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In this blog, I want to remind women about the importance of clean body during the pregnancy, labor, and nursing of their child.

By nature, a women’s body will maintain the reproductive organs clean as much as possible so that they are ready to accept the egg and start the new life.

This is why a woman has menstrual cycles. Those are the cycles of periodic cleansing that affect not only the uterus but the breasts as well.

Normally the menstruation should last 3-5 days and the blood lost, should be bright. The first day there will be only small amount of blood eliminated. Most of the bleeding should be the second day and then it should taper down again.

Lately, it is almost impossible to find a woman with a 3-day menstruation. Even 5-day menstruation is becoming rarity. Younger and younger women are experiencing prolonged menstruation with abundant blood loss and the blood is dark and often contains coagulum. With this symptom also their breasts become not just sensitive but painful. Why is this happening?

When the blood is polluted, cells refuse to hydrate with it. This leaves them dehydrated and acidic. Since the uterus of a woman in a childbearing age is very active, a lot of blood passes through it and contaminates the cells. Same is happening with their breasts. Since the cells become dehydrated and acidic, the forced hydration is set in motion and inflammation starts. It takes more time to cleanse inflamed uterus then a healthy one and body use the opportunity to eliminate as much of the toxic blood as possible so that it can replace it with a new, clean one.

Toxic blood is darker and the coagulated parts are the damaged and rejected parts of the tissues that are being cleansed.

Since inflammation occurs in the breast as well, they become painful during the cleansing process.

If nothing is being done to hydrate and cleanse the blood further complication occurs and cysts and tumors will appear.

If polluted, the body will not allow the pregnancy to occur and if it does, the body will most likely terminate it in early stages.

If the zygote takes and the fetus starts developing, women with toxic dehydrated blood will experience the morning sickness. Their body will try to save as much water as possible so instead of cleansing through the kidneys, to save the water it will cleanse through the mucous tissue of the stomach and the intestines. Accumulation of toxins in the stomach will cause the morning sickness and possible loose stool.

A woman has to avoid toxic food and this includes all medicinal remedies during the pregnancy. Especially problematic are the neurotoxins like alcohol and garlic but caffeine and nicotine have to be avoided as well. Many women had mongoloid children if they were administered stronger drugs during their pregnancy like vaccine or antibiotic. Just suggesting that women should be vaccinated while pregnant shows us how evil has medicine become.

Te fetus receives its nourishment through the placenta. Most of the impurities are filtered out but not all of them. The polluted blood creates other problems for the mother to be.

Polluted blood contributes to the muscles loss of flexibility. The elasticity of the tissue is diminished and less mucus is manufactured. This creates a big problem in childbirth. A dehydrated woman cannot dilate properly and it is less lubricated. The whole experience of childbirth becomes dramatically painful and often complicated. This is one of the reasons why so many childbirths are done by Caesarean section.

Another reason why so many childbirths are done through the Caesarean section is the financial aspect of it. Doctors make more money by doing this and do not have to wait for hours so that the natural process can take place.

Hospitals are like factories and many things are done not the way they should. Reason for this is partially the bad education doctors have received in the medical school and partially because of the convenience.

During the labor, women are often instructed to push hard even when there are no contractions. This contributes to hemorrhoids popping up and unnecessary pain.

As soon as the baby is born, doctors cut the umbilical cord prematurely and shake the baby, forcing it to cry. All of this is a bad practice and I recommend that you bring your child to this world in the comfort of your home.

Many women fail to produce enough milk. A dehydrated body will hold onto the water instead of producing milk. This is one of the reasons why so many babies are using baby formulas. The baby formulas are full of sugar and chemical stabilizers. This is one of the reason there is diabetes Mellitus occurring in young children. The chemical stabilizers found in baby formula and baby foods containing animal protein plays a big factor in the rise of leukemia in children.

What to do when a couple decides to have a baby?

Both parents have to hydrate and cleanse their bodies. Eat as healthy as possible and avoid known toxins such as the caffeine, alcohol, nicotine and medicinal remedies (garlic).

Well hydrated woman will have a clean blood so her menstrual cycle will be short and the blood loss minimal with no major discomfort (a pain).

During the pregnancy, there will be no morning sickness, only slight nausea at best.

It is good to be physically active during the pregnancy because the strong and flexible muscles will help greatly through the labor.

7-month fetus in womb : Stock Photo

During the third month of pregnancy, the spirit enters the fetus and from then on the fetus is going to be more connected with its environment and it is not a fetus anymore. Now it is a baby in the womb.

