How to eliminate the FUNGUS from your body?

Tinea versicolor/Pityriasis versicolor on the skin

When we are talking about the fungal infections the doctors cringe since it requires strong toxic medicaments to combat them.

Why is the fight with fungus so problematical?

When the fungus is threatened it creates a tough capsule around itself which is difficult to penetrate. Even when the fungus is in non-threatening form, its cellular membrane is difficult to tackle. The reason for this is the fact that fungus is a plant form and not an animal form. The cellular membrane of fungi is not made from fat and protein but instead, it is a complex sugar – polysaccharide called glucan.

What is a plant form, doing inside of an animal body you may ask?

Well, the same thing that bacteria is doing inside of a plant: eating.

I have told you that the plant’s food is a sugar, glucose.

Now maybe it is sinking why do people suffer from fungal infections. Because of the presence of the glucose in the blood and the plasma.

What is the source of this glucose?

The source of the glucose is a dietary carbohydrate. The glucose enters the blood through the intestines because it is present in the diet that we are told to accept.

When we eat correctly, there is no reason for the glucose to be present in our blood other than in the glycogen form bonded to a protein.

When the glucose is absorbed into the blood through the intestines because we ate cooked or processed carbohydrates, a large amount of glucose floods the blood. This becomes a perfect feeding ground for fungi. Since we eat dietary carbohydrates daily, there is never ending the supply of glucose and fungus can thrive.

I am not going into explaining the different types of fungi because this is not important as far as the elimination of the fungi from the body is concerned.

It is dangerous for the organism (our body) to attack the fungus with toxic remedies because those remedies have to be really strong and they will harm our body at the same time. Especially vulnerable will be our liver and kidneys.

Tinactin Antifungal CreamTriple Paste AF

Also, we have to keep in mind that as long as we are feeding and nurturing fungi in our body by providing the fungus with the much-needed glucose, we are stimulating its growth. This is like the Zionist banking system that provides the money for both warring fractions. As long as this is happening, war will exist. If you want for the war to stop, cut the money supply. If you want the fungi to leave your body, stop feeding them with dietary carbohydrates.

Once there is nothing to eat, the fungus will be eliminated from your body.

Some people may object that it will take a long time before the blood is clean enough and fungi are eliminated. There is a truth there but contrary to what we have been told that there is not a safe medicinal remedy that can safely tackle the fungi in our body, actually, there is a very safe medicinal remedy that can not only destroy and eliminate fungi from the body but bacteria and virus as well. This medicinal remedy is the silver colloid in nanoparticle form.

The nanoparticle colloidal silver is safe. It can be administered topically, through the mouth, through inhalation and intravenously.

Some of you will immediately ask; “and what about the argyria?”

As far as I am concerned, the argyria is fictional disease, it does not exist. I am consuming nano colloidal silver for 15 years, so is my wife and many of my friends and clients. I have never seen any argyria in any of us.

Maybe if one drinks a gallon of colloidal silver daily some skin may change the color but this would be insane to do and very expensive on top of that.

How to deal with fungal infections?

First I highly recommend a change of the diet.

Eliminate dietary carbohydrates from your plate and replace them with animal-based foods like meats, fats, eggs and dairy products.

As fillers and cleansers, you can eat salads and fruits.

Drink water with sea salt to help the elimination of fungi from your blood.

If you suffer from athlete’s foot, add some nano colloidal silver to the water you rinse your feet in and soak your feet for 10 minutes or longer allowing the colloidal silver to penetrate into the skin. Save the water in a dark place because you can reuse it several times. If the water changed color to gray, the silver has oxidized and cannot be used any longer so you have to replace it with a fresh one.

The same procedure you can repeat for the fungal infection of the nails.

Close up of Fungus Infection on Nails Hand, Finger with onychomycosis.

When the skin is infected with fungus, soaking it with the colloidal silver will bring good results.

When the lungs are affected, you can help to eliminate this fungus by adding the colloidal silver into a nebulizer and breathe it in.

If you have an intestinal fungal problem, drink a cup of the nano colloidal silver twice a day until the problem is solved. The colloidal silver destroys fungus rapidly and in a couple of days, the problem may be solved.

If you suffer from frequent yeast infections, lay on the bed, elevate your legs slightly and administer the colloidal silver into the vagina. Stay in that position for 10 minutes allowing the colloid to be absorbed.

You may also use a tampon. Insert the tampon half the way into the vagina, then soak it with the colloidal silver and insert it completely.

If the fungi attacked your mouth, take a sip of colloidal silver and hold it in your mouth for 10 minutes before swallowing it. This will not just keep your mouth clean, but the colloid will be absorbed into your gums, sterilize your teeth and enter the bloodstream.

If you suffer from the fungal infection of the blood, the colloidal silver can be administered directly intravenously or it can be absorbed through the mouth or intestines.

If you want the silver colloid to be absorbed through the intestines, you have to drink at least a cup of it twice a day. Since it will affect the intestinal flora, I suggest that you drink natural yogurt every day to help replenish the intestinal flora that your body needs.

How come that you haven’t been told about the nanoparticle colloidal silver by your doctor?

The doctors themselves do not know about the colloidal silver because the pharmaceutical industry is keeping it as a secret. The reason for this is its availability. Although the nanoparticle colloidal silver is very expensive when you want to purchase it on the Internet, it is very easy to produce in your home. Knowledge of this would affect the pharmaceutical industry so they are preventing the doctors to know anything about it.

Since the knowledge about the colloidal silver has spread through the Internet, the pharmaceutical industry is trying to frighten people by showing pictures of blue skin people inventing yet another disease called argyria which they will contract if they use the colloidal silver.

Another excellent way of eliminating the fungus from the body is by utilizing Dr. Robert Beck’s blood electrification device he called the pulser. I have seen a skin fungus disappearing after 3-week pulser therapy.

Beck’s pulser is another hidden secret that most people never heard of. This device is also suppressed knowledge by the pharmaceutical industry.

As you can see, fungal diseases are not a taboo and they are easily tackled once you know more about them.

With love and light to us all.



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