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There are many scientific articles that are talking about merging the human DNA with the new nano technology in the creation of a superhuman.
This idea has been promoted and there are many people who believe that such a merger could greatly benefit the human race.
As modern technology  is being praised, arguments like this can readily be heard:
* 200 years ago we could not talk to another human from one continent to another
* 300 years ago it took us more that a month to cross the Atlantic and now we do this in hours
* More recently being able to fly was only a dream, but now air travel is an everyday reality.
There are many benefits brought to us by modern technology, that’s for sure, but is this technology of real benefit to humanity and is humanity better off  with or without it?
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This question may sound really stupid but is it?
Yes we all enjoy our cars, instant messaging and movies but how important is this really?
We find remnant cities of the past made out of blocks of stone that we cannot even move with today’s  technology and sculpting them is unimaginable.
Was some technology unknown to us used, or was it something else?
I am often mentioning that what we call our educational system, is actually a system of deception and lies. Why is it so?
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If we had been told the truth and had our inner potential nourished we could have been superhumans and no technology would have been needed to do anything.

We can travel in the less dense, spiritual form we call the fifth projection not only on this planet but beyond.
We can communicate telepathically not just with other humans on other continents  but Universally, with other civilizations in our Universe. We should be able  to go to the bottom of our oceans and to the top of our mountains effortlessly, fly with birds, dive with fish. What an adventure!
If all of this is possible, why are we prevented from this knowledge and why do we need nano technology  to raise our potential?
From what I have just mentioned you can see the absurdity of it. Joining modern technology with our genetic expression would not make us superhuman. It would turn us into manageable robots  and this is what our slave masters want more than anything.
The era of “robotization” has started by implementing the chip implant and now the idea is accelerated to turn us into robots. This is the true reason behind it.
We are superhuman. Only we are not aware of it. Jesus Christ told us; “everything that I can do, you can do as well and more”.
Instead of investigating the truth we are falling deeper and deeper under the control of false science.  More and more we can see intellectual people  defending the idiotic theory of the Flat Earth or even worse the Concave Earth which would make the Earth a closed inverted space.
flat globe
Everything about those theories is so ridiculous but more and more people are considering them to be the truth. We are being brainwashed into submission and we are going to experience a great divide. I believe that this divide is already happening. People are separating themselves based on their beliefs.
The people with the low frequencies are fighting and those with the high frequencies do not want to have anything to do with it. This is why provocations and false flag events do not bear any results anymore.
What used to work, does not work anymore. A part of humanity  has freed itself from the control of its masters and cannot be enslaved anymore. Their frequency is rising, they cannot be corrupted. Awaken people know who they are and what is their purpose. They understand what is happening and they stay calm and in control. Gadgets are nice things to have but they are not worth slaving for.
Our life was supposed to be a joyful experience of learning while enjoying the beauty of creation.  We have allowed ourselves to be stripped of our powers and we have let our consciousness be brought down   to below the level of animal consciousness where we have lost ourselves in triviality  and we have lost the gift of choice.
The only choice left to us now is the choice to slave for our slave masters because we need money, and they print it.
Unfortunately, the majority of people  are trapped in these low frequencies and they continue with the possessive behaviour  of dominance and greed. They are  ready to receive everything and do not give anything in return.
Be aware, the separation process is happening right now. Examine yourselves and see on which end of reality  you actually stand. Do not allow yourself to be chipped or manipulated in any way if you want to raise your frequency and enter the kingdom of The Christ’s consciousness.
There is no one else that can create a superhuman but the creator himself and he has done a great job of it.
Raise your frequency by being happy, helping others and enjoying your creation.
Love and light.



  1. Good Morning Darko…thanks for talking about frequencies today! We had visited our “woo-woo” doctor last week, and after checking my husband John, he said something like…cancer’s frequency is 100 (or some number in the 100’s…cannot remember exactly what he said), and I think he gave another example, but then said that John’s frequency is 480, and that it has always been high like that…and reflects John’s loving attitude. I never knew exactly what he was doing…checking the body’s frequency. I wonder what mine is! Ha! Thanks for the admonishment to raise our frequencies!! Love and light back to you!! Linda B

    The larger the island of knowledge, the longer the shoreline of wonder. – Ralph W. Sockman


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