MILK AND DAIRY PRODUCTS are they a good food for humans to consume?

Splash of milk in form of athlete body. 3D illustration
Since there are more and more people realizing the deficiencies in a vegan  and vegetarian diet a lot of attention  is given to alternatives to meat such as  eggs, milk and dairy products.
For a long time there has been  a belief spread by some followers of alternative medicine that milk is unhealthy for grown up humans and that the consumption of milk triggers excessive production of mucus  in the body.
Another thing frequently mentioned is that casein found in milk is difficult to digest and aids to inflammatory processes within the body.
The third most frequent lie is that raw milk is polluted and that it will cause indigestion, diarrhea and blood sepsis (blood poisoning).
Before we can discuss the health benefits  of milk and dairy products or their toxicity, we have to know what milk is and how it is digested in our digestive track.
Milk is the food for young fast growing animals . Milk needs to contain  all of the nutrients that the young and fast growing organism needs. Milk is the complete food. It has water, saturated fats, proteins, enzymes, vitamins and naturally occurring growth hormones which will stimulate the young animal to grow faster and become independent.
Gradually the young animal becomes rejected by its mother and stops drinking her milk  as it becomes efficient in feeding itself. It is not that the baby  does not want to drink the milk any more. The mother wants it to be independent and to be able to provide for itself. Would the young animal develop a health problem if it were allowed  to continue drinking mother’s milk? Not at all.
So why does consumption of milk trigger a production of mucus in the body?
Well, it does not.
We forget that milk is not water, that milk is food. When we receive food our body starts producing digestive juices. This process starts with saliva production in the mouth. This is maybe the reason people think that saliva is mucus and there is something in the milk that triggers the body to secrete mucus.
As milk contains fats in the form of cholesterol, it has proteins. If we have dehydrated cells and if we are susceptible to allergies, the contact of protein with mucus tissue  may create an allergic reaction.  In this case mucus will be produced to cleanse the allergen (protein) . This is sometimes the case but we cannot throw the baby out with the bath water.
In this case the mucus  was not created because it is normal for the body to produce it when milk is ingested. The problem is the diseased and dehydrated body which is prone to allergic reactions. A normal healthy body  will not react in this way. Healthy people will not produce any mucus  other then saliva and digestive juices. If mucus  was produced it would be present in the excrement.
Casein is fat and protein. Why would fat and protein be difficult to digest? Our digestion will break it into fatty acids and amino acids and absorb them as such into the body. So why would our body trigger inflammation when casein is eaten? There is no reason for it and inflammation does not happen.
Vector illustration with a cow, a splash of milk and a set of dairy products: cheese, milk, yogurt, against the background of a rural landscape.
Now we are back on the issue of protein and diseased bodies.  If foreign protein attaches itself to the cells of intestines and the cells do not have sufficient amount of water to flush it away  because they are dehydrated, inflammation will be triggered to force those cells to accept some water and solve the problem. So the inflammation of the affected intestine may occur. Again the casein is not the problem. The problem is  dehydrated cells and this means a diseased body  that does not function well.
Now we come to  the third problem caused by raw not pasteurized milk and that is bacterial infection. Here is one article that was recently published and you can read it here;

In this article raw unpasteurized milk is attacked as a dangerous liquid  that should never be consumed. Isn’t this strange? Pasteurization of milk only started 60 years ago.  For centuries people around the world were drinking raw non pasteurized  milk and no one was dying from it. Why is raw milk under attack?
Milk has become a tradeable commodity.  It can only be used as such if its shelf life is prolonged. Non pasteurized  raw milk will last only 3 days when refrigerated before it will start fermenting and becoming sour. This happens from naturally occurring bacteria in the milk. Sour milk separates from whey and turns into cheese. Without those bacteria there is no cheese and there is no fermentation.
With high heat the protein coagulates, enzymes are destroyed and beneficial bacteria killed. Pasteurized milk is not milk anymore. It is a white liquid with saturated fat. Then the industry skims the fat so what is left is white colored water. To this water white powder is often added  to make the “milk” thicker. This powder is melamine a derivative of plastic.
Now you are drinking poison. All this is done just so that the food corporations can have higher profits  with less loss. This is why commercial milk can stay on shelves for months. Now you know that it is not milk, it is a toxic substance that carries the label “Milk”.
Blank white milk packs isolated on white background. 1 liter and 500 ml drink packaging vector template.
Raw milk contains vitamins A, D, K, and E. It contains lauric acid to reinforce the immune system, growth hormone (this is why milk protein is used by body builders), lactose to stimulate digestion, calcium, magnesium silica and all the necessary elements the body needs.  Why would anyone think that milk is unhealthy for a grown man to drink?


