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Many people suffer from pain  caused by inflamed and swollen hemorrhoids. Somehow, maybe because of their location, people are uneasy to talk about them and often look for help  after they have been suffering from the pain for a long time.
Often when you go and ask a doctor about help regarding hemorrhoids, only temporary solutions are given and if the problem becomes  intolerable, surgery is offered as the only solution to this problem.
Is this the best that can be done?
Could the problem of inflamed and painful hemorrhoids be resolved in some other manner?
Of course it can, but before we go there, let me just explain a thing or two about hemorrhoids.
Hemorrhoids are always present around the anal sphincter, the muscle that closes the colon  so that we can hold and control the feces. They may be located inside the rectum  (internal hemorrhoids), or they may develop under the skin around the anus (external hemorrhoids).
Hemorrhoids are blood vessels  that increase their diameter when the pressure in the stomach cavity increases. Some people think that they serve as protectors of the anus. I believe that they are there to control and help the sphincter to do its job better.
In certain positions of the body, like bent over or squat positions,  the pressure within the stomach cavity increases. With this increased pressure there is the possibility of feces that has accumulated in the colon to be squeezed out. As the internal pressure of the stomach cavity increases, hemorrhoids fill with blood, dilate and hermetically close the sphincter so that the anus does not leak.
This means that everyone has hemorrhoids so what is the big fuss about?
Well, some people experience itchiness or pain in the anus area. The pain sometimes feels like there is a boil or abscess. This is very painful. Also some people experience bleeding while defecating and their anus is moist like it has a mucous lining over it.
'The secret of happiness? Well, for me it would be a tube of hemorrhoid ointment.'
People that suffer from painful hemorrhoids often experience a bubbly protrusion  coming out from their anuses or soft tissue bubbles appearing on the outside  of their anus. This means that their hemorrhoids have enlarged themselves and, even if the swelling goes down, those soft bags can turn into flaps that remain there and it’s easy for them to frequently swell up and cause a pain.
Why do those changes  appear and is it possible to eradicate them?
Here is what we are told about it by our doctors;

“This swelling can be caused by several things, including
  • obesity,
  • pregnancy,
  • standing or sitting for long periods,
  • straining on the toilet,
  • chronic constipation or diarrhea,
  • eating a low-fiber diet,
  • coughing,
  • sneezing,
  • vomiting, and
  • holding your breath while straining to do physical labor. “
As you can see, doctors are completely lost. What we learn in medical school  is really pathetic and no wonder doctors cannot help us to re establish our health. Since doctors do not know the truth they simply mention all the various states of human health where they often observe those problems with increased and painful hemorrhoids, implying that the problem is caused by the state of the human body and utterly missing the real culprit.
So what is the real culprit you may ask?
Remember when I was talking about the blood circulation in my previous articles, I have mentioned how acidic and dehydrated blood vessels lose elasticity. Often in this state, veins dilate and we can see them as the thick blue swollen vessels  that we have named varicose veins.
Exactly the same thing that causes varicose veins to appear, influences the appearance of swollen and painful hemorrhoids.
We are told that obesity is the cause of hemorrhoids, but many obese people do not suffer from them.
Pregnancy- but most pregnant women do not have them.
Sitting or standing for a long time- what a nonsense.
Straining on the toilet- this makes some sense but now and then many people find themselves straining on the toilet and they do not have the problem.
Eating a low fiber diet- I do not eat any fiber and many of my friends do the same. We do not suffer from inflamed hemorrhoids.
I do not want to continue mentioning the stupidities that are blamed as the reasons for  swollen and painful hemorrhoids.
It goes back to the same old and ever present problem the great majority of people are experiencing which is blood toxicity.
So if almost all people have toxic blood, how come that some experience the problem and others do not?
As I always explain, the organs which are forced to work harder will have increased blood flow. When the blood is toxic, those organs with increased blood flow will show anomalies faster than the other organs in the body.
Since increased pressure in the stomach cavity increases the blood flow through the hemorrhoids, the more often the stomach pressure increases, the faster the cells that form hemorrhoids will become dehydrated and polluted.
The pollute and toxic cells cause the changes in the shape and size of the hemorrhoids including their swelling and pain.
This means that straining on the toilet, lifting heavy weights, doing sit ups, squats  or lifting heavy objects, all of those activities can be the cause of enlarged and painful hemorrhoids but only if the blood is toxic and the cells refuse to hydrate with it.
Now we came to the question can we control and normalize the hemorrhoids again.
Yes we can.
First we have to cleanse the blood. We are warned not to strain and increase the abdominal pressure to avoid the increase of the swelling of the hemorrhoids but when the blood is clean, the faster the blood flow, the faster the recovery will be, so you can continue with exercising during the healing period and it will do you good.
Consistency of the stool has to be controlled by the hydration so that there is no irritation. Proper food has to be ingested so that we do not irritate the sensitive tissue during the healing process and fibresform plants are not it.
The swelling and the pain may go down within several days but the enlarged flaps of hemorrhoids will remain for some time. As the body does not support what it does not need, the flaps will dissolve in time as well, assuming that the hydration and the correct diet is maintained.
I try to keep my articles short so if you want to know how to properly hydrate, read my book The Owners Manual For The Human Body, or look for the article on hydration that I had published before.
No evasive surgery is necessary and the body will return to its original healthy state.
Again the Self Healer’s Protocol will show you the way to get there. 
Love and light.



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