man holds burger with hands and sweet potato fries and dips on background in cafe
Several articles have surfaced recently that reveal how human meat is incorporated  into many meat products destined for human consumption.  The public was shocked to discover that  McDonald’s burgers contained human and rat proteins.
Finding rat protein in a burger  is something that happens often. Rats enter the meat grinder in search of food and end up being served as a meal. But finding human flesh  mixed with beef is something else. No man or child enters a meat grinder and accidentally becomes part of a ground beef burger. Here we have other forces in action.
I do not want to speculate on the source of human meat used in commercial meat products but lately we hear a lot about child sacrifices in Satanic rituals and very active slave trading. Those bodies have to end up somewhere. Disposing of their flesh by feeding them to an unsuspecting public  is one way to do it I would assume. The whole new culture is becoming Satanic so I daresay there are many bodies to be disposed of.
Human flesh in burgers and Satanic sacrifices are not the reasons for writing this blog.
The reason I am writing this blog are some videos and articles implying how by ingesting human meat,  humans become predisposed to a disease resembling Parkinson’s disease or contracting Parkinson’s disease outright.  This is incorrect and it can scare a lot of people which may actually cause them to become sick.
Here is one of the videos on this thematic:
There is a disease that occurred in Papua New Guinea and it is called Kuru.
People of this tribe were cannibals, they eat their dead relatives and got infected from them.
Many tribes in New Guinea, the Caribbean islands and the Amazon jungle  were and in some regions  still are cannibals but did not suffer from this debilitating disease. This means that you will not be susceptible to Parkinson’s disease because you ate a meal that contained some human protein.
The disease that resembles Parkinson’s disease  is caused by a special protein called a prion.  Prion proteins are normally found in meat  but there is an anomaly found  in those infected people and animals where the prion  does not fold the protein correctly.
To make the situation worse, the type of prion that causes this disease does not respond to protease.  Protease is an enzyme that breaks down proteins into amino acids. Since this prion cannot be broken down, the protein remains intact and it will infect the organism in which it found itself.
No one knows what caused this protein to morph.  The same prion causes the disease we call Mad Cow Disease. It is the same principle.  Even high heat will not break up this prion so cooking the meat will not stop the disease from manifesting.

The only way to get infected with this disease is to ingest the misfolded diseased prion that scientists have labeled as PrPcs prion.

As far as brain toxicity goes  I am way more concerned with  the use of vaccines than the presence of human protein  within packaged foods. This does not mean that some of the human protein used as an additive  in the food industry may not be intentionally infected with PrPcs prion. I just think that this is unlikely to be the case.
As awful as it sounds that human flesh is being intentionally served as a human food, do not lose your sleep by worrying about contracting Parkinson’s disease from it.
My message to all of you has been for a long time – prepare your food yourself from scratch.  This way you know what is in it my brothers and sisters. It does not take so long to prepare food especially when you start eating correctly since heating food  and damaging it with excessive heat is not only unnecessary  but it makes your food toxic.
Love and light



  1. Hi bro
    Yours message is very helpful to avoid toxins that create bad people like e250 e601 eee…..
    My question is dear Darko about overcooked meat:
    How overcooked meat manifest in ours body?so i know this type of meats give we some benefits but and some negative like coagulated protein, and im interesting which are others negative about overcookedmeat?

    • I don’t doubt what you say could be contaminating meat. I’m a single parent with a teenage child who needs to read this as he always asks for fast food snack.

    • In my book The Resonance of Nutrition I explain that heated protein over 55 degrees Celsius becomes coagulated. It loses water and protein unwinds itself. This makes the meat compact and digestive enzymes cannot penetrate it so bacteria and fungus are needed to help and they cause rotting. This is why bathroom stinks after you ate cooked meat. None of this happens when you eat meat raw. Raw meat has its own enzymes and digest entirely. When you do to the bathroom the feces is bright and there is absolutely no foul odour.

  2. Dear Darko,
    Meat from cow you often eat raw but how about chicken and pork? Always heard
    they needs to be cooked throw, due to listeria bacterias.

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