Infant getting breathing treatment from mother while suffering from illness

When we are talking about health problems, we distinguish basically two versions of what we call diseases. Those that show up almost instantly and those which take their time as they manifest stronger and stronger symptoms.

Those diseases that come rapidly can often be healed and may not return. Such diseases are usually related to some pathogens like bacteria, virus, fungus or parasites. Once we get rid of the pathogens, the symptoms will disappear and may never come back.

On the other side we have diseases that start to show up slowly with one type of symptoms and slowly progress into more and more difficult and often a life-threatening health situation. Such diseases we call chronic diseases or I prefer to call them chronic health problems.

What is characteristic of those chronic diseases is the fact that doctors are unable to stop their progress and often label them as incurable.

Lately, I have been asked by several friends to explain how is it possible that a young child is suffering from a chronic disease? There was not sufficient time for the child to contract a chronic disease. Sometimes we are talking about babies that are 2 months old.

We have to understand that there was never a time like now where we are living in such highly polluted environment. Not only that most of our food is toxic, we are further being poisoned through the water we drink (or other drinks) and the air that we breathe and let us not forget those vaccines we are forced to take.

All of the food advertising is false and it starts with the false advertising of the health benefits of baby foods.

But before we even go there, the poisoning of a baby starts while it is still in the uterus of its mother. If the mother eats incorrectly and suffers from dehydration, the baby will receive less water as well.

If mother while being pregnant is using medicines, alcohol, caffeine of smokes, she will be dehydrated and some of those toxins will slip through the placenta and affect the fetus or baby depending on its age while still in the uterus.

Yes, the time is short, but the rate of growth is very high and so is the cellular proliferation. More times the cells proliferate (divide), while they are under the influence of a toxin, more pronounced will be the cellular changes.

It is quite often that we see newborn babies contract diarrhea.

I have said contract because this is doctors terminology. In fact, what the baby contracted is toxicity while it was in the womb and now is trying to eliminate it. Doctors are trying to suppress diarrhea with antibiotics which often works because the toxic antibiotic prevents the cleansing and the diarrhea stops. This means that the pollution will remain within the babies body and from then on it will continue to accumulate until it shows a chronic symptom.

Since the baby is low on water the cleansing will go mostly through the mucosa tissue and this will give a baby cough or soft stool. As the water problem within the babies body worsens, the baby will start cleansing through the skin and show signs of skin problems as are urticaria or eczema.

Atopic Dermatitis on a baby’s face.

Lost doctors are going to implement corticosteroids to suppress the inflammation of the skin and with this toxic treatment bury the toxins deeper. The toxins continue to accumulate within the cells and because of the lack of water and salt, and because of the medicinal remedies used to suppress the cleansing of the blood, cells become dehydrated and acidic.

Yes, babies are young but they can become toxic quickly because their cellular activity is very fast.

Now add to this all the sugar that is present in the baby formulas and the baby foods and you will understand why a 3-year-old child has diabetes.

Many baby foods that contain a meat are loaded with chemical preservatives. They are especially abundant within frankfurters so what will be the bodies reaction to this type of toxicity? Leukemia.

Homemade Barbecue Little Smoky Cocktail Wieners in Sauce - Stock Image

Now you can understand why so many house cats in the cities suffer from leukemia as well.

A baby or a small child have been on this planet only a short time but their rapid growth and rapid cellular activity produce a much faster toxic effect and they show chronic health problems much faster than grownups do.

This may sound like a curse but this can be also a blessing because the fast cellular changes allow for rapid detoxification and healing on the cellular level. A small child will detoxify and heal much faster than a grown up individual once we give it a chance to do so.

Giving the baby or a small child the chance to detoxify, means to help them to hydrate with water and sea salt and we can help them to heal faster by providing the correct diet and eliminate the toxic load they usually receive through the food.

I have received a three-year-old client from Trujillo here in Peru. This child has diabetes and doctors started to give her insulin. The young girl was constantly sick with the flu and every week had to visit the hospital for one thing or the other. At home she was always requesting attention and her development was slow, she was among the smallest children in her class.

Within a month on the Self Healers Protocol, the young girl was not diabetic anymore and her visits to hospital have stopped. When her parents noticed the changes they started to follow the same protocol and could not believe how their bodies responded so soon after that the whole family started doing the same thing. Now they are all healthy and happy.

Recently the mother took the young girl to the doctor for the annual checkup and he was surprised seeing her healthy and strong. She is growing fast and now she is among the tallest girls in her class. When the doctor heard what her mother is feeding her daughter with he objected and recommended that she eats at least some carbohydrates daily. The mother responded; “doctor you just told me that my daughter is in perfect health so why should I change her diet?”. The doctor had no argument and just shook his head.

I hope that I have explained well enough for you to understand how come that children suffer from chronic diseases and that you have gathered enough knowledge by following my work to be able to prevent chronic disease from occurring in your child. You can use this same knowledge to help your child with the cleansing and healing process if this knowledge came too late and your child is experiencing some chronic health problems already.

Love and light to us all.




  1. Good Morning bro:)

    I want to ask u which is the best method to feed an child?
    With whats foods in start when he is too young. And then with whats foods when he start to grow u?
    I hope that u explain me in details how to feed an child till in start when he born and then with yeas 1 2 3 4years etc.
    Love bro :))

    • Arha, babies first food is mother’s milk. This means a fat, protein and some sugar (lactose) that has to be first converted by the intestines into glycogen. This forms a healthy intestinal flora. As we are supposed to eat animal products, when the baby receives the teeth mother should start giving the baby some of the same food that she is eating but macerated. In the past mothers used to chew the food first and then give it to the baby. This is what all animals do if their young is in a need of assistance and cannot feed itself. As soon as the child can chew well it should start with the normal animal based foods and some fruits. Same diet as adults have.

  2. Thank you darko for discussing this important topic and I hope that every father and mother will benefit from this article and I hope you discuss cellular proliferation in detail.

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