Milking Cow
Every statement becomes utilized when it serves the purpose. Our slave masters promote false information because they benefit from it. Many so called “intellectuals” repeat them to show their intelligence and false science is born, backed by scientifically approved studies. Those are not scientific studies. They are slave master approved written notes paraded as legitimate studies and the knowledge of so called intellectuals is based on them. Good luck if you want to use such knowledge and continue further improvement of understanding of the truth using such a science as the basis. 
Unfortunately, this is exactly what is happening in this world of lies and deceits.
There is nothing wrong in drinking raw fresh milk. It is even better to drink it fermented when it becomes sour. The lactose will then be fermented  and instead of sugar you will have more fat and protein. If you eat cheese, do not discard the whey.  Drink it because it is full of protein and some, naturally occurring growth hormones. You may have noticed that  there is a lot of fat and protein in natural milk so be careful not to gain weight.
The only time you can become  infected drinking raw milk or eating cheese is if they are contaminated. Make sure that the farmer keeps clean stables and treats his cows nicely. In a stressful environment, cows will have a lower immune system  and become easily infected.
All dairy products are healthy and beneficial for human consumption. The less they are manipulated the healthier they will be. So raw milk, sour milk, fresh cheese, yogurt and whey are all top quality foods that will benefit our health.
I have personal experience with many people who were lactose intolerant before they asked me  to help them and most of them overcame their allergy towards lactose in just 10 days  and could drink my power food breakfast, the banana shake with eggs, coconut oil and yogurt.
The government regulations are not there to protect you, the consumer. They are put in place to protect the industry which is controlled by our slave masters. Do not believe in anything the government tells you. Look where the money goes, who benefits from those laws. It certainly is not you my friend.
Love and light.


46 comments on “MILK AND DAIRY PRODUCTS are they a good food for humans to consume?

  1. Hello my dearDarko
    A very nice article about raw milk
    I want to ask you about stressful environment
    How it is this environment?
    In my village all people feeds their cows 50%grass and 50%grain and bro does this means that the cows has stressful environment?

    • Grain is a bad food for any type of animals and especially for herbivores. Fermentation of grains causes very acidic environment which undermines the animals health. But by toxic environment I was referring to small unsanitary space where the animal cannot even turn around and mistreated animals. The wrong food is a type of mistreatment but same as humans, animals do not know that the food they are given is bad for them.

  2. Hello Darko,

    Thanks for this article and sharing your knowledge. I have read in the past a book from Dr Levy, “Death by Calcium” which basically states that an adult needs no more than 300mg of calcium per day, and that can be easily reached by eating various non dairy foods. Eating dairy food is said to bring us too much calcium which ends into our arteries (although he points out also that eating not enough vitamin C/K is also a cause). He also especially attacks milk which, as demonstrated by a study, brings more heart diseases among those who drink it. My understanding is that it is probably more because of drinking pasteurized/heated milk which is no more milk as you said.

    What is your opinion about calcium amount per day for an adult ?


    • Hi brother.
      Calcium will the same as any other substance that finds itself within our blood be eliminated when it reaches the saturation point. Heart disease has nothing to do with the excess of calcium. When we utilize the information from school and we try to implement it on debunking our health problems, we come come up with really stupid ideas because we have no clue about how our body actually works.

      • Hello bro
        In mercola website i saw an comment from an user and he say:
        “I have reduced my dairy consumption by over 80% due to vascular calcification problems in my carodits for which I’m being treated for periodically with ALA IVs”
        So im interested which is the real reason that cause vascular calcification and how to prevent from this bro?

      • arha
        Hamdi I had briefly explained in the article on calcium supplementation how saturated blood with the calcium in time causes arteriosclerosis as the calcium sediments in arteries due to bloods alkalinity. I will write a blog about it soon.