Mother can talk to her baby. The baby will listen to her. The music and sounds the mother is exposed to, baby will feel as well. The conditioning for the life in our world is starting at this point so mother should try to expose herself to the best environment possible because her baby will be affected by the same environment.

The best place to give a birth is at home or in the sea. The practice of waterbirth is becoming more and more popular.

The worst position of the body during the labor is laying on the back. Squatting position is the most natural and it is easily achieved in the water.

The rhythmic breathing and pushing are nonsense. A woman should wait for the contraction and help it by exerting a moderate amount of pressure during the contraction. Deep breathing is recommended since the whole process of giving birth is labor intensive and requires oxygen.

Once the baby is aligned and its head is resting on the cervix, woman should stop pushing and let the baby come out pushed only by the natural contractions.

The baby needs time to align itself, to raise the left shoulder to the chin and drop the right shoulder to make more aerodynamic form. The pressure of the skull stimulates the cervix to dilate. Well hydrated cervix will dilate easily and because of a good lubrication, the movement of the baby will be easy as it twists through the birth canal without any friction.

Once the baby is out of the womb, it should be handled gently as the whole birthing process was very traumatic, and should be placed on mothers chest where it will feel a comfort and warmth.

Being content, there is no reason for it to cry. As it takes breath, the umbilical cord flattens. The baby had sucked in the immune system and now the umbilical cord can be cut. There is no need to rush.

After the placental expulsion, a small piece of the placenta should be cut off and given to the mother to eat. This will stimulate the immune system of the mother and speed up her recovery.

Baby should be fed by mothers milk until all its teeth are out. During the teething period, baby can chew on a piece of meat (fresh or dry). When the teeth have developed the baby can be given solid food to chew on. As small pieces of solid food start to enter the babies digestive system, intestinal flora will start to change and adapt itself to the new environment.

Giving young babies fruit compote and other cooked and minced vegetable products regularly promoted as the baby foods is wrong. This kind of food is full of sugars and it immediately starts to compromise babies intestinal flora and the immune system by shifting the genetic expression.

If the mother eats correctly, she can start giving the baby some of her food but the food should be macerated first. This is what all creatures are doing in the wild.

Do not allow your babies to be vaccinated.

If by any chance you could not have avoided vaccination of your baby, start giving your baby some water with sea salt in it several times a day. This will help with the detoxifying process.

If the mother does not produce milk, take some oatmeal and soak it overnight. Then let the mother drink the water where the oatmeal was soaked. This will stimulate milk production. Mother has to be well hydrated so that she can produce enough milk.

The barbaric handling of babies in hospitals, the separation from its mother and the isolation are traumatic for babies and should be avoided. The memory of those experiences is being stored in the sub-conscience and it will affect the behavior of the child when it gets older.

Traumatic experiences reflect later on child’s physical and emotional development.

All the wrong things we are being told in medical school are there by the design, to keep us in a state of fear from as early age as possible.

Because of the fear we easily submit, accept and follow the leader whoever it might be.

We are being molded into a sheep and not into the powerful human creators that we are.

It is all done by a design of which most of us are unaware of.

It is the time that we wake up and explore our strength and power to create.

Love and light.



  1. Im amazed with this article😮
    Thankyou bro for this perfect job:)

    Also i have an question:
    For example bro if we follow
    yours protocol but add carbs in a form of plants(bread,potatoes,rice,fruit juice) no soda drinks no sugars and no toxins what we know(garlic nicotine etc) and we daily drink water with sea salt and can we have an clean blood and well hydrayed body?
    Or carbs are our worst enemy?

  2. OMG…what an article!!! My son was born 16 years ago by c-section. I was devastated. And since then I have kept asking questions. WHY c-sec? Why problems dilating? Why, why, why? 16 years later thanks to DR. Darko I have the answers. I have a friend and she has had 2 c-secs. And I told her something is WRONG. SOMETHING is WRONG!!! Now I will share this with her…and share it with all mothers-to-be. And that explanation about menstrual cycles and the colour of blood. Women need to know why their menstrual cycles are all messed up. Gosh 56 years ago I was born naturally and at home. You said it right…hospitals are FACTORIES. Now this information has put my mind at rest. Thank you so much…you are the BEST doctor on this planet.

  3. Thank you Lee and Shamal and yes please, share this information with as many people as you can. We all have to get together and help free the humanity. We do not need the doctors. What we need is the knowledge. Love and light to us all.

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