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This article will not make much sense to an average reader but since I know that most of you reading my blog are awakened or in the process of awakening I believe that you will benefit from this new way of understanding of our body and nature overall.

In several of my articles I have explained the creation and frequencies but here I will have to repeat some things so that you can follow the explanation easier.

To explain the thing I would have to write a book and since this is just an article, as usually, I will make it as simple as possible and hope that it will make sense to you as it does to me.

Our “miseducational” science only acknowledges what it can physically show in the threedimensional form. This is a huge handicap since the most important things are energy related and until very recently we could not measure them, and many aspects of those energies we cannot demonstrate even now.

What is everything we see made out of?

By now we know everything is just energy expressed in various frequencies.

The Universe is just a pool of energy that we refer to as aether. By emitting a certain sound (symphony of music, a song) the creator had created a disturbance within this pool of energy. This disturbance created circles and as those circles have collided, they produced a geometric pattern which we have named the Flower of Life or the Sacred Geometry. From this sacred geometry emerges Vesica Piscis which is the source of the light and electricity and this means electromagnetic field and gravity.

Blue glowing connecting starfields in space, computer generated abstract background Stock Photo - 43381934

How is it possible that some mechanical – physical thing all of the sudden becomes a light and electric field?

It can become this only after it is processed by the brain.

The brain is nothing more than a sophisticated computer with a genius program with an incredibly fast processor. As soon as this brain receives an image of Vesica Piscis it transforms it into a light and electricity and this is what we experience.

The light produced encompasses all created frequencies and demonstrates them in colors. Every frequency will have different light.

Harmonic Series

Since the frequencies are nothing more than the vibration of energy, it also produces sound. Again, each frequency will create a different tone of the sound.

How does this relate to the way our body functions you may ask?

To be able to create a life, this energy has to be transformed into an entity. Somehow, these frequencies have to be projected into the threedimensional space we call the reality.

Abstract sacred geometry. Geometric triangle pattern on dark grunge background. Vector illustration.

For this purpose the creator invented genes. One gene for each frequency he has created. This is why the genetic pool is so vast and seemingly unimportant so much that scientists gave it a name, the junk genes. Since we are using just about 3 % of the available genes, the rest of them are assumed to be unimportant junk that we can eliminate and live without.

How do those genes create life forms?

Russian scientists have shown how the clean water that has no biological matter will create a DNA chain if it becomes stimulated by certain sound. The sound used was the Alfa waves of planet Earth or the Schuman frequency. The Schuman frequency corresponds with the Alfa waves of our brain.

This showed us how the life forms on each planet will develop according to the frequency of the planet but since the frequencies used have all the same source, the genetic pool will be the same and the life forms will have many things in common.

What is happening is that according to the Alfa frequency the life forms are created and according to the specific resonances, particular genes will be made to resonate. The resonating genes we call the active genes or the active genome which then stimulates a cell to behave a certain way.

Scientifically correct DNA strand close-up CG illustration with visible major and minor groove

This means that every change in cellular activity has to be triggered first by changing the genetic expression. This puts all the theories of genetically influenced diseases as incurable in a bucket of trash. There is nothing easier than recovering an activity of none active gene once you understand the principle on which the biology works.

Every cell in our body, every tissue, and every organ have their specific frequencies.

Our brain is divided into small parts of which each part will resonate with certain frequencies and energetically support an organ that resonates with the same frequencies. Changes of resonance or the over stimulated area of the brain will malfunction and correlating organs will be affected.

How do we know what frequency to use to be able to recover a function of a gene?

Once the brain was introduced to a certain frequency, it can reproduce it on demand. If we have forgotten the frequency all we have to do is to expose our body to natural frequencies created by our creator. Simple exposure to the sunlight, the sea, the forest, and animals will bring in the needed frequencies. If they are not available, we can simply imagine them, remember how we have felt when we were exposed to them and this will stimulate our brain to reproduce them.

The closer the source of those frequencies is to our cells, the strongest impact on the genetic expression it will have. This is why hugging a healthy human being or animal or a tree can have a strong influence on our healing.

Nothing comes closer to our cells than the food we eat and this is why the food is so important to our health. It can make it and it can break it.

