Bacteria forming a human body - microbiome and probiotics concept 3D illustration.

What does the word microbiome mean?

The word microbiome encompasses all of the microorganisms within a designated area. So if we are talking about a human microbiome, we are referring to all of the microorganisms within the human body.

We do not have to be experts in the biology to realize that those microorganisms are going to have an influence on our health. Many scientists are now claiming how the microorganisms are an important part of our body and that we cannot function properly without them.

Scientists say that there are many chemical reactions that occur under the influence of the microbiome which are essential and that means that good health cannot be achieved without them.

HMP (the Human Microbiome Project) states – “Within the human body, it is estimated that there are 10x as many microbial cells as human cells. Our microbial partners carry out a number of metabolic reactions that are not encoded in the human genome and are necessary for human health. Therefore when we talk about the “human genome” we should think of it as an amalgam of human genes and those of our microbes.”

Scientists are, as usual, copying each other and they agree that the bacterial genetic system is actually our extracellular genetic form by saying – “Some use “microbiome” to mean all the microbes in a community. We and others use it to mean the full collection of genes of all the microbes in a community. The human microbiome (all of our microbes’ genes) can be considered a counterpart to the human genome (all of our genes). The genes in our microbiome outnumber the genes in our genome by about 100 to 1.”

Do we really have to pay a special attention to our microbiome and try to support it through the supplementation?

If you had read my book The Owner’s Manual For The Human Body then you know that I do not agree with this way of thinking. The simple reason for my disagreement is the fact that the microorganisms reproduce rapidly and therefore they quickly adjust to their environment. This means that depending on our toxicity and of the type of the food we are eating, our microbiome will vary and so will our health.

Here I am not talking just about our intestinal microflora but also the fungus, bacteria and viruses in our blood and tissues. Many people are being told to supplement with the probiotics to correct the intestinal flora and to use the medicinal remedies to control the bacteria and fungus in the body.

This type of an approach does not lead anywhere since we cannot make any important change unless we change the environment in which those microorganisms live.

Because trends in the food environment contribute to greater calorie intake, people who used to be able to maintain their body weight now have a hard time. "This shows that obesity is clearly due to environmental change," Nestle says.

To be able to change the environment we have to change our habits and to change our habits we have to learn new truths. Once we are used to doing things one way, to eat certain foods and drink certain liquids we become accustomed to them and we do not want to change our habits. Often we refuse to make any change even when our life depends on it. I had many coffee drinkers, alcoholics, cigarette smokers….contacting me and refusing to make the necessary changes and had their toes and limbs removed because they did not want to get rid of those habits even after I have explained to them what will happen if they do not change.

The easiest way to understand any problem is to take an example. Since dietary carbohydrates are the principal cause of most of our chronic health problems, I will use it as an example.

Let’s say we eat a piece of bread. Dietary carbs come into our mouth and we produce saliva. The production of the saliva starts the digestive cycle of our body.

The separation of the sugars in the carbohydrate loaded bread starts and a lot of glucose becomes available. Since our digestive system has been put into the motion stomach starts to produce a hydrochloric acid in expectation of the designated food which is an animal based product, as an animal protein is expected to arrive into the stomach. When the bread enters the stomach, our stomach realizes that what came does not require the hydrochloric acid and stops further production of the acid. Since only a small amount of the acid was produced, only a small amount of sodium bicarbonate that serves to protect the stomach from this acid is produced as well. Since there is no adequate alkaline protection we feel the acid irritation and we say that we have an acidic stomach.

As we eat more bread this acidity gets diluted and may not bother us anymore. Soon after, the glucose finds itself within the small intestines.

To deal with the carbohydrates, specific microorganisms will be nourished that produce the enzymes necessary to handle this kind of food. Since the flour has minced grains, there are some protective proteins (like the gluten) that start to irritate the intestines and this causes their inflammation and their swelling.

As the glucose becomes absorbed into the blood now insulin has to be secreted into the blood as well to stimulate the cellular structure to absorb it. The insulin irritates the cells and causes them to thicken their membranes to protect themselves from it. This in time causes insulin resistance that we call diabetes.

The frequent presence of the glucose in the blood stream encourages the fungi presence since fungus thrives on sugars. Now there is a reason for the fungus to be in the blood since it can constantly find its food there.

Since the presence of glucose cuts down the number of cellular mitochondria and prevents GcMAF (the immune protein) production, our macrophages are not put into the motion to destroy the fungus and the infestation increases and threaten our health.

Here we can see that yes, certain microorganisms will help with the digestion of the food by producing certain enzymes and fungus helps to decrease the amount of glucose in our body but we do not want fungus in our blood and if we would eat differently we would not need the microorganisms that help us digest sugars. Instead, if we would eat correctly, we would have the correct microflora so we would not need probiotics, and we would not have an overload of glucose in our blood so the fungi would starve and would not be able to survive there. This means that not only the microorganisms are unnecessary but they threaten our health when they overproduce.

