We have been always lied to but what is going on these days is getting out of hand.

As more and more people are awakening to the realization that what they have been told is not as it seems to be, bolder and nonsensical statements and articles are flooding the media and the “scientific” world alike.

I cannot believe that somebody may be that stupid to claim that breastfeeding a baby is not a natural thing to do. Tell me, what is more natural than that?

The statement that breastfeeding a baby is unnatural simply blows my mind. This feminist moron in the video below with Tucker Carlson implies that the woman has to do it and this exempts the man from this chore. So here we have it, another white male privilege.

In that same rant, the baby formula is portrayed as equal in its nutritive value as the mother’s milk.

What are schools doing to our young people?

You have to listen to this video to believe it;

At the same time as more and more people are exposing the fraud of vaccination and as more and more health professionals are becoming aware of the saturated fat and the cholesterol bashing scams, a new “scientific breakthrough” is announced: – anti-cholesterol vaccine.

The article is full of lies perpetrated by the medical establishment about cholesterol being the reason of clogged arteries and the reason of heart attacks and strokes.

It is like blaming the oil for starting a car fire because a busted oil hose sprinkled oil on a hot engine. So now let us blame the oil and let us put less of the oil into the engine to decrease a risk of this happening in the future. What idiotic way of looking at things, but this is a norm when the medicine is in question.

This is exactly what these highly overpaid scientific idiots are saying.

Now they have found one more reason to inject us with toxic poisons under the pretenses that they really care for our health.

Hospital interior for background. Close-up hands,nurses are vaccinations to patients using the syringe.Doctor vaccinating women in hospital.Are treated by the use of sterile injectable upper arm.

False claims are flooding the information sites and most of them like this one about the irreparable heart, that was sent to me by my friend Simon just demonstrate the level of ignorance our health professionals possess. No wonder people are dying like flies while they are under the care of their doctors.

While the medical and the pharmaceutical industries are promoting false claims of the “beneficial medical breakthroughs”, at the same time they are waging an attack on the benefits of healthy foods.

As I am writing this post, I just received an article from my friend Miodrag. As the article he has sent to me is a direct attack on the healthy food, I am going to dissect it and show you the nonsensical claims stated in it.

This is the article;

The title states; “Eating only low-carb foods can have similar effect on brain as ECSTASY. That’s why they can’t stop talking about their diet!”

People that eat preferably no-carb diet will talk about it because they cannot believe how great they feel and how healthy they are. They are full of life, this is ecstasy if you want to call it that way.

The article states;

Low-carb diets can mimic the effects of GHB – also known as liquid ecstasy” – This is a false statement and pure lie.

This diet flips your metabolism from burning more fat than carbs, called ketosis .”

Low-carb diets typically include swearing off breads, grains and rice” -And preferably all cooked or processed carbohydrates including potatoes, legumes and ruts, and fruits.

Long-term side effects of this diet include loss of calcium from bones, increased risk of kidney stones and growth retardation“- This is complete lie and fabrication to scare people from such healthy diet because if we all start eating like this, the pharmaceutical and medical industries are finished. Everyone will be healthy, same as the animals in the wild. No more chronic diseases. What a disaster for the industry.

Article states;” When fatty acids reach the liver they’re converted into acetoacetate, an excellent metabolic fuel that belongs to a family of chemicals called ketones. That’s why very low-carb diets are sometimes called ‘ketogenic’ diets.”

Actually, this happens in every cell of our body and this is the correct processing of the energy that happens in the body of every animal. Animals are healthy and do not show any chronic disease exactly because of this. They do not extract the energy from the glucose unless they are in a stress situation and this is the correct behaviour of our body as well.

This statement; “Acetoacetate decomposes to carbon dioxide and acetone, the smelly solvent best known for its ability to remove nail polish. This is why very low-carb dieters and people who are fasting often have sweet smelling breath.”

This statement is correct only with people that started fasting and their original daily diet was full of carbohydrates. Those people do not have enough active mitochondria and cannot produce enough energy from fat. This starts to change after 24 hours and after 72 hours there is sufficient amount of mitochondria active and enough energy is produced.