Top view of artichoke heart isolated

When we manipulate our food by processing it or by heating it, we are changing the frequencies in which this food was vibrating. This creates chemical changes within the food and our brain recognizes it as a different food. This changes the genetic expression and the way our cells will behave.

As you can see, the taste, the smell, the texture and the image of everything depends on the vibratory state of the energy that has created them and our brain’s interpretation of them.

All those frequencies can be simply reproduced by the brain and this is why our thoughts are so important when it comes to our health. The placebo effect is when we are using our brain in a positive manner and nocebo effect is when we do the opposite. The same as through the food, so can we simply through our thoughts heal ourselves or make ourselves sick.

We have a free will and unlikely the animals, we can create and this means that we can correct what is wrong and heal. How come that we can do this and the animals cannot?

The ways the Alfa wave arranges the DNA is the same for all the living creatures on this planet. They are all functioning with 24 paired chromosomes active from the 64 chromosome codons off possibilities.

Why are only 24 paired chromosomes active? This is a direct influence of the Alfa waves. As the Schuman frequency is raising, more codons will be activated. This is the reason of the massive awakening of humanity on this planet at this time.

We know that animals use 24 paired chromosomes but only 23 paired chromosomes can be detected in humans. Why is that? Do humans operate on less number of chromosomes? How is that possible when everything indicates that we are also utilizing 24 chromosomes?

The explanation I received from a channeled source, where it explains that 23rd and the 24th chromosomes are fused together where one of the pairs is in a quantum field and for this reason, it is not detected. This explains our ability to create. We have a permanent door available to interact with the quantum field and this for we can create. All we have to do is to learn how to open this door and how to use our ability.

The people who have diseases always on their mind and often talk about them are also those people suffering from those diseases. The Bible states “be careful of what you think”. It is for a reason this statement is there.

Since our body is just an Avatar, a robot that works on frequencies of energy interpreted by the brain and converted into a life form through the genetic activity of our cells: who are we then, and how do we relate to our bodies or the Avatar that carry our name?

Now we are stepping into a taboo zone fiercely negated by the modern science as impossible and stupid. This taboo is called the Spirit.

What is Spirit?

In the Latin language, the spirit means a breath. In the Bible, the breath of life was given to Adam when he was created.

This Spirit is you my love one. Yes in the Spirit form, we are all one big family. Our Spirit has no age, it never dies, it has always existed and always will exist. We are immortal.

As we complete the experiences we have decided to live through, our Avatar, the body whith its name, Darko in my case, is becoming obsolete and it will be discarded. We will leave it when the designated time comes and as we like to play, as soon as we can think of other things we want to experience, we look for another Avatar to start our new life of experiences. Marvelous isn’t it!?

Once we understand who we are, it becomes much easier to live our lives without fear. Only by living without fear we can truly appreciate our lives and look at every experience as a positive one, no matter how painful it may have been. The cup becomes half full and never half empty.

Since all we really are is an expression of energy with its electromagnetic properties, wherever we are we leave an electromagnetic imprint in the energy field that surrounds us. Our presence leaves a permanent imprint that can be sensed and tracked by energy sensitive animals, people, and instruments. This energy imprint is present also on the photographs being taken of you and of nature. This is the reason why some tribal people do not like their pictures to be taken as they claim that they lose some of the energy with every photograph taken.

Since we are told lies about everything, you can be sure that those truths about our healthy diet are nothing but lies as well. Since the truth is contrary to what we are told it is very difficult for us to change our understanding especially because to do so, we must erase from our brain the prior information and this is very difficult as we judge everything according to the information we already possess.

Our brain has filters that prevent us from being in contact with our Spirit at all times. Only by being disconnected we can go through our experiences as individuals. Being aware of the truth and knowing how to use our power to create, we would have changed things before they get bad. Our experiences would become limited so the filters are maintained in their place.

There are ways of how to extract the information and use it for healing purposes.

About this, some other time as this article is becoming long enough and many things have to be absorbed before we can continue any further.

With love and light my brothers and sisters, I love you all.