A simple act of fasting shows us how good we feel when we do not eat and during the prolonged fast most of the microbiome changes and disappears.

The reason why our scientists come to the conclusion that supporting the microbiome is an important part in taking a care of our health, and that we should help by supplementation, is the fact that they are using unhealthy people with the wrong diet as a model of a normal human being. All of their investigative work is based on the wrong premises so it is to be expected for the results of their findings to be wrong.

When we eat the wrong type of food, we support the wrong microbiome and this cannot improve our health. In fact, it does exactly the opposite.

The microbiome will be always adjusted to the environment of the body within which they live. People on the vegetarian diet, where a lot of dietary carbohydrates will be consumed, will have one type of the microbiome.

Vegans that mostly consumed raw vegetables, will have different microbiome.

People that eat mixed food of an animal protein and carbohydrates will have different microbiome.

Those of us who eat only animal based diet with some raw vegetables and fruits will have completely different microbiome and will be the healthiest of them all.

Fecal transplant pills (artistic rendering)

There is no probiotic, no matter in what amount you would ingest it, that can correct a bad diet and change the microbiome since your environment will not support it.

How come that I am now supporting the positive influence of the microbiome on our health?

As long as we eat, we create a waste that has to be eliminated. Microorganisms are going to be part of the digestive process and they will affect our health.

Unhealthier is our diet, the more unhealthy will bee our microbiome.

There are people who do not eat food and live, like those Yogis in India. They will have most likely a clean body of any microbiome with the exception of some inhaled stuff that they could not avoid from ingesting.

A difference in the microbiome creates those nutritional types some nutritionists claim naturally exist. All those supplement pushers are deceiving people as they are being deceived themselves.

In our awakening, we are becoming more and more aware of the truth in all its shapes and forms and the awakening is accelerating following the golden ratio (the Phi).

Just four years ago if I would have mentioned the carbohydrate as the bad food on Dr. Mercola site, I would be bombarded with negative responses and my comment would end up to be on the bottom of the posts. Recently people would agree with me on a variety of the health issues that were way more progressive like the influence of our mind on our health and us being the creators so Mercola’s staff would cancel the positive points and add negative ones until one day he prevented me from posting on his site altogether.

This shows his hypocrisy but no matter what some people do, the awakening process of humanity cannot be stopped. It just exposes them for what they really are.

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I am mentioning Dr. Mercola because I know that many of my readers are here as they came to know me through my postings on Dr. Mercola site.

As humanity is awakening, the rulers of the old system are trying to control us by preventing us from expressing ourselves. They are trying to keep their secrets and deceptions which allowed them to prosper in the past but it is not working. The old system is collapsing right in front of their eyes.

Thank you for being here.

As you learn and try new things and experience the changes in your health, feel empowered to do the same with others. People around you will quickly realize the changes in you and they will want to know what did you do? Show them the truth, be a part of their awakening.

Love and light to us all.






  1. Hey Darko,

    What are you thoughts on prebiotics needed to feed the microbes in the gut? It’s thought that when we feed the organisms found in our microbiome they in return produce some usable vitamins in minerals. Fiber is often touted as being a great prebiotic food

    • Mark, I have explained in the article, wrong diet will support the wrong microbiome so nourishing it will make more problems for your health.
      The “scientists” or better to say parrots are just repeating the lies to make themselves more relevant.

    • Hi Richard.
      There is no need to measure the food you eat. When you eat correctly, you are never starving for food so it is very easy to control your weight. If you eat to much, you will gain weight. If that happens, eat less. Simple isn’t it?
      Animal protein and fats are healthy so there is absolutely no restriction other than obesity. Love and light.

  2. There is one remarkable statement in this brilliant explanation by Mr. Darko that is so TRUE…and it is this “A simple act of fasting shows us how good we feel when we do not eat and during the prolonged fast most of the microbiome changes and disappears.” As a Muslim I am fasting for 30 days in Ramadan and I feel so good. No joint pain. And even while fasting it’s so much better to exercise. I feel lighter and can do so much more pushups and pullups. I drink 2 glasses of sea-salt water at 4am in the morning and when I break the fast at 6:15pm I drink another two glasses. Hurrah for Brother Darko and his guiding us to the truth about our diet. Thank you so much.

      • Hi…with two glasses of sea salt water & a piece of fruit (dates, watermelon or banana). My dinner is very light (one spoon of rice (ONE) some vegetables (last evening was okra) and dholl with a few pieces of meat. I don’t fill my plate to max and then get bloated. Absolutely NO flour or sugar. Hope my answer helps.

    • Shamal next time try to break your fats with a peace of a raw fish or any kind of a raw meat or eggs. You will see that your intestines will make no noise. The digestion will be great.
      Animal fat and protein are our designated food an if in a raw form, they digest beautifully.

      • Mr. Darko I do use raw eggs…but I must confess raw fish and meat is harder to digest mentally much less physically. I have seen one of your videos where you did the preparation I believe it was of fish…But I am NOT that brave yet…smile.

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