Telling the future

In my recent article – HOW DOES THE HUMAN BODY FUNCTION, I had promised to explain how can we bypass the installed filters that are preventing us from communicating with our cellular structure and with our spirit.

Although there are several filters in place, the strongest one and very difficult to overcome is our belief system. This is why Jesus Christ said that if we would believe, we could move mountains.

Is it really so simple?

Simple yes, easy to do, not at all.

Why is it so difficult to change our beliefs?

This is why the schooling system was invented so that we all agree to the same principles which then become the truth. Once our brain has information about something, it will filter all the incoming information and those that differ from the already existing information will be discarded as false. It will take a frequent exposure to the new information to be even considered as a possibility and as such, to be stored in the brain’s memory.

This is why the Jesuits were interested only in the children younger than 6 years of age. The young brain is absorbing the information it receives without filtering them. The young mind is easy to mold, this means to install certain beliefs which will be used as filters and later information no matter how plausible, will be discarded as false. We have a name for this, a brainwashing.

We are all brainwashed by the “miseducational” schooling system.

We all believe that eating garlic daily is the best that we can do for our health.

We believe that turmeric is healthy and we should eat it daily.

We believe that onions should be eaten every day.

We believe that cinnamon is healthy and we should eat it daily.

Most doctors believe that salt is toxic for the body and should be eaten sparingly.

Most doctors think that eating cholesterol is bad for our health.

All those beliefs that I have mentioned are wrong but people will not even consider thinking about the possibility that maybe they are wrong, especially those of us who know how to communicate with the cellular structure of the body or with the Spirit. You ask the question and receive the answer of yes and no depending on how the pendulum swings or the dousing rods move, or the strengths of your muscles weaken.

Well, how do those things happen?

Hand with pendulum, tool for dowsing.

I know many people that utilize the pendulum for the communication and them believe that they do not move their muscles, that pendulum swings because of the spiritual influence. Totally wrong belief.

Yes, there is a spiritual influence that is received by your cellular structure and the cellular structure communicate with you further by advising you the only way that we can understand and that is by moving our muscles in a certain way.

For example, if you have been given a spasmolytic, you cannot make any voluntary move since your brain cannot communicate with your muscles. You can hear and feel everything, but you cannot even open your eyes.

Our cells are living, breathing organisms but they do not have a free will. Same as the other animals in nature, they have to obey the program. Because of this, no filters are necessary and they are connected to the spirit all the time. They know as soon as something in their body goes wrong, but they cannot change it as they have to follow the program.

We think that animals are stupid because they cannot communicate with us. On the contrary, we are handicapped because we cannot communicate with them. Animals communicate between themselves and with us telepathically but we cannot understand them because we are handicapped. Only those that make it their business to understand animals can communicate with them.

Telepathy, kinesiology, dowsing, meditation, sacred geometry and other spiritually oriented knowledge are what we should have been told about. If not through the corrupt schooling system then at least through our spiritual guides of the religions we practice. By not doing so and in a fact suppressing the knowledge and claiming that those are things that the Devil does, shows you how distorted and corrupt the religions are as well.

So how do we extract the answers from our Spirit, and why would our Spirit know the answer?

First, we are the creators. We have created and participated in the creation of everything there is. This is why it is natural that we have the answer to everything. We know everything but not as Avatars but as Spirits. Now, the Avatar has to get the answer from its spirit and it can get it by allowing his cellular structure to be its intermediary.

I will use the dowsing rods as an example.

Dowsing  illustration design

When you take the dowsing rods in your hands first ask your body to show you on which side will be the positive answer. You can do that by asking, “give me my yes”. The muscles of your hand will twitch slightly and the rods will either open up or close.

Then you ask for the response to no. The rods will be moved in the opposite direction. This was your first communication with your Spirit through your cellular structure.

Practice is of vast importance so that you do not allow your anticipation to move your muscles consciously in the expected direction. There are several ways one can practice to become better at this. One of the ways is to use a surrogate. With the permission, we can use a friend to ask the questions in a form of thoughts and you can verify the answers by dowsing for their truthfulness.