Orbits of Destiny series. Composition of sacred symbols, signs, geometry and designs suitable as a backdrop for the projects on astrology, alchemy, magic, witchcraft and fortune telling




  1. Thanks darko. very informative article .
    i think this article is not for everyone its for open minded people who look for the truth outside the box.
    is there is part two for this article

    • Karim in one of the future articles I will explain how we can communicate with our spirit through our cellular structure and in this way bypass the brains filters to get to the truth. Love and light

  2. Latest on the Telomere FUSION THEORY

    “In 2002, 614,000 bases of DNA surrounding the fusion site were fully sequenced, revealing that the alleged fusion sequence was in the middle of a gene originally classified as a pseudogene because there was not yet any known function for it.5,6 The research also showed that the genes surrounding the fusion site in the 614,000-base window did not exist on chimp chromosomes 2A or 2B—the supposed ape origins location. In genetics terminology, we call this discordant gene location a lack of synteny.

    I have now published new research on the alleged fusion site, revealing genetic data that fully debunk its evolutionary claims.7 My analysis confirms that the site is located inside a gene called DDX11L2 on human chromosome 2. Furthermore, the alleged fusion sequence contains a functional genetic feature called a “transcription factor binding site” that is located in the first intron (non-coding region) of the gene (see illustration). Transcription factors are proteins that bind to regulatory sites in and around genes to control their function, acting like switches. The DDX11L2 gene has three of these areas, one of which is encoded in the alleged fusion site.

    Chromosomes are double-stranded DNA molecules and contain genes on both strands that are encoded in opposite directions. Because the DDX11L2 gene is encoded on the reverse-oriented strand, it is read in the reverse direction (see Exon 1 arrow). Thus, the alleged fusion sequence is not read in the forward orientation typically used in literature as evidence for a fusion—rather, it is read in the reverse direction and encodes a key regulatory switch.

    The supposed fusion site is actually a key part of the DDX11L2 gene. The gene itself is part of a complex group of RNA helicase DDX11L genes that produce regulatory long non-coding RNAs. These DDX11L2 RNA transcripts are produced in at least 255 different cell types and tissues in humans, highlighting the genes’ ubiquitous biological function.

    Functional genes like DDX11L2 do not arise by the mythical fusing of telomeres. The alleged fusion site is not a degenerate fusion sequence but is and, since creation, has been a functional feature in an important gene.”

    Darko, I thought this might add a dimension to the discussion.

    Quote is from:

  3. The Power of Words!

    The rice experiment mirrors a famous one conducted by Masaro Emoto who tested distilled water and natural water when it was frozen into crystals to see what would happen when they were exposed to different human emotional energy, in the form of words, pictures, thoughts and music — for instance, heavy metal music versus classical. He then observed the crystals under a microscope.

    “In all of these experiments,” he wrote on his website, “the result was that we always observed beautiful crystals after giving good words, playing good music, and showing, playing, or offering prayer to water. On the other hand, we observed disfigured crystals in the opposite situation.”

  4. Thank you for sending this. I appreciate your knowledge and your clear intention.

    I care for your informational success so I would like to make you aware that you are emailing us copy that has not been proofread for English syntax errors, punctuation, word substitution or actual comprehension in English.

    An easy example is how you wrote the word, “none,” when you meant to say, “one.” As you can see, a single letter changes the meaning a great deal!

    Also comma placement and tense: “…and unlikely the animals,…” Should be, “…and, unlike the animals,…”

    There are many more so I assume they are simple errors in language translation. It wouldn’t be at all difficult for an English-speaker with the free time (perhaps an otherwise bored but perfectly able senior citizen) to read through, check and present you with the edited copy so you can choose to make the corrections, yourself, before you send it out.

    A calm reader can and may take the time to figure out what it was you were trying to say but a majority of people have arranged for very little reading time and won’t care enough to persevere; they will miss out.

    If you use a English-proficient friend, associate or ally to proofread it, first, it will give your words more power and have the potential for a rapidly widening effect.

    In this society, we have been taught to easily dismiss anything even slightly flawed as being “wrong.” For this reason and others, the errs in your copy are hampering your effort. It really needs to appear to your readers to actually be as carefully crafted as you have created it.

    Please take this criticism exactly as it is presented: to be helpful.

    I enjoy looking up and learning the new words you present to me, with each email.

    Be well,


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