Eyes woman Young beautiful freckles woman face portrait with healthy skin

One glance on the Internet and one would think that there is no reason to touch this subject. There are a million sites devoted to the subject of how to take care of your skin. What more could be said?

One would think that with so much information, people would have plenty options to find how to tackle their skin problems and how to improve the quality of their skin.

Unfortunately, it is not so.

The same as with any other health issue, skin problems are dealt with mostly symptomatically and in those rare cases when the health specialists are trying to help by cleansing the body, they get usually stuck on cleansing the colon assuming that the saying “the skin is a reflection of the colon” is correct.

When I was young, skin problems in a form of acne were experienced by teenagers, pregnant women, and women in menopause. Since those people had hormonal changes, those skin problems were treated as disorders that were created by the changes in the hormonal activity of the body.

Since not all people in this group suffer from acne, this disease is assumed to be, not surprisingly, of a genetic character.

Why do I say “not surprisingly?”,

Because as I have pointed many times before, when doctors are lost and do not understand what is going on, they slap a ticket of a genetically induced problem. This way they wash their hands off of it and still look smart.

Today things have changed for the worst. Skin problems often start when the baby is just a month or two old. Patches of skin inflammation occur on the babies body and then more and more skin is being involved where in some cases the whole body is red and inflamed, and the skin is dry and painful.

More severe skin problems like psoriasis and ulcers are also on a rise.

When we seek help, doctors usually prescribe topical remedies often based on hormones (steroids) to reduce the swelling neglecting the real culprit that caused the problem in the first place. They result only with a temporary improvement and soon after the treatment has stopped, the skin problem returns and becomes worse than it was before.

Not being able to clear their skin, people often reach for cosmetic lotions not realizing their toxicity.

A great majority of cosmetic skin lotions are based on a mineral oil. Although it sounds healthy, mineral oil is a fancy name for a crude oil. It is a product of petroleum and as such it does not absorb into the skin.

This is why cosmetic lotions leave skin looking smooth and moist for a long time. The problem is, the skin cannot breathe so in an attempt to get more oxygen, the skin will enlarge its pores. People that use those lotions will in time have rough skin with large none attractive pours the same as if they have been using a talcum powder or the Vaseline on their skin.

Frontal view of girl's cheeks and chin with acne scars

Here I am not talking about a low-cost cosmetics. Many pricey French and Swiss cosmetic products are based on the mineral oil as well.

It is not just that most skin lotions contain toxic elements but they all falsely claim that they provide crucial benefits which will keep the skin healthy and young looking.

Why do I so boldly claim that the advertising on the skincare products is bogus?

For one, skin is a blood cleansing organ. This means no matter what you put on the skin to make it look healthy, will not have any health benefit as long as the blood is toxic and low on water.

The less water the blood contains the more will the body try to keep it in, and this means kidneys will slow down their work. The mucosa tissue will take over since it loses less water than kidney filtration.

If the water level becomes critical, the skin will take over the bulk of cleansing and skin problems will start showing up. No matter how much of skin lotion one uses and no matter how elaborate and full of antioxidants and vitamins the lotion is, the skin will show problems.

Acne on the human skin , take care your skin with cream or lotion.

Remember, skin is not a wall. Skin is an organ which is semipermeable and this means that it will absorb as well as expel things. Toxic ingredients found in the skin products will be absorbed and enter our body polluting the blood even more and worsening the already a bad situation in the body.

Before you reach for cover-up or moisturizer for your skin, if you are not happy with how your skin looks or if you have skin health issues you should do two things.

First, hydrate with water and sea salt to improve your blood hydration so that the toxic load can be tackled by your mucosa tissues and the kidneys. This will reduce the toxic load on your skin as the mucosa tissue and the kidneys will take over the bulk of the cleansing.

Second, stop applying medicinal lotions on your skin so that the cells of your skin can hydrate and detoxify themselves. Of course, the skin will first erupt as it is eliminating the cellular toxins but as the skin cells hydrate and cleanse, the inflammation will subside and true beauty and youthfulness will start to radiate.

Acne treatment concept. Skin irritation, closeup

Now, since we are exposed to the toxic environment of our doing, you can further help to protect your skin with the closest thing that your body naturally uses for its skins protection which is the cholesterol. A great substitute for cholesterol on the skin is another type of a saturated fat. I highly recommend you to use a coconut oil. You can add a drop of essential oil into the coconut oil to change its smell if you so desire.

The coconut oil will absorb into the skin leaving it soft and moist. No other product comes close and it is the cheapest and the healthiest way to protect your skin.

No face masks, cucumber, tomato or any other moisturizer women put on their face will benefit the skin as simple act of hydration will.

Carbon face peeling procedure. Laser pulses clean skin of the face. Hardware cosmetology treatment. Process of photothermolysis, warming the skin, laser carbon peeling. Facial skin rejuvenation.