  3. Hello Mr. Darko, for those concerned, we milk goats and cows all raised as organic as possible. Our raw milk is never treated and will easily last 10 days in the refrigerator and still taste great. I have often made wonderful butter from 10/11 day old raw milk. People have such fears about raw milk but we have found it has no validity in real life.

  4. hi dr darko
    i want to ask you about three things first the growth hormone in milk is it make us age faster ? second the sugar lactose is it bad for us ? and third What is your opinion about cheese made from pasteurized milk ?

    • Dear friend the natural growth hormone will make you look and feel younger as it stimulates growth and not the aging process.
      Our digestive tract will ferment the lactose and convert it into glycogen. The amont is small so it will not affect our health in a negative way. Letting the milk ferment and become sour and consume it in this way is even healthier.
      To be able to make cheese from the pasteurized milk, a live culture has to be added. Some manufacturers cut the milk with acid (lemon for example) but the cheese made this way is mealy. Whenever processed milk is used, we never know what fats are actually in it and what was used to ferment it (to cut it). Kinesiology (muscle testing) is a good way to determine if a product is safe and good for our consumption.

  5. Hello. I find all of your articles very informative thank you for them. In my area grow up state New York raw milk is not legal for Farmers to sell which is unfortunate. I am able to obtain in the warm weather goat milk from a local Farm. We can also get kefir and buttermilk locally but I have a problem digesting kefir as it’s too strong for me. Can you address why that can happen.. thank you dear doctor. Rt

    • Joyce hi.
      It is unfortunate that we the people are subordinate to the politicians we voted in place to represent us. People have to say no to most of the rules that have nothing to do with benefiting us, the people.
      As far as your intolerance to kefir, I need to know more about the state of your health. Please supply the information directly on my mail,
      Love and light

    • Joyce hi.
      It is unfortunate that we the people are subordinate to the politicians we voted in place to represent us. People have to say no to most of the rules that have nothing to do with benefiting us, the people.
      As far as your intolerance to kefir, I need to knw more about the state of your health. Please supply the information directly on my mail,
      Love and light

  6. Hi dear Darko
    When i read about kefir milk they say:
    Kefir is made from gelatinous white or yellow particles called “grains.”
    So the dilema is they made from grains that is not ours food or these grainskefir are someone else?
    Hope to explain me bro what are those grains that make kefir:)

    • The grains are used to ferment the milk or yuice. You do not eat them, you eat the fermented product. Even if you eat them, they are raw and not processed so there is no problem brother.

  7. I don’t know if my question is silly…but here goes. Do we need to HEAT cow’s milk before we drink it? As far back as I can remember my mother always boils the milk before we consume it. Please clarify. Thank you…and I have found the sea salt “treatment” to be amazing. I drink 2 litres every day with no “medical side effects” like high blood pressure. You are, Dr. Darko, preaching the RIGHT message…return to NATURAL!!!

    • Shamal hi.
      Boiling the milk is something that people were doing to prevent infections since milk can be easily compromised. Also once boiled, milk will last longer before fermenting. Cooking destroys enzymes and naturally occurring bacteria in the milk. This means that cooked milk is not nearly as healthy as raw milk. People learn by imitating others and do not research for themselves. So one person does stupid think and soon you have the whole village doing the same and it becomes a custom. When the cow is healthy and the milk collector is clean, milk is safe to drink raw and very healthy.
      Do not just drink water with the sea salt. Follow the Self Healers Protocol and you will be amazed at the results brother.

  8. Thank you very much for your response. Will use milk unheated when I know that the cows are healthy. So here is my next question. Is milk from nuts (like almond milk) better to use than processed milk powder? I see one of your recipes use almond milk. I will be buying your Self Healers Protocol shortly.

    • Almond milk is different and cannot be compared with the animal milk. Remember that almonds are irradiated and stripped of all the enzymes and vitamins. Better use powder milk but must be full fat powder milk that has no additives. Avoid Nestle and Chinese milk products like a plague.

      • What about Coconut milk? This has all the good saturated fat like coconut oil doesn’t it, so long as it’s just coconut and water (no other additives)?

