Senior Woman Suffering From Backache Getting Out Of Bed

Almost every alternative health site is mentioning adrenal fatigue as the cause of the insufficient hormonal production of the adrenal glands. Since the mainstream medicine is the “true medicine” the term adrenal fatigue is not accepted. The mainstream medicine calls the same set of symptoms an adrenal deficiency or the Addison’s disease.

So how do we know when we are suffering from the adrenal deficiency syndrome?

We assume that adrenal deficiency exists if there are following symptoms troubling the patient.

Signs and symptoms of adrenal insufficiency may include:


Body aches

Unexplained weight loss

Low blood pressure


Loss of body hair

Skin discoloration (hyperpigmentation)

The adrenal insufficiency can be diagnosed by blood tests and special stimulation tests that show inadequate levels of the adrenal hormones.

Supporters of the adrenal fatigue believe that the problem begins when many different life stresses become too much for the body to handle. Our adrenal glands, small organs located above the kidneys, usually deal with stress by producing hormones like the cortisol. According to the theory of the adrenal fatigue, when people are faced with long-term stress, their adrenal glands cannot keep up with the body’s need for these hormones. When this happens, symptoms of “adrenal fatigue” may appear.

In all, if you feel terrible and with pain as a chronic condition, you may be told that you have an adrenal fatigue.

If you follow my work, you know by now that our body responds to its environment. Not just the internal environment – our emotions, blood, lymph, intestinal content.. – but also the external environment like microwaves, electromagnetic fields, noise or the lack of the sunlight and grounding.

All those things that shape our environment will influence adjustments in our genetic expression.

Whenever we feel different, this was caused by our cells responding to the genetic impulse. This means that if our cells altered the hormonal production, this was caused by the genetic reaction to the environment. If we focus on the chemistry, in this case on the hormones and we try to adjust them, this is a useless attempt because our genes will react to the artificially administered hormones and change their expression again. This is why administering medicines never end up with a lasting effect.

Doctors claim that if medicines are not used, health problems escalate into very difficult to cure health problems like depression, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, and lupus.

Now all of the sudden the adrenal fatigue has transformed itself into an autoimmune or genetically influenced disease.

This proves my point again. None of those diseases exist. The symptoms are just the reflection of the body’s toxicity. This toxicity can be caused by the polluted blood or the polluted mind (stress).

Kidneys, adrenal glands, and blood vessels (aorta and vena cava). Detailed medical illustration. Isolated on a white background. human excretory system.

The adrenal hormonal deficiency is the result of the environment and not the hormonal depletion. As the cells of the body change their behaviour, this does not affect only our muscles, our digestion, and our brain. The genetically influenced changes will influence the changes in the hormonal production as well. This means that the changes in the hormonal activity of the adrenal glands will be directly influenced by the same factors that have altered the rest of our cellular behaviour.

In short, this means that all of the health problems expressed with those symptoms we attribute to the adrenal deficiency are causing the adrenal deficiency as well.

Now you know why when we administer those hormones artificially, we do not get the expected results.

The depleted adrenal glands ( the low adrenal hormones levels) are just another symptom that caused all of the other symptoms we attribute to the disease we call the Addison’s disease or the Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome.

Understanding that our body will never do anything to harm itself is extremely important because this knowledge automatically eliminates many “scientifically proven truths” and makes it easier to search for the truth elsewhere. If this is what our body does to help itself, what is it fighting against and how can we help it?

Asking this question is the correct approach when we are searching for the answer of how to solve the medical problem.

It always comes down to the toxicity, lack of water, salt and energy. Another explanation why the Self Healers Protocol is so successful in restoring humans health.

There are no chronic diseases. There are only different levels and kinds of toxicity and what we call disease, are the symptoms our body shows as it is trying to deal with this toxicity.

Now the answer to the question “is the adrenal fatigue a disease?”.

Definitely not. It is just a symptom of severe toxicity our body is exposed to.

Love and light my family.




10 comments on “THE ADRENAL FATIGUE

  1. Interesting, but what is happend when we have lack of sleep for over a year. By that i mean less than 5h with interuptions daily. We can eat raw meat, drink salt but our adrenal glands will stop working corectly.

    • Ante, if adrenal glands stopped working, there is a toxicity question and most likely there are other problems that you are experiencing because this toxicity that affected the adrenal gland, affected also other parts of the body and most likely the brain. The loss of the sleep is sign of toxicity of the brain and it will clear as the toxicity of the body diminishes.

      • I understand that, but what if you have baby that is keepeng you up all night for over a year? So you can not get much needed sleep?

  2. So, if a person has problems with the adrenals or has a fatty liver it will be very hard on the body to go keto; but when it is done according to the Self Healer’s Protocol, while properly hydrating with sea salt water, the body will gradually re-hydrate, detox and readjust, and there will be less problems during this process than if only doing keto. Proper hydration is the most important element — everything else is just a band-aid, even the right diet.

    Thank you, Dr. Velcek! Your explanations are very helpful, and once a person truly understands how the body works and what we do to our cells by not eating and drinking right, it becomes so easy to be motivated and follow your protocol! 🙂

  3. I read this, and the blog post about thyroidism. My whole life I’ve had fatigue, pains, twitching, spasms, low energy, heat intolerance. Ive also had bad anxiety my whole life, but doctors usually tell me these symptoms could be hypothyroid, fibromyalgia, or adrenal fatigue. In the end I think its just anxiety. Mine gets so bad, there are days I cant walk because I feel dizzy like I’m about to tip over. You should write a post about anxiety and depression, especially since theyre all over the place in the USA.

    • Chris I am mentioning in several of my articles how the incorrect diet causes cellular malfunction. Depression is cellular dysfunction of the central nervous system.
      I will write an article where this will be explained in a detail.
      Love and light brother

  4. Do you have an opinion on xrays? I see a chiropractor for “straight military neck”, and the doc wants to take xrays often. I get symptoms from the neck all the way down the arm. Conventional medicine says xrays harm cells though?

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