Once you are comfortable in your ability to communicate in this way you can get all kinds of answers that you can verify as being true or false.

For example, you may ask if there is an underground water nearby. If the answer is yes you can ask in what direction you should go and how far it is to get to that place.

You hold your dowsing bars and rotate to the left until the bars show you yes. Then by pointing in that direction, you ask how many meters away it is and give it a number like, more than 50 meters. If the answer is no then cut this in half until you get the distance exactly. Then you go there holding the rods and when you step right over the underground water they will signal you yes.

Man search water with metal frame

Standing there you can ask how deep you have to go to reach this water. Again you have to mention the depths until you hit the correct number the rods will show you your yes.

You can ask in what direction is the water flowing, how much water is there, what is the quality of the water…all your answers will be answered. What is important is to ask the right question and ask it in the correct way so there is no confusion. Since your Spirit was involved in creating this World it knows everything there is about it but the confused question will give you a confused or unexpected answer.

For example, you want to know if garlic will be of benefit for the health issue that you have.

You can look at the garlic and ask if you should eat it. Garlic is toxic and unhealthy to eat but you may receive the answer yes. You may even ask if you should take a half, the whole or two cloves and your answer may be two cloves. So how come that toxic plant is interpreted as a positive remedy?

This answer is based on your state of health and as the medicinal remedy, your body will benefit from it at this time to make you feel better (to drop the blood pressure, to calm your nerves, to eliminate an intestinal parasite…).

This test can be made with any pharmaceutical drug as well with similar answers. You can even douse which antibiotic from those that are available will be best to be used in your case. We know how toxic the antibiotics are but you will get the positive answer if one of them will be beneficial for your immediate problem because this is what you are actually asking. But now we cannot assume that this particular antibiotic is healthy and the others are not or that they are healthy overall and we should eat them daily to keep our body healthy. They are only medicinal remedies that will help you to suppress the health problem and your question was based on this premise.

If healthy human douses for the same questions he/she will get different answers.

Or if the question was, are those medicinal things beneficial for our health? The Spirit’s reply will take into consideration our present condition? Since we are all eating the wrong diet and we are all unhealthy and toxic most likely the answer will be yes.

The same what I have mentioned about the dousing can be implemented in kinesiology or with the pendulum.

Kinesiologist or physiotherapist treating Supraspinatus

Kinesiology or the muscle testing is becoming the most popular way of communication with the cellular structure of our body in alternative medicine. Many chiropractors are using this technique very successfully. Mi friend Douglas who practices here in Peru is a real expert in this type of communication. It is incredible how fast and what type of information he can extract from your Spirit by muscle testing.

Another form of communication with the Spirit is done through hypnosis.

The hypnotist convinces you that you can relax and put your trust in him and as you slip away he starts to communicate with your spirit through your subconsciousness. Not only that your muscles are moving, you are talking completely unaware of this. You can not only be brought back into the time when you were a baby but you can remember your experience within your mother’s womb and the birthing process. You can be reminded of past lives and other forms your Spirit has been using before.

Another method of communicating with your Spirit is through stillness.

Get comfortable, take several deep breaths and tart to relax your body. As your breathing becomes slower, various thoughts will emerge and prevent you from meditating.

In this state, you can ask the question you wish to know the answer for.

A thought will appear. It may be completely contradictory to what you “know” or of what you have expected. Remember this thought because it may be the message. Often within several days you will see or hear the same answer that you had received as a thought form some source on the Internet, or the TV or someone else will be talking about it.

This is just a confirmation that the thought you have received was the answer.

This is the way that I had received some “crazy” information myself. You can just imagine how confused I was when I was asking how to stimulate kidneys to recover their cleansing ability and the thought “SALT” came on my mind. As a professional that went through the medical school, I was told to remove salt from the diet when kidneys are not working well. So I started to search for an answer and who searches will find. Soon I had received articles from my friends about the sea salt and while giving a lecture on health, one pathologist introduced me to the work of Rene Quinton and his sea plasma.

This hints we receive and often do not pay any attention to, are messages from our Spirit. We have to start trusting those premonitions. The first thing that comes to our mind is usually the Spirit’s message.

