Draw what's under the microscope... sometimes it is important to be specific.

As we are awakening, scientists are noticing the relation between the genetic alignment and its expression and their influence on the cellular structure.

Since biophysics is not what we learn in the schools, scientists are reverse engineering the cellular reactions and their connection to their genetic code.

Since spirit and the electromagnetic universe are still a taboo as far as the science is concerned, the only reasonable way to look at things is through the loop of chemical reactions. Although some discoveries are correct, there is no way how to build on them since the understanding behind those discoveries is not correct.

Mi friend Mikie send me several articles and I want to show you what I mean by dissecting some of them.

Since I was talking about the genetic cellular influence, here is the article that talks about how the cells redistribute their genes to serve them better:


You can notice the back engineering when scientists claim that the cells redistribute their genes to serve them better. I have explained several times that no cellular change is possible without genetic information. This means that the genes have to change their activation sequence for the cellular changes to occur.

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In other words, first genes realign themselves and then cellular changes occur.

This is opposite of what scientists from London suggest.

Genes react to the electromagnetic frequencies and those frequencies can come from chemicals in the food, but they can come also from the signaling of our brain ( the thought of the food).

They can be received from electromagnetic modulators as well.

Electromagnetic modulators will be used in the future to prepare the food for us so no animal or plant has to be killed to nourish us.

If you wonder how does this work, simply realize that everything is just a brain’s decoding of electromagnetic frequencies.

Instead of killing an animal, cutting it, cooking it…you just take the electromagnetic information of the frequencies of the final product – steak with mushroom sauce, load it into the electromagnetic modulator. The modulator will release those frequencies on your demand and your brain will convert the frequencies into a multidimensional image of the food that you had ordered.

As more and more scientifically accepted truths are being debunked, the failing corporate world is trying to cling onto their cash cows by spreading misinformation and confusion through the media.

This is why we see more and more articles attacking the health food like the coconut oil, the butter and animals fat. Disclosure cannot be stopped as more and more truth is coming out.

In this article about the chemotherapy, a medical cash cow, the truth of its ineffectiveness in healing the cancer is revealed:


The chemo-poisoning is destroying the immune system of the patient, leaving him/her defenseless and unable to heal. Often the damages created to the body are so bad, that the patient loses the ability to eat and has to be nourished intravenously. In this case, glucose is pumped into the blood which is the perfect food for raging cancer so no wonder that cancer starts to spread indiscriminately.

The medically approved treatment of cancer by the chemotherapy and radiation will soon be the thing of the past. This will take a big bite from the pocket of the false medical industry.

Soon we can expect the truth of the ease in healing diabetes to come out since only a simple dietary change is needed to do this job.

The cholesterol truth came out but is fiercely being suppressed since so much money is being made on poisoning people with statins – cholesterol reducing poisons we call medication.

Many doctors are clinging to the notion that there is a bad and good cholesterol and that the cholesterol is the reason for circulatory problems.

The bad education we receive in the medical school is the reason why most doctors believe that eating eggs and animal fat raises the blood cholesterol.

Not understanding diet makes doctors believe that eating ripe raw bananas loads the body with carbohydrates so they advise their patients to steer clear of them.

Since the carbohydrates in the banana, potato, and carrot are deposited within the cellular structure which is protected with the membrane we call the cellulose, those plants cannot be digested so no sugar will be absorbed into the blood. Only a small amount of fructose that gives them the sweet taste will be available for the absorption, which is a negligible amount of fructose at best.

The big misconception on high potassium in a banana is a myth being perpetrated constantly by our nutritionists.

For one, the potassium is within the cellular structure. As we cannot digest the cellulose we do not have access to the potassium in the ripe banana or any ripe fruit or vegetables unless we heat them up by cooking them.

So if you are looking for the potassium in your diet, look into cooked meals like potatoes, mushrooms, parsley….bet you no one have ever told you that before.

We are too lazy to check the facts. It is easier to trust the “experts” isn’t it?

On the other hand, any kind of meat, raw or cooked will bring you a hefty amount of potassium. There is about the same amount of potassium in a stake as it is in the banana but you can easily digest the raw stake and get the potassium but it is not so with the banana.

The neurotoxic action of garlic is well known but people, including most doctors, do not realize that the word medicinal, our cells translate as toxic. Encouraging people to take medicine daily will lead to their health demise. Every doctor knows it and still, they will encourage you to eat garlic because it is “healthy” as they will prescribe other medicaments you have to take daily for the duration of your life. How ironic.

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If they do not know that they are killing you, than they are more stupid than I thought.

Here in Peru, same as in the rest of the world, the health specialists are happy with what they do and are hiding behind their diplomas slowly poisoning people. Fortunately, there are more and more of them who are awakening and we have to thank them for being brave as they oppose the system and risk their comfort and often their lives to bring us the truth.

Here I want to bring you the sad news of Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, passing away.

Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer

The last years of his life he has spent in Sandefjord, Norway where he lived in exile.

The battle goes on and we are winning.

You can expect more and more truth to surface in the near future and most of it will be simply unbelievable.

Love and light to us all.



16 comments on “TIMES OF CONFUSION

  1. Darko in your other article you say that supplementing potassium through food is impossible, but here you say that we can get potassium from raw steak. Can you please clarify?

    • Stefan as you say, atom of potassium is large and has problem to penetrate into the cell without pressure. If we have digestive problems – leaky gut, this may occur. I was basically talking about the availability for the absorption but it is important to know that this is totally unimportant because the potassium that is within our body is a product of our cells which they produce by fusing sodium with oxygen.

