I have been mentioning this before but since there are frequently asked questions of proof to what I am writing about, it is important for this issue to be addressed again.

We as the population are groomed in the same way. Same or similar schools with same or similar schooling program so we end up with the same or similar understanding of the world we are living in.

The Same curriculum is pushed throughout the educational system of all countries and we all become exposed to the “scientifically” proved information we assume is truthful.

This is the reason we continue to ask for the scientific proof of the facts being promoted, especially if they differ from the standard narrative.

My work convinced me that almost all glorified “scientifically proven truths” are just a fake science which is promoted to suppress the truth especially if the truth found a way of surfacing and becomes exposed to the public.

As more and more scientists talk about the necessity of fat in our diet, the truth is under constant attack from the industry that profits from the misinformation. The profiteers are the medical and pharmaceutical industries. They wrongly promote vegetarian, low fat and low salt diet wich contribute to many health problems and create revenue for those industries.

This is what influential Mayo Clinic has to say about fats:

Harmful dietary fat

There are two main types of potentially harmful dietary fat:

  • Saturated fat. This is a type of fat that comes mainly from animal sources of food, such as red meat, poultry, and full-fat dairy products. Saturated fat raises total blood cholesterol levels and low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol levels, which can increase your risk of cardiovascular disease. Saturated fat may also increase your risk of type 2 diabetes.
  • Trans fat. This is a type of fat that occurs naturally in some foods in small amounts. But most trans fats are made from oils through a food processing method called partial hydrogenation. These partially hydrogenated trans fats can increase unhealthy LDL cholesterol and lower healthy high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol. This can increase your risk of cardiovascular disease.

Here the health “experts” place the naturally saturated fats in the same bucket as the artificially saturated trans fats claiming that they are both equally harmful to human body.

In the UK, the team who published their report in the British Journal of Sports Medicine pointed to research that suggests the absence of a link between the consumption of saturated fat and a host of health problems including coronary heart disease, type-2 diabetes and the most common type of stroke.

Immediately there was a strong counter-push from the team’s paper – co-authored by Pascal Meier, a cardiologist at University College London and editor of the journal BMJ Open Heart, Rita Redberg, editor of the journal JAMA Internal Medicine, and Aseem Malhotra, a cardiologist at the NHS Lister hospital in Stevenage – has triggered furious criticism from a range of experts in cardiology and evidence-based medicine.

Then there was the attack on sugar and the culprit for all of the health problems caused by carbohydrates was declared. As expected, it was a total miss as fructose was selected as the culprit. Not only that the wrong sugar is bashed but the real culprit, the glucose, was proclaimed to be the safe carbohydrate that promotes health in the human body.

The same information is promoted through the mainstream medicine as well as through the alternative medicine. This is why I insist that there is very little difference between the two of them.

This is the excerpt from PaleoLeap article:

This is precisely the concept that Drs. Paul and Shou-Ching Jaminet set forth in the Perfect Health Diet. Defining a “safe starch” as “starchy food which, after normal cooking, lacks toxins, chiefly protein toxins,” the Jaminets encourage healthy non-diabetics to consume approximately 400 calories per day (or 20% of daily caloric intake) of safe starches, prioritizing glucose over fructose. While acknowledging that a high-carbohydrate diet leads to all kinds of metabolic disorders, the Jaminets also argue that a diet too low in glucose can lead to problems like nutrient deficiencies, kidney stones, and lower mucus production, which impairs the immune system.

I guess, all wild creatures suffer from kidney stones, nutrient deficiencies, and lower mucus production. We are just too stupid not to realize this as the animals in the wild do not have any access to dietary glucose at all. Not even the herbivores (the animals that eat vegetation).

Realizing how corrupt is this world we are living in, should we be surprised when articles like this one show up?

The name of the article is Salt Crimes and you can read it here:


Now you know why I do not like to be called a doctor. The corporate licenses and medals in a form of diplomas are just a wall decorations and have nothing to do with the actual knowledge. More so, people forgot to observe and how to think.

All we want to know is, how qualified is the person that is promoting the information.

teachers day top jokes

“Oh! He is a professor, he must be correct!”

“The information is written on the official site of the Mayo Clinic, this must be true!

The Internet is a great tool for obtaining information but it provides ample misinformation at the same time.

So how do we get to the truth?

To trust some information especially when it is contradictory to mainstream science is not an easy task. I understand completely when people contact me with their concerns showing me the articles which contradict my work. This is why I am constantly writing new articles showing you how things work. I do not benefit from your sickness. I have no remedies to sell. I am just a messenger. It is you who have to open your mind and think. Absorb as much information as you can so that your brain can calculate more precisely.

