Lately several people have contacted me regarding the Self Healer’s Protocol and their inability to keep or increase their weight. Some of these people  claim how they are eating correctly according to the protocol but no matter how much meat and fat they eat, they keep loosing weight  to the point of looking malnourished and weak.
When this happens the most common culprits of their weight loss  are intestinal parasites.
The two main types of intestinal parasites are helminths and protozoa. Helminths are multi cellular  parasites resembling worms. Tapeworms, pinworms, and roundworms are among the most common helminths in the United States. In their adult form, helminths cannot multiply in the human body.
Protozoa have only one cell, and can multiply inside the human body, which can allow serious infections to develop.
Diarrheal disease
Different parts of the world will have their specific parasites so it is best to contact a local health specialist for their advice. 
I am not going to spend my time talking about the types and reproductive characteristic of the different types of intestinal parasites. This you can easily find on the Internet.
I am going to explain why we do get infected with them, how to eliminate them from our body and how we can  protect ourselves from becoming infected at the first place.
As soon as someone mentions intestinal parasites, the majority of people,  doctors included, think of meat as the source that brought those parasites into our body. The first thing you will hear from the mouths  of people opposing a meat diet is:  “meat has worms and bacteria”.
They could be correct. Sickly and parasite infested animals  will have parasites and even some bacteria within their organs and muscles. Such an animal should not be used as the source of meat for human consumption in the first place. This is why every slaughter house  has meat inspectors to identify and eliminate such meat so that it does not reach consumers.
In the case of wild game,  you do not even have to check for parasites because you will not find them there. Actually if wild animals  spend time on polluted land, their immune system can become compromised and infection is possible.  A hunter knows where to hunt and where to find a good wild game.
A wild boar
wild boar, sus scrofa, czech republic
A domestic pig
For example, trichinosis can be found in domestic pigs and dogs, but you do not have to bother dissecting wild boar  to check for this parasite, wild boar will not have it. I am mentioning trichinosis because everyone is scared of this parasite since it is difficult to eliminate it from the infected body and it can have grave consequences for our health.
So why do domestic pigs contract this parasite and wild pigs do not?
There are several reasons for this.
For one, wild animals have a strong immune system.
Second, wild animals eat correctly.
Third, wild animals do not live in a stressful environment

Why is the immune system strong in wild animals? Because they do not eat dietary (cooked and processed) carbohydrates. I write often about the havoc that dietary carbs create in the human body.

By eating correctly I emphasize the fact that animals in the wild  do not have access to dietary carbohydrates because they eat their food the way God created it to be eaten. In my book “The Resonance of Nutrition” I explain the digestion and how the body manipulates  raw food and what will happen when the food is processed or heat treated.
The intestinal parasites enter our body with the food or water we ingest. If parasite eggs are present they will be swallowed and end up in the stomach. When we eat correctly, under the presence of animal protein, the stomach will produce  a strong hydrochloric acid of PH 1.5 . This is very acidic. This strong acid will tear apart the protein. If the acid can destroy the animal protein, it will certainly destroy any parasite or eggs of parasites that found themselves in the stomach. This is why we do not have to worry about any parasite or eggs of the parasites that found themselves in the stomach of an animal that eats the correct diet.
The problem comes  when the parasites or eggs of the parasites enter our stomach with fruits or vegetables. Fruits and vegetables do not stimulate the production of hydrochloric acid since the acid is not required for their digestion. Our body knows that fruits and vegetables cannot be digested and our body never does what is unnecessary. Since there is no hydrochloric acid present in the stomach, parasites and their eggs can survive easily and enter the intestines. The intestines have a neutral or slightly alkaline PH which sooths the growth of the intestinal parasites. Now you can see how a vegetable diet  can be dangerous for our health in many different ways.
If we eat a lot of carbohydrates and salads with some meat we create a similar problem.  The stomach will create some hydrochloric acid but it will not acidify the stomach sufficiently, so equally there is a good chance  for parasites and their eggs to survive and enter the intestines. Once they are there, they can easily live and reproduce.
Parasites absorb nutrients from the digested food so the more parasites you have, the less of the nutrients will be available for absorbtion because the parasites will have their first pick.
By eliminating their waste, parasites increase intestinal toxicity. These toxins are plentiful, they will inflame  the intestines and further compromise the absorption of nutrients into our blood. Inflamed intestines prevent water absorption as well so people often get diarrhea and become dehydrated.
Some parasites have different larval stages so when their eggs enter our body they hatch into larva. Some larva migrate through our lungs causing bronchitis like symptoms, some end up in our eyes, some in our liver so here is where we can expect to have health issues as well. Later they morph into the adult stage and settle in the intestines. Here they grow and produce new eggs.
The only way to get rid of them is to chase them out from the intestines. This is not so easy since some parasites like the tape worm for example, bite into the intestinal wall to hold themselves in place. 
There are different toxins for different parasites but there are some which are universal. The most popular universal medicinal remedy for elimination of intestinal parasites is garlic. I also recommend the use of wormwood  for eradication of intestinal parasites especially for roundworms and pinworms. 
The best knowledge to follow is local knowledge.
If you decide to use garlic as a medicine  for the elimination of intestinal parasites,  the best way is to  incorporate it with the self healer’s protocol but avoid using the pulser (Beck’s blood purifier) because this combination can be lethal. In my book ‘The Owners Manual For The Human Body” I explain why one cannot use the pulser  with any kind of medicinal remedies.
Do not use garlic or any kind of medicinal remedies for an extended period of time. Use them no longer than for 3 weeks and then repeat after 14 days to eliminate the newly hatched ones.
After the treatment stop ingesting any medicinal remedies.  Remember that  medicinal means toxic and interferes with the normal functioning of your body. Wormwood and garlic  are strong neurotoxins, they create spasms  so worms disengage from the intestinal wall and become lethargic. The intestinal contraction will force them out and drinking larger quantities of water with sea salt will help to quicker eliminate them from your intestines.
The best prevention from intestinal parasites is to eat correctly and when eating fruits or vegetables, wash them well and wash your hands as well since they can be laced with the eggs of the parasites if you live in a parasite infested area.
One way to wash vegetables  is to soak them in a bowl of clean water into which you add a splash of vinegar and sodium bicarbonate.
Now you understand why everyone urges you to avoid eating salads when you are travelling and no one warns you to wash the meat that you are about to eat.
Love and light.



  1. Very interesting. But in my country local hunters feed wild animals with grains, so their immune system is compromise.

  2. Doesn’t enough to kill any kind of parasites if you drinking 3-4 liters of water with sea salt during the day?
    Thanks Darko

      • Darko, so ph of 1.5 in our stomach can be possible only if we eat raw animal protein? Grill and coocked meat does not produce 1.5, even if eaten without carbs?

      • Ante I am not absolutely sure but it is certain that coagulated protein is very difficult to digest and since the frequency has been changed, it will not stimulate the same genetic response as the raw meat would.

  3. Darko what about when we eat only fat? If our meal is just fat, what happens with stomach PH level? Does it get acidic like when eaten raw animal protein?

    • Ante, only fat means fatty acids. We do not have access to just fatty acids. Al fat that we eat is either triglyceride of cholesterol. When it is in the form of cholesterol, fat is bonded to protein so here you have it. Fat + protein.

    • There are no great shakes achieved with apple cider vinegar. Every type of cleansing with medicinal remedies dwarfs the cleansing body does when it has enough water an sea salt.
      Apple cider vinegar does not remove intestinal parasites.

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