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Many people are suffering from halitosis – bad breath.

What is the cause of this problem?

Obviously, we are immediately going to look for the problem of a bad breath in the things that we have eaten. Most of the time the bad breath is associated with the food we eat. For example, people that eat garlic stink a mile away. Not only that their breath stinks but also their skin.

Same thing happens with people that smoke nicotine. People that handle and eat oily fish and some spicy foods.

Why do people carry the same odor of the foods they eat?

As the aromatic ingredients from smelly foods absorb into the blood, the body will start to cleanse them out. Since the blood cleansing organs are the skin, the mucosa and the kidneys, here we are going to find the same odor.

Since mucosa covers the digestive and respiratory tract, the same odor will be present in those places.

So here there is no problem identifying the culprit of the problem and by eliminating the type of the food that caused the bad odor we solve the problem.

Other cause of a bad breath can be poor mouth hygiene.

If we allow for the food to rot in our mouth, bacteria or fungus may establish their colonies. They cause rotting process which causes really bad breath.

Caries is caused by bacteria as well and produces a bad odor.

Abscess in the mouth and tonsils will cause a terrible odor.

Needless to say, all those things are easily discovered and treated so the bad breath can be solved.

In this article, I want to point on some occult reasons of the bad breath and bad skin odor from which many people suffer whose cause is not discovered so they are not being able to help themselves and they have to live with this unpleasant problem.

When I say that the reason for the bad breath or the skin odor was not discovered, I mean that the cause was not pinpointed because we know that the reason is caused either by the aromatic ingredients of the food we eat or by the bacterial or fungal decay of those foods in the body.

Bad-breath cartoons, Bad-breath cartoon, funny, Bad-breath picture, Bad-breath pictures, Bad-breath image, Bad-breath images, Bad-breath illustration, Bad-breath illustrations

Another ingredient that contributes to the bad odor is our natural pheromones (our natural smell).

Pheromones of one individual may be attractive to another individual or they can be nauseating to another. Sometimes the combination of the bacterial decay, aromatic ingredient, and the pheromones may create a really unpleasant odor.

I have noticed that indigenous people do have much milder odor than the “civilized” people from the cities do. This is because they are less toxic. Also, indigenous people do not take supplements. I have noticed that some people have a bad smell when they take artificial vitamins and some supplements including the medicinal remedies or the pharmaceutical drugs.

Many of my clients have complained that they never had a problem with halitosis and now since they are on the self-healers protocol, their urine stinks and so does their skin and their breath.

The bad odor is the result of the blood toxicity.

They had toxins embedded within their cellular structure and now as their cells are detoxifying, those toxins are released into the blood and as the blood’s cleansing organs started to eliminate those toxins, the bad odor is realized.

The cellular toxic overload can be substantial and the bad odor may persist for some time.

As the mucous tissue is a blood cleansing organ, many people will suffer from a bad odor whenever toxic load from the blood becomes eliminated. Since most cellular cleansing occurs during the night, the blood’s toxic load increases towards the morning hours and the mucous tissue start to smell. This is why in the morning the odor becomes more pronounced. Pregnant women often realize this. Why pregnant women? Because their toxic load has increased because of the baby they carry.

Some people simply suffer from halitosis most of their lives since they do not realize what causes this problem. Even if they brush their teeth regularly and change the food they eat, halitosis persists.

This is because they harbor specific bacteria or fungus and even when they have changed the food, they did not really change the chemical content of the food and the food they are eating continues to support the culprit.

For example, if the problem is caused by fungus we know that glucose is the perfect food that will support fungal community. So if you stopped eating rice and pasta and you switch to potatoes and bread, you did not really make any change that would affect the fungus since the supply of glucose is continuing.

On this problem, we can look also from the point of the quantum understanding.

Everything there is is just a brain’s interpretation of frequencies of the energy in question.

The meat in a raw state has particular look, smell, and texture.

When we apply more heat, we are raising the frequency and in one point the frequency reaches its threshold. In the threshold frequency, the photoelectric effect has been changed and everything about the meat has been changed. The meat has changed its appearance, its smell, its taste and its consistency. It is no longer what it was before and it becomes very difficult to digest.

Such meat will linger within our intestines and it will be attacked by intestinal bacteria. This will produce its decay. This creates gases and smelly chemical compounds which will be absorbed partially into the blood before being cleansed out through the cleansing organs.

Not only that there will be a horrible stench when we go to evacuate in the bathroom, but also our skin and breath will have a specific odor.

So what to do if we suffer from halitosis?

