A businessman with a stomachache, a middle aged man

It is astonishing to me seeing so many people with digestive problems and the medical industry is clueless or just pretending to be as all the information about how to solve it is out there but it is not being implemented.

Almost every adult that I talk to has some kind of digestive problem. The most common health problem that is related to our digestion is gastritis, then gastroenteritis and enteritis.

The gastritis is an inflammation of the stomach, the enteritis is an inflammation of the intestines and the gastroenteritis is an  inflammation of the whole digestive tract.

What causes the inflammation of our stomach?

Obviously, this has something to do with what we eat. Since the food does not linger in the stomach too long, generally the foods that we eat will not cause many problems. The most common foods that will create gastritis are cold beverages especially the ice-cream if we eat it often and fast.

The sudden drop of temperature forces more blood into the stomach to warm it up and this is done through the process of inflammation.

The same reaction will happen if the stomach is cooled from the outside. Driving a motorcycle and especially the bicycle and cold air hitting the stomach will cause gastritis if the air is cold and we do not protect our stomach from it. Placing newspaper in front of the stomach will protect us. This may be the only good thing that you get from the newspaper anyway.

The most common culprit of gastritis are the medicinal remedies and especially the pharmacological poisons we call medication. This is why the doctor will immediately with the medication, prescribe another medication which will protect the stomach from the first medication.

Healthcare, treatment, supplements concept photo. Woman arm holding heap of small round meds and glass of water before taking medication, shallow depth of field, focus on medicine

Since we are all eating the wrong food and follow the wrong “expertise” of nutritionists, our blood is toxic and the more we eat, the more blood is needed to supply the stomach with the necessary CO2, oxygen, and water. This means that the cells of the stomach will become toxic faster. Such toxic cells will be more dependent on the energy that is provided by the brain. In this case, stress will have a stronger influence on already weaken organ and it will react to the stress through the inflammation process since the cellular osmotic pump has become very inefficient.

Although the carbohydrates are toxic food for all animals, they will not cause many problems to the stomach since they will not remain there for long. They may cause gases so we will burp them out and that is all.

The problem caused by ingesting carbohydrates starts within the intestines. Carbohydrates are sugars, basically glucose and fructose. Depending on the amount of the GLUT protein that is available within the cells of the small intestines, sugars will be absorbed and the sugar that exceeds the GLUT capacity will be pushed into the large intestines and here it will ferment causing more gases and the formation of alcohol. This fermentation process will inflame intestines. Inflamed intestines lose the absorptive capacity so less water and other nutrients will be absorbed. Not being able to absorb the water will make the stool loose since the water will remain within the feces.

The additional intestinal problems come from toxic protective proteins that plants have to protect themselves from predators like us. Gluten is one of them but there are many others. Some of them we use as medicinal remedies since they suppress certain chemical reactions which in some cases we feel as beneficial.

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Some of those protective proteins become neutralized with the heat and will not create problems. This is why you can eat cooked green banana and not react to it with stomach cramps and diarrhea as you would if you would eat the green banana raw. This is why eating broccoli will inflame your intestines and give you indigestion unless you heat it up since the broccoli has green seeds that are not ready for germination. All green fruits are protected in this way and you will have indigestion by eating them raw.

The grains are the worst food that we can eat. They are toxic to all animals. Domestic horses suffer from colics exactly because of them.

If you feed herbivores like  cows or  goats with minced or cooked grains, they will blow up with gas and their whole rumen (stomach bag for fermentation) will become acidic, their bacteria destroyed and their health compromised.

Since more and more people are falling for the wrong, vegetable based diets, the energy they receive is coming from the carbohydrates and the result is indigestion and gastroenteritis.

More carbohydrates vegetarian eat, more fat and sickly they become. Less dietary carbohydrates and more raw vegetables there is in the food of vegans, more skinny and drained they become and although they feel healthy, a great majority of them will finally collapse from the malnutrition and dehydration caused by their diet.

Reducing the number of dietary carbohydrates and increasing the consumption of meat and fats in the food will slow down the toxic demise of our body. The only way to heal and live healthily is to stop poisoning ourselves with dietary carbs.

On top of this, enteritis can be caused by infestation with parasites.

When people eat incorrectly, there is more chance for them to be infested by parasites.

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For the people suffering from digestive problems, it is important to change their diet. The wrong food creates the wrong intestinal microflora and the whole body becomes affected negatively. Probiotics cannot make a dent in this problem and supplement pushers are the only people who benefit from their sales.

So many people are needlessly suffering from digestive problems that can easily be eliminated by a simple change of their diet.

You do not have to trust me, try it for yourself.

Love and light.




  1. Hello bro

    When u say: The only way to heal and live healthily is to stop poisoning ourselves with dietary carbs.
    So my ask is:
    It is really necessary to eat an diet with 0%carbs and we to experience healing?
    Because when i was young im healed(mostly from infections and digestive problems) several times even eating a lot of carbs..

    • Arha, I am talking about dietary carbohydrates and not when they are in a raw state. You can eat ripe bananas but not cooked or processed ones.
      Also I am not talking about the diseases which are caused by pathogens. I am talking about the chronic health problems like the persistent inflammation, the pain and the premature aging and deterioration of our body.
      We have to understand that dietary glucose is our enemy.

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