When there are not enough mitochondria active, the cells cannot process all the ketones so their blood level rises and kidneys start to eliminate the surplus. As soon as enough mitochondria are activated, they process the ketones and no more ketonuria is present. This means that no ketonuria will ever occur in people and animals alike when they are on the correct diet since their mitochondria count is high.

This statement; “During ketosis, BHB can reach high levels in the brain, where it can bind to the same anxiety-reducing receptors as GHB. They bind with sufficient affinity that they may have similar effects.

There are no reports of BHB supplements or low-carb diets causing any of GHB’s adverse effects, like loss of consciousness, seizures, and death.

So, apart from the similar-sounding name, what evidence is there that BHB produced by the liver by people on a very low-carb diet has euphoric, GHB-like effects in the brain?”

This shows you how through the biochemistry, we are being convinced into believing that by eating correctly we are actually becoming junkies, drug addicts.

This is why I am convinced that schools are “miseducational” centres for brainwashing so that the population can be easily controlled.

Ketones are compared to acetone nail polish removal and Coca-Cola is promoted as healthy drink. This is our popular science that we are supposed to trust. The popular science has really hit the bottom. We are in the end times, this is more and more obvious.

Many will fall for articles like these presented here so please take a little time from your daily schedule and promote the truth. We have to help those that are lost because of the misinformation apparatus in place.

The time has accelerated and there is very little of it available before there will be the point of no return.

We should consider ourselves privileged and lucky since we know the truth. In the truth lays the salvation, my dear family.

Love and light to us all.




  1. Medical psycho’s never run out of ideas! One can not believe what they are capable of doing. Wonder what is next.

  2. Darko, I’m generally in agreement with you and have been helped by your advice, but as a feminist myself would not consider this woman’s beliefs as representative of the movement nor common sense. I also do not put any faith in or give much consideration to anything that comes from Fox News. If I’m not mistaken, the actual study frowned upon the term “natural” as it was felt the term might dissuade women from trying to bottle feed or do any other thing not considered natural (such as vaccinate, etc.). Of course, I am in agreement that breast feeding is best and would not vaccinate or generally listen to conventional medical advice as I have not been helped by it. Fox News and its hosts often twist stories and if I’m correct that they are addressing the same study I mentioned, there was nothing there about it being an issue that men should take on the responsibility of feeding their infants and give women a break. I believe that many women know it’s good to breastfeed and want to, but sometimes they are not able. These women feel shame (and sometimes are shamed by others) for not being able to breastfeed, so end up going to formula, which says to me there is need for education still on how to help get women lactating (for example, following your health advice). There is also need for education regarding aternatives if they are still needed as well as what a good nutritious formula might look like for the infant (I agree with you that what exists now for formula and most popular “food” is crap). It wouldn’t surprise me (because it’s Fox News) if this woman’s rant and Tucker Carlson’s reaction were scripted in order to get views/reactions (and perhaps also paint the feminist movement in a negative light). All my best to you. Love and light.

      • Ante, I hate that this is our first interaction and that I have to disagree with the article being reflective of where feminism is headed. A bit of research shows that article and site may very well be fake and/or satire in poor taste. Intersectional feminism (that women and men no matter color, ability and more are considered and treated equally) is a real and important thing, but it appears that someone is taking the movement and making it extreme because they perhaps don’t like the concept of equality or like seeing people get upset and fighting one another.

        As a feminist, I would never advocate for what the article (real or not, but likely not real) is saying. I also think it’s important to share with others that feminism is not about women having domain over men as men (historically; I’m not talking about any one man or time in particular here) have had domain over women. Again, the concept is equality. You’ll see no hate from me.

        I also hate to hijack Darko’s post. He is saying and has been saying some very important things on health and the fact that many entities in control have deliberately (and/or very ignorantly) led the majority of us astray when it comes to taking care of ourselves and being well. I think Darko (and even you since you are here) are smart and all I’m encouraging is that you give consideration that other things/topics may not be as true as they are presently presented to you (through Fox News and other sources). We owe each other and ourselves that consideration. I came into this knowing that not all things are as they seem (and have learned quite a bit from Darko too). Be well. Love and light.

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