First, take a care of our mouth and keep it clean. Colloidal Silver does a great job by eliminating the bacteria that causes a bad breath especially if they are in places that are hard to reach like under the crown of a tooth.

Change your diet but above all, detoxify your body.

Nothing works as good as a total detox on the cellular level.

There may be an initial increase of the bad odor when the cleansing process commences, but as the body cleanses the problem will dissipate.

Eat clean food. By this I mean the food of God or as close to it as possible. The food of God is the raw food, the way God prepared it for us to eat.

Love and light.




  1. Dear Dr. Velcek,

    Thank you for yet another informative article.

    As I was reading, I thought of the phenomenon known as “odor of sanctity” (osmogenesia), when the body exudes flower-like scent, and was wondering whether you could explain the mechanism behind it; and also another somewhat related phenomenon — incorruptibility (when the body doesn’t decompose for years after the death of a person).

    Best wishes,

    • Tomi in several of my articles I explain that our brain is a processor that converts electromagnetic frequencies into our three-dimensional experience. I have experienced odor of sanctity during ayahuasca ceremony when I was communicating with my spirit. As I was thanking for every experience and information by sending kisses in one moment as I placed my palms close to my lips a wonderful smell of flowers came out of them. Not only that the smell was incredible but also each finger had different taste.as I licked them.
      In the state of bliss, the body emits certain frequencies that our brain interprets in this way.
      As far as the mummy is concerned, I believe that those bodies were severely dehydrated in the time of their death. Another factor is the clean detoxified state.
      When people eat small amounts of food, they produce small amount of toxins so as they dehydrate they do not show diseases. When they pass a way the body does not decompose because for this it needs water and bacteria and fungus and fat. None of this you will find in healthy and skinny dehydrated body.

      • Thank you, just as I thought, based on your writings!

        So, the brains of those who are in close proximity to the person in a state of bliss (“the saint”) would also be affected by the same frequencies and they would experience the heavenly aroma. Do you think the dimensions of the field (aura) around this person, where these frequencies are felt, depend on the level of purification/development of consciousness s/he has reached? And this also explains how Jesus was healing those around him. In this field around the purified consciousness entropy is transformed into perfect order. 🙂

      • Tomi, basically from my experience, when someone is in the state of bliss, he/she emits certain frequencies that the brain of every human in the proximity will decode as wonderful smell.
        As far as the healing goes, when you believe that you are healed, you are healed. So if you believe that in the presence of Jesus Christ you will heal, you will. You heal yourself simply by belief. Everything we see and experience is a product of our belief system since nothing exist only electromagnetic frequencies. Your brain can create them in any shape you desire once it has experienced them. Since you have been healthy before, brain can recreate this state whenever you want if you believe that this is possible.

      • OK, but what about animals, won’t they be healed by changing the frequencies around them? Is it also a matter of belief on their part? Or an unconscious person?

        Yes, I agree we can heal ourselves by belief, or rather lack of disbelief, but in the case when we are immersed in a field with frequencies negating entropy and restoring order according to creation’s blueprints, it doesn’t matter what we believe — the only difference is that once we leave this field, in time, our dis-ease(s) will come back.

        I know from personal experience that there are human beings who can heal through their presence, regardless of what those around them believe. (Literally, “The Force can have a strong influence on the weak-minded,” as it was presented in Star Wars.) I’ve been in the presence of such a person, and I’m not religious, I’m a skeptic, but I could feel the tranquility, spaciousness and lightness of being he was emitting as I was approaching from a distance of several blocks away! It was very palpable. I didn’t know about this beforehand, didn’t expect it, and least of all believe it. I didn’t even realize what was happening or that what I felt was due to his presence until I was out of his field and gradually started to feel my usual way. Even crying babies would become content in his presence — definitely not a case of believing.

        This person’s state of consciousness (he lives in ecstasy, constant prayer/meditation and communion with all in existence) wasn’t due to belief on his part, either — he was raised in a scientific, atheistic family, and was a skeptic himself (he still doesn’t consider himself religious or a believer). He achieved it through a process of purification of body, mind and heart. One could develop this state of consciousness through faith, yes, but it is not the only way. A person can get in touch with the truth through direct experience (not mediated by the senses), achieve knowledge/wisdom and become able to apply this knowledge from a causative level, where the average people’s consciousness is asleep. Or, if you want, he has “raised his frequencies.” Or, he has become attuned to a more and more subtle level of manifestation we already exist on and thus is aware on all levels of existence. May we all achieve it in this incarnation.

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