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Many people have been asking me similar questions after they have recovered their health and it is more of an esthetic nature.
In this article I will explain the workings of our body as far as excessive tissue is concerned.
For example the most common question is; “Will I need to surgically remove all of the lose skin that is hanging on my body now that I have lost all that fat?”.
Other frequently asked questions are;
Can the enlarged heart reduce its size after I heal?
Can the expanded stomach reduce its size naturally?
Will the enlarged hemorrhoids reduce their size without surgery?
In my previous articles I have mentioned how our body is designed to be a self repairing  and very efficient robot. It will not support what is not necessary and on the other hand, the body will produce what it deems to be necessary.
For example when we are skinny and do not participate in any physical activity, our bones will be thin and weak. If we gain weight  or if we start to exercise, our bones will thicken. Our body senses the need for stronger support and adjusts itself to it.
On the other hand if we lose weight or if we stop exercising our bones will become weaker and thinner. If we want to see how the body adjusts itself, all that we have to do is to look at the pictures of ex body builders.
On the Internet you can see how the body has reduced its mass in just a few years and an ex Mr. Olympia now looks like an average Joe with a big belly.
Why does the body react in such a way?
As I have told you before, our body is designed to be efficient and self healing. When it needs muscles because it has to deal with heavy objects, the body will grow them. If the need is gone, the body will not waste energy and support all those useless muscles. This is why it will reduce them and adjust them to the present conditions.
I call this the bodies adjustment to its environment.
Funny weight loss cartoon. ---------- Lose weight FAST with the Military Diet
What is needed is being supported and what is no longer needed is being dissolved
When this happens with muscles and bones it will happen with any other organ or tissue. So when your doctor tells you that your enlarged heart is gone and there is nothing that can be done, he has absolutely no idea how our body functions so you should ditch him or her since they cannot be of any help to you.
Now why do doctors and “scientists” think that enlarged organs cannot retract or recover?
Because in medical school this is what they have been told. Since the whole schooling system is designed to create followers and not thinkers, doctors will be stuck on the implanted facts and they will ignore anything that contradicts those facts  even when they visually witness something different.
One of my clients just returned from Lima where his doctor, a diabetoligist, had repeated the test for blood sugar  three times because he could not believe that after 15 years of diabetes, now the blood sugar of his patient is normal and the pancreas had recovered from 30% efficiency to 90%.
Even then,  the doctor said this is impossible, it is a fluke.
Instead of contacting me and learning the truth, he has just dismissed it and stayed ignorant.
I am not surprised because such things are happening to me frequently. How many lives could have been saved if only our health professionals would have an interest  in healing and become professional.
Instead we are stuck in the old system of follow the lead and not questioning the results.
Since a toxic environment causes health issues it is necessary to cleanse this environment if we want to establish healing and positive changes on the cellular level. Since we do not learn anything about detoxification and cleansing in medical schools, we do not ever see any improvement so our reality tells us that a damaged organ  will remain damaged and surgery is necessary.

What doctors call the cure is just the symptom suppression which intensifies the toxicity of the body and changes the symptoms. Now doctors imply that they have cured you from a previous disease  and now you have something else. A new name is given, stronger “medication” is implemented and poisoning of your body intensifies further until the body hits the wall and does not respond to the toxic medication anymore.

This is when doctors tell you that you have an autoimmune disease or it is something genetic. Two scapegoats  readily used when doctors hit the wall.
Cartoon ID: toon-3580

It is hard to blame the doctor because it is the system that has to be changed. I was recently visited by a doctor that suffered from obesity his whole life and the last solution he found to combat obesity was the elimination of his stomach. He had it surgically removed and yes, he has lost 60 kilograms of weight initially and then he got it all back and then some.

Why did this happen?
I have told you that the body will produce what it needs and eliminate what it does not need any more. So his stomach has regrown. Actually, what did remain of his stomach after the surgery has stretched and created a new stomach. Now he is amazed how easy it is to lose weight after he has lost 9 kilograms in just one week after he has adjusted his diet and started to eat correctly.
As organs increase in their size when necessary, so do they decrease in size when the enlarged size does not serve a purpose anymore.
One more example to help you to absorb this new knowledge.
Young women after they had their baby do end up with extra skin around their belly.  If they become physically active they lose the extra skin and one can never guess that they have been pregnant before. The older the woman,  the more chance there is that the extra skin will remain. Why?
Because an older woman  is more toxic and healing is slowed down or simply cannot occur.
But if that older woman  cleanses, hydrates and adjusts her diet, as there is no reason for the body to support the extra skin,  her body will return to its original state.
In this article I have shown you  again the importance of a clean environment for the body  and its incredible ability to heal itself.
Love and light.



  1. Hello dearDarko
    Really is very good article when you explain how incredible body our human people have:)
    One people on my family has enlarged heart(i have no idea how this can occur)and which is the best remedy for him to heal this problem brother?

    • Enlarged heart can be the consequence of hard labour or extreme sport activity but can also occur if the blood pressure is elevated for extended periods of time.
      If you family member contacts me I can guide him/her into health. Love and light brother.

  2. This article is so encouraging. It really shows us our body’s infinit wisdom which created by the Mother Nature. What we really need to do is simple: feed our body the right thing and trust it to do the rest. Thanks dear Darko. You are trully a gem for us. 🙂 Love and light. Lee

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