  2. ….Speaking Of Confusion… Let’s not forget the great ‘American Nationalism’. With all the mayhem America Terrorist Military strews around the entire planet, (not to mention selling arms to all sides), it almost guarantees there will not be a spotlight on the follies of current medicine any time soon…

    You should be offended that the U.S. military maintains a presence in 150 of 196 nations on the planet. Offended the CIA employed the grossest human rights abuses known when it psychologically, emotionally, and physically tortured detainees — even though that method has been proven utterly ineffective. Offended the Authorization for the Use of Military Force granted a blank slate for perpetual war anywhere on the globe. Offended the most heinous terrorist organization yet to manifest only did so because the West sought and hoped for a caliphate of terrorists. Offended millions of people abandoned their homes for flimsy life rafts, risking their otherwise uneventful lives to escape relentless American and allied bombs.

    You should be offended our prisons incarcerate more per capita than any other nation — fascist dictatorships, included — on the planet. Offended the police, with seemingly endless authority over our daily lives, kill with nary a consequence, even in questionable situations. Offended free speech has been forgotten to cater to those too sensitive to bear it. Offended protest is being criminalized in a growing number of states. Offended medical choice isn’t an option in a nation claiming to value choice. Offended acceptable expression has been narrowed so severely, your right to redress grievances has been summarily erased from the books — and from the hemp-based paper on which those rights were putatively enshrined.

    You should be offended with your own damnable hypocrisy — calling for the bodily harm of someone committing a nonviolent act against a symbol — rather than voting out the pols excusing the wholesale murder of innocents inside the bounds of sovereign lands.

    This hypocrisy — not our farcical shreds of freedom — is why we’re (Americans) so hated around the planet. In fact, it’s why blowback — not terrorism — comprises our greatest threat.

    From: http://themindunleashed.com/2017/07/america-hypocrisy-precisely-friend-urinated-flag.html

    • Mikie, this is also not a true assessment of the World policies. Do not judge the book by its cover brother.
      The CIA does not report to the US president but to the Israelis. It is the USA based MOSAD.
      All wars are orchestrated by Zionist bankers. They have US military on their payroll. This means that all the generals should be prosecuted for treason against their own country. Not only the generals but all the politicians that voted for war. The disclosure has started and ore truth will be coming out. Our liberation is on its way.

  3. Hi darko great article but u say ” As we cannot digest the cellulose we do not have access to the potassium in the ripe banana or any ripe fruit or vegetables unless we heat them up by cooking them ” is that mean potassium only or other nutrient also?

    • Karim, this goes for all of the nutrients. This is why eating raw vegetables is useless with the exception of toxic protective proteins in the juice that we can use as medicinal remedies and cleansers.

  4. Does it mean what you say that all the nutrients in raw vegetables and fruit we can not benefit from it and the people who calculate the nutrients they get from raw vegetables and fruits and say we will meet our nutrients needs by eating lots of vegetables and fruit are in fact not counted as many do ?

  5. So what is the importance of vegetables and fruits please explain in detail?
    thank you for your patience and interest.

  6. Dear Dr. Velcek,

    Could you share with us your understanding of the mechanism behind addiction — how does the body become accustomed to toxins and comes to “crave” them; why is it difficult or impossible to get rid of addictions at once? Is our behavior of eating food, for example, due to having become addicted to it?

    We all are familiar with the saying “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” but is this really true? Isn’t it actually the opposite — toxic environment and food make us weaker? Can you explain what constitutes “becoming immune” — what “immunity” is, in reality?

    Hilton Hotema (George R. Clements) in his book “Man’s Higher Consciousness” writes:

    “The secret of Vital Adaptation is the riddle that puzzles the doctors. They term it immunity. The body acquires immunity to dangers by reducing its powers to resist them. Exactly the opposite of what medical art teaches.

    We shall recite another instance of this weakened condition which medical art terms immunity. Greene continues:

    ‘This power of adaptation is well illustrated by an experiment of Claude Bernard. He showed that if a bird is placed under a bell-glass of such size that the air contained in it will permit the bird to live for three hours, and the bird is removed at the end of the second hour, when it could have survived another hour, and a fresh, healthy bird is put in its place, the latter will die at once’ (Kirk’s Physiology, revised by Greene, p. 304).

    According to medical theory of “vital resistance” the fresh healthy bird should have resisted the effect of the polluted air in the bell-glass and lived for three hours. But it died immediately; whereas the other bird that had been under the bell-glass for two hours and suffered a certain degree of debilitation by reason of breathing the poisonous exhalations of its own body, could have lived for another hour.

    This illustrates what Carrel means when he says, ‘Our organs always improvise means of meeting every new situation; and these means are such that they tend to give man (living creatures) a maximum duration. The physiological processes (of all animals) always incline in the direction leading to the longest survival of man.’ ”

    Best wishes, and thank you!

    • ok. Tomi, I will put it on my list of articles to come.
      Remember that body is extremely efficient and it will work with its environment as it adapts to it. The adaptation requires time, it cannot be done in an instant.

      • Yes, I understand this, but what about spontaneous remission/healing? It can happen very fast, right?

      • Spontaneous remission is a placebo effect. It is triggered by our brain.
        When we learn how to consciously trigger it, we are going to heal ourselves. This is the future of medicine and it is just around the corner.

      • Absolutely!

        When change is initiated/performed on the material level it requires time to be accomplished because of the low frequency of vibration of physical matter, but when initiated on higher levels with faster rate of vibration (the level of thoughts/mind being one of them) the results are instantaneous. The mind needs to be purified and cleared (through meditation), so that it doesn’t waste energy by dwelling on unresolved issues from the past.

        Also, when our thoughts are focused solely on the material level, dealing with health/body issues, financial worries, etc., we are affected by the material substances the most — the foods we eat have a greater impact on our body than if our thoughts are focused on spiritual ideals.

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