As I have mentioned, we are the creators and our Spirit knows and remembers everything.

Now as the frequency is raising, our cellular structure resonates differently, more genes are put into the motion and we are awakening. The filters will gradually fade away and we will become fully conscious beings of light. We are actively participating in this process so it is normal that we feel strange sometimes. Our bodies are changing on their genetic level, their structural level and we are evolving. As you can see, this is not a gradual thing as Darwin’s evolution indicates. This happens in a short period of time. It is done by a design and controlled by frequencies.

We are leaving the carbon-based structure behind and entering the new silica, crystalline structure of light beings.

How marvellous and blessed we are to be here during this special event!

Love and light to us all.




  1. Hello my brother

    When u say: We are leaving the carbon-based structure behind and entering the new silica, crystalline structure of light beings.

    I really want to know in details what this means cuz i don’t understand.

    • The base of our biology now is carbon. All chemical components are evolving around carbon. This will change.
      In the deep ocean there are some sponges with silicon structure. This is going to be a new norm brother.

  2. hi darko great article as usual the Truth is born . i Have a question and request
    At the beginning of the article you say We believe that cinnamon is healthy and we should eat it daily but why u think it is not healthy i think it is full of antioxidants and it has the ability to lower glucose and insulin level.
    i wish u take about children cancer i wonder how children get chronic disease we know
    cancer likely happen to older people but how it happen to children .is it pollution?is it genetic? is it diet ? or is it just bad luck ? Thanks in advance.

    • Karim, cinnamon alters a cellular function, it has medicinal properties. Therefore it acts as a diuretic and prevents the cellular hydration. Forget about antioxidants. There is way more attention placed on antioxidants that they really deserve. Eat correctly and you will not need them.
      Through various articles I have touched the toxicity in children, maybe you are correct and I should write an article specifically about this topic. Love and light.

  3. Hey Darko,

    Every time I do the sea salt and water I get this foul odor from underneath my armpits. I never get body odor so this is strange. It gets to the point where i need to stop all together because the smell is so bad. I also notice i develop puffy eyes when I do the water and salt long enough. I’m using grey celtic sea salt and spring water…I’m kind of confused about the whole thing. You ever heard of anything like this?

    • Yes Mark the foul odour is often present when body is detoxifying. In some people the bad odour is in the urine, breath, feces, skin and in your case the armpits.
      Toxins have a bad odour especially if the cause of them are medicinal remedies. The bad smell will go away as the toxic load diminishes.
      Puffy eyes sometimes indicates a kidney problem but do not worry because water with the sea salt will flush them out and rejuvenate them. Also the puffy eyes could be a cleansing symptom where slight inflammation is helping the hydration process.
      Love and light brother.

      • Thanks Darko,

        I will say I feel a since of calmness and well being since doing the sea salt. I seem to fall asleep immediately. I also noticed I’m much more flexible if this makes since.

  4. What if our brain is a quantum organ?

    In the mid-1990s, Sir Roger Penrose, a mathematical physicist, put forward a theory called “orchestrated objective reduction.” Many universities and institutes suggested that inside microtubules of brain cells, quantum vibrational computations were orchestrated. They were orchestrated by memory and synaptic inputs harnessed inside microtubules and later eliminated by objective reduction. These microtubules are important components of the cell structural skeleton.

    Dear Darko, I hope you like this article!


    • mikie, to be able to create we have to influence the quantum field. I have explained that our chromosomes are made to interact with the quantum energy. The changes we see are the results of this interaction.
      Our brain creates electromagnetic field of thought and photons present it as our reality, this is the quantum action.
      When I talk about a cancer, I always mention that there are many known ways to deal with it but what doctors are trained to do is pure nonsense and further destroys the body.
      I just like to take the opportunity when someone has cancer and instead just go after the cancer, to cleanse and heal the whole body. Then body takes care of the cancer on its own.

    • Mikie two different articles opened so now I noticed the one on the brain.
      Problem is that scientists are still thinking using the old knowledge. Yes brain is quantum organ but so is every cell in our body because of the chromosomes we have.

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