what measuring device was used to establish that we rotate at 1000miles/hour and 6600 miles/hour around the sun? How was it determined that the sun in 93 million miles away? It’s all theoretical, so-called scientific garbage.

    On the day the LORD gave the Amorites over to Israel, Joshua said to the LORD in the presence of Israel: “Earth, stand still over Gibeon, and you, moon, over the Valley of Aijalon.”

    Can you imagine if a 1000miles/hour spinning globe stood still?

    Darko, you have a brain, use it. THINK.

    • Hi brother.
      NASA is the misinformation agency so do not believe anything that comes out of their mouth.
      As I have said, the polemic about the shape of our reality is not important at this moment. What is important is to understand what is creating the disasters on this planet of ours so that we can put a stop to it.
      The same people that put the Bible together they created the New Testament and the Koran as controlled opposition. They all have some truth in them mixed with a lot of nonsense to misguide us and to control our thoughts. They are enslavement tools. If they bring the good out from you, then follow them, if they do the opposite, wake up and think brother. Accept what unites us an not what divides us. Think of love

  3. pudding tetragrammation was not used to part the red sea.God is who parted the red sea, the annunaki does not exist all of these annunaki stories are made up to decieve us pudding dont believe it.

    • We do not really know how tetragramaton works. It is extraterrestrial technology from the Anunaki.
      It is mensioned in the old testament of the Bible. There is a video of a great young scientist Nasim Haramein in which he talks about this matter.
      Look at some Nasim’s videos, they are really great.

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