Following the Self Healers Protocol is the cheapest and easiest way to heal. Since there are no medicinal remedies to be used, it is also the safest health protocol there is. Many people have benefited from it so why not to try the Protocol?

If you have a history of health problems I recommend that you contact me first or schedule Skype appointment since the cleansing symptoms may be strong and confusing.

For those of you who feel healthy and are seeking for the optimal health, you can follow the Self Healers Protocol without my assistance since the cleansing symptoms will be mild but the benefits will exceed your expectation.

Please donate when you can as the symbol of appreciation.

Love and light.



2 comments on “WHOM TO TRUST?

  1. Dear Dr. Velcek,

    Re: “Now you know why I do not like to be called a doctor.”
    You are a true doctor, helping people recover and live in harmony. Those who fail to do so are the ones who should not be considered doctors. It is good to see that more and more people now pay attention to the results rather than diplomas and scientific research papers or studies.

    Thank you for all your hard work and may you always receive love, gratitude and support in return!


    I wanted to share this with you. I think it’s important and is a meaningful representation of the real lack of care in the medical world.

    I just read how Andy Warhol really died – gross hospital negligence.. IF Warhol is given lousy care… the rest of folks are twice as doomed.

    HERE are the facts of Warhol’s death:

    On February 14th, Andy Warhol rang his dermatologist, KAREN BURKE, about a pain in his right side that he had had for awhile. He had been in a lot of pain in Italy the previous month while there for a show of his Last Supper paintings.

    Andy had been seeing Burke for collagen treatments to reduce his facial lines. He asked her for some Demerol, but she said she would only give him Tylenol with codeine provided that he went to see Dr. Clement Barone for a sonogram of his right side. Andy had the sonogram, but also took two Demerol that he happened to have with him. Dr. Barone told him his gallbladder was enlarged and he needed to see his doctor, Denton Cox. Andy, trying to avoid going to the hospital, did not call Dr. Cox. Even when the pain became so severe that he did finally see Dr. Cox, Andy refused to go into hospital when Cox told him he must have an operation. Eventually, Warhol had no choice – the pain was too great and he agreed to have the operation. (DD62-5)

    SUNDAY FEB. 22, 1987 6:31 AM: ANDY WARHOL DIES.

    Warhol had checked in to room number 1204 of New York Hospital’s Baker Pavillion under the name of Bob Roberts, listing his next of kin as FRED HUGHES. (DD5-10) Although the gallbladder operation went fine, Warhol died early in the morning – on Billy Name’s birthday – from an unexpected heart attack. According to Vincent Fremont, Andy “was just getting back into filmmaking at the time of his death.” (UW74)

    From Warhol by David Bourdon:

    “Warhol’s surgery was performed on Saturday, February 21, between 8:45 a.m. and 12:10 p.m. The operation went smoothly, and the gallbladder – which proved to be gangrenous – was removed. He remained in stable condition as he spent three hours in a recovery room. At 3:45 p.m. he was taken to his own room. There, he was placed under the personal care of a private nurse who had been hired as a precaution on the recommendation of Dr. Cox, but selected by the hospital from a registry. Warhol was examined during the afternoon and again in the early evening by a senior attending physician, who noted nothing unusual. Alert and in good spirits, Andy watched television and, around 9:30 p.m. telephoned his housekeepers.

    But as some point after midnight, Warhol’s condition took a surprising turn for the worse. No one really knows what happened during the next four or five hours. According to later reports, the hospital’s medical and nursing staffs neglected to look in on him periodically and to monitor his intravenous fluid intake and urinary output. No one adequately supervised the private-duty nurse, whose incomplete notes failed to record the patient’s blood pressure, pulse rate, and other vital signs, as well as his dosages of morphine and other medications. As a result, Warhol’s over hydration went unnoticed.

    At 5:45 a.m. the private duty nurse, who later maintained she had been reading her Bible in Warhol’s room, noticed that her patient had turned blue – he was cyanotic due to insufficient oxygen in his blood, and his pulse was feeble. Unable to waken him she contacted the floor nurse who in turn summoned an emergency cardiac team. They tried to resuscitate him but had difficulty inserting a tube in his windpipe because rigor mortis was already setting in. The team worked for close to an hour but all attempts to revive him failed. Warhol was pronounced dead at 6:31 a.m. on February 22, 1987.” (DB408-9)

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