        Also I’ve always wondered about the coconut water (since it has both glucose and fructose) if it’s okay on self-healers protocol? Coming from a fresh Thai coconut it should still have active enzymes, unlike the bottled heat treated so it has a long shelf life version.

      • Hi Stanley.
        The amount of free glucose within coconut water is very low and since fructose is more viscous it attaches itself like a glue to the GLUT transporters making it difficult for glucose to reach a free transporter.
        Coconut milk is ok but there is not enough energy and proteins in it. It is good supplement of fats and the lauric acid. Love and light brother

  9. Hello again bro
    You said that:Coconut milk is ok but there is not enough energy and proteins in it

    And now in my mind come an ask:
    Which foods provides the highest amount of energy bro??
    Sometimes when i play football i lose all energy and i try to eat cheese drink milk eat eggs but i think they dont give me to much energy to keep me full for another experience.

    • Hamdi, fat has more than twice the energy of either animal protein or the glucose. Eating eggs, full fat cheese, liver and chicken skin provides a lot of energy. Also eating lamb and pork but I know that you do not eat pork brother.

      • Aso bro
        For example if we eat 4eggs raw and they provide us with 4hours energy(play walk etc)
        And if we manipulate with boiled or scramled eggs(4) and eat them how much we decrease their energy bro?

        I make an test and i saw that yours banana shake(4eggs) provide me with much energy than my morning breakfast with 4eggsscrambled(and butter) 30grams cheese and 50grams sausage.

  10. Ive read articles that state that dairy is bad because of casein. Does casein in dairy make any sort of difference? I do prefer goat milk, but once in awhile I eat whole milk from cow, lactose-free also.

  11. I’m having trouble with this one. It seems that raw dairy is the only good dairy, but stores around me don’t sell raw dairy. They sell yogurt and kefir, but its pasteurized. Pretty much leaves us with no choice in the stores. You wont touch anything that’s pasteurized?

    • Chris, yogurt and kefir are very sensitive cultures and they cannot survive in polluted environment. The milk is pasteurized but then the yogurt or kefir culture ferment it and this is a live culture that is healthy no matter what has happened to the milk before.

  12. Have you heard of the A1 vs. A2 milk? Do these types really matter? Is it just markekting hype? Can’t wait to get your book. Your comment above about – “Do not just drink water with the sea salt.sea salt intrigues me.” My dad was a farmer and we grew up on unpasteurized milk. But after he quit farming, it was not available. I gave up store bought milk because it always tasted too sweet and made me thirsty. Your comments about yogurt and kefir are informative – I figured if they were made with store-bought milk they weren’t any good. Would they be tainted with the melamine, though – or is that not added to these products?

    • Becky hi.
      All this hype about the casein is pure nonsense as I explain in my article so in my opinion there is no health difference between the two milks. The “scientists” are pretending to care while at the same time they are pushing the pasteurized milk.
      The modern science and the press are just a big comedy show.

  13. I get raw milk from middle man. I know that they graze grass and eat grains. However I don’t know the condition of the cow farm. Is it still wise to drink raw milk unheated? Or can I lightly heat it?

    Can you share your own methods how you make homemade sour cream, yogurt, buttermilk, cream cheese, ricotta, etc.? Thank you.

  14. Hi Darko, do you make your own yogurt? if yes, at what temperature do you heat the milk to? or you do not heat milk to make yogurt? Thank you.

    • Jeri, I can get yogurt inexpensively here so I do not make it. When I used to make it, I used my pinkie as the thermometer. If I can hold my pinkie in the milk, the heat is ok.

      • Hi Darko, I’ve tried making 2 versions of yogurt by heating to about 43 degree Celcius and also 82 degree Celcius. Is there such thing as making yogurt without heating the milk at all?

      • Jeri, when the milk is fresh, it contains its enzymes and yogurt culture cannot grow there. This is why the milk is first boiled to destroy those enzymes and then the yogurt culture is introduced. If you introduce the yogurt culture into the cold milk, the culture has slow growth and it takes a long time to make yogurt. Also it may be lumpy. This is why it is good to heat up the milk so that the yogurt culture can grow but not to much so that you do not kill the culture. Around 40 Celsius is a good temperature brother.

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