Poisoning the skin with toxins like the Botox creates small inflammations which temporarily stretches the skin and fades the wrinkles. As I have mentioned, it provides a temporary improvement on the way the skin looks, but those toxins also increase skins toxic load which will eventually lead to greater problems.

Doing a cosmetic butchery (surgery) will change the way you look and deform your face. As it is a short lasting improvement, more surgeries will be performed leaving your face looking like a dead grimace.

Many people think that it is impossible to age with naturally healthy and young looking skin.

Just look at some older people with naturally healthy skin.

70 year old Annette Larkins

70-Year-Old Annette Larkins Looks Like She Just Turned 40 Thanks To Raw Vegan Diet

and here is 63 year old Christie Brinkley

Christie Brinkley was photographed by Emmanuelle Hauguel in Turks & Caicos.

and 50 year old Hilnoretna Lunar, my beautiful wife and our dogies

We have to learn the truth and take the responsibility for our actions. We cannot be poisoning ourselves with alcohol, coffee, nicotine, toxic food and expect that some 300 $ magic cream will maintain our skin healthy and young looking.

There is no such a thing as a magic pill. Sooner you realize this, the better it will be for you and your skin.

Yes, you can eat a ton of antioxidants and slap a pound of a lotion on your face to hide the peeling, dry and lumpy skin. This is just a mask. The truly beautiful and healthy skin will come from within the body.

Eat clean and healthy food, hydrate with water and sea salt, moisturise with coconut oil, exercise and make love. This is the best skincare in the world.

Do not be afraid to expose your skin to the sunlight. When the skin is properly hydrated and moist, exposing it to the sunlight is another blessing just do not overdo it.

Lately, there are more and more articles warning us not to use much salt because salt creates health problems. Do not fall for this. After all, try it for yourself and you be the judge.

Love and light to us all.



15 comments on “SKINCARE

    • Karim, dandruff is skin problem of the scull. The same knowledge replies. You can either battle it wilt topical stuff by suppressing the natural cleansing or do the correct thing an change your diet and hydrate with water and the sea salt. Also applying coconut oil to moisturise the skin as an additional help.

  1. hi darko, thanks for a brilliant and enjoyable article!…as usual you cut through the cr*p and get right to the heart of the matter…governments should be doing a lot more to regulate these hazardous products…even to the extent of forbidding the inclusion of all mineral oils used in topical skin products!…

    the problem is that they are often in the pockets of the big cosmetic firms and are simply too scared to interfere and regulate!…

    we had a classic case here in the u/k very recently…on another – but far more deadly – topic…exterior building panels used to clad a london high rise apartment block were allowed on the market using flammable cores…the result: a greedy construction company used them to refurbish the exterior in order to save a few dollars!…

    when a flat in the lower part of the block caught fire the flames spread on the exterior via the cladding panels and the whole building went up in flames like a roman candle (firework) within 20 minutes… to date 80 people burned to death and this figure could even top 3 figures!…love and light to you too…brian

    • Brian, as long as the money rules there will be instances like this one. Hopefully we are close to the change of consciousness and soon instead cheating and steeling from each other, we will help and give.
      Love and light brother.

    • It seems that it is hormonally controlled. My wife never had them and all of the sudden she started to have this problem when exposed to the sun.
      I believe that the skin is toxic from skin lotions and UV protectors and with hormonal shift those areas respond stronger to the sunlight.

  2. Thanks darko I’ll try what u say especially i have tried many shampoos and creams and didn’t work with me .
    I have another question what you use/do to clean your body and hair?

  3. Cosmetic complaints climb but products still on market

    Just like Medicine and Hospitals, there is no data on their treatments, surgeries, doctors – there is no data on Skin Care Product Use

    From Article:
    “”This is a $430 billion-a-year global industry with millions of products on the market,” Xu said. “But we are only getting, on average, between 200 and 400 adverse events per year. That represents significant under-reporting. If we want more public safety and to keep dangerous products off the market, the first step is the make sure we have reasonably good data. The key point of our results is we don’t have it.” ”

    On Coconut Oil and Soaps… For me, they smell too strong and leave grease on everything and everything starts smelling like rancid coconut odor, imho…. Sorry…

  4. I have lifelong bad breath which is composed of volatile sulfur compounds. I have tried every possible solution and absolutely nothing works. Have you done any articles on this subject. Thank you for any advice you have.

  5. What about sweating, isn’t that beneficial to hydrate skin and remove toxins? I take a sauna every day, sweat a lot, and I sleep better and seems to help my skin a lot.

    • Hi David
      Hydration of the skin comes through the blood, and through through the lymph, but sweating helps to cleanse it. The cleansing will be superficial if minerals are missing so sea salt will be very beneficial here as well brother.

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