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Endometriosis is an often painful disorder in which tissue that normally lines the inside of the uterus – the endometrium – grows outside of it. Endometriosis most commonly involves the ovaries, fallopian tubes and the tissue lining the pelvis. Rarely, endometrial tissue may spread beyond the pelvic organs.
If left unattended it may cause a scar tissue and infertility. Endometriosis can be painful especially during an intercourse. It can be the cause of an extensive bleeding during a menstrual cycle, it can cause a pain with bowel movements or urination.
A woman may also experience fatigue, diarrhea, constipation, bloating or nausea, especially during menstrual periods when endometriosis is present.
This is what we are told is the cause of endometriosis;
Although the exact cause of endometriosis is not certain, possible explanations include:
  • Retrograde menstruation. In retrograde menstruation, menstrual blood containing endometrial cells flows back through the fallopian tubes and into the pelvic cavity instead of out of the body. These displaced endometrial cells stick to the pelvic walls and surfaces of pelvic organs, where they grow and continue to thicken and bleed over the course of each menstrual cycle.
  • Transformation of peritoneal cells. In what’s known as the “induction theory,” experts propose that hormones or immune factors promote transformation of peritoneal cells — cells that line the inner side of your abdomen — into endometrial cells.
  • Embryonic cell transformation. Hormones such as estrogen may transform embryonic cells — cells in the earliest stages of development — into endometrial cell implants during puberty.
  • Surgical scar implantation. After a surgery, such as a hysterectomy or C-section, endometrial cells may attach to a surgical incision.
  • Endometrial cells transport. The blood vessels or tissue fluid (lymphatic) system may transport endometrial cells to other parts of the body.
  • Immune system disorder. It’s possible that a problem with the immune system may make the body unable to recognize and destroy endometrial tissue that’s growing outside the uterus.
We are told that there are some circumstances that may promote this disease.
Several factors place you at greater risk of developing endometriosis, such as:
  • Never giving birth
  • Starting your period at an early age
  • Going through menopause at an older age
  • Short menstrual cycles — for instance, less than 27 days
  • Having higher levels of estrogen in your body or a greater lifetime exposure to estrogen your body produces
  • Low body mass index
  • Alcohol consumption
  • One or more relatives (mother, aunt or sister) with endometriosis
  • Any medical condition that prevents the normal passage of menstrual flow out of the body
  • Uterine abnormalities
Endometriosis usually develops several years after the onset of menstruation (menarche). Signs and symptoms of endometriosis end temporarily with pregnancy and end permanently with menopause, unless you’re taking estrogen. Why is this happening? Why does endometriosis disappear with the menopause? 
Before we answer this question, we should first shed some light on why endometriosis appears in the first place.
You have probably noticed that doctors and scientists have really no clue why endometriosis occurs and they are just fishing for the culprit utilizing the poor knowledge they are given in the medical university. This is also why there is a “strong belief” that endometriosis could be a genetic thing and even have autoimmune tendencies.
These are all  well known pathways for explaining every chronic health issue.
Why do health professionals and scientists have such trouble  to pinpoint the real culprit? Because they do not know anything about the body’s reaction to toxicity  and even if they did,  they have no idea of how to detoxify the human body.
Why am I blabbering about toxicity again?
Because toxic overload is the cause of all chronic health problems, it is here that we have to look for the answer. 
The endometrium  of the uterus is the first layer of the uterus where the egg comes and starts to proliferate creating a new life. Since the body has to be clean to sustain the new life, the uterus is cleansed every month, rejuvenated and restored so that it can function well when needed.
Illustration Of Endometriosis
This is done through menstruation
The more toxic is the environment, the more cleansing has to be done and the more blood will be used to do the cleansing. This is why women with endometriosis often tend to have prolonged menstruation and lose more blood.
This can often result in a drop in the iron level of the blood
Since the endometrium of the uterus is being used for the cleansing, the cells of the endometrium  will require more water which is necessary for their cleansing. If the cells of the endometrium are dehydrated because they do not want to hydrate utilizing toxic blood, they become acidic so inflammation will be provoked to forcefully hydrate those cells. This creates the increase of the diameter of the endothelial tissue.
This condition is what we call endometriosis.
I also want to mention that women of child bearing age have very active blood circulation of the endometrium of the uterus.
The more toxic blood passes through the endothelium, the quicker it’s cells acidify, causing inflammation.
 This is why the inflammation goes down during the menstruation because there is lesser blood flow through the endothelial tissue and many toxic acidic cells will be flushed away with menstrual blood.
Since the doctors do not know that water and sea salt is necessary for the cellular hydration to take place, this is not suggested to the patient and the inflammation continues to occur Instead hormones are used to control the inflammation and now we can see how this is not the correct thing to do. To minimize the inflammation doctors do what they are trained to do and that is to minimize the amount of water in the body hoping that a lack of the water will stop the inflammation.
If you follow my work then you know that the lack of water  in the circulation will increase the blood’s toxicity because an insufficient amount of water  will make it impossible for the cleansing organs of the body to cleanse the blood. Minimizing the water levels in the body actually makes things worse  since it increases the blood’s toxicity. Also without the adequate amount of a sea salt, no hydration can be achieved.
This means when the doctors suggest that you must reduce the amount of salt you ingest, they are preventing you from hydrating and you cannot help your body to cleanse itself.
Since the endometrium of the uterus was not hydrated, it could not be cleansed and cellular acidity remains. This causes  chronic inflammation of the endometrium and its thickening. The endometrium  starts to further increase in its size and since it cannot be cleaned, even with the menstruation, it starts to develop a scar tissue of old and dead cells that have not been able to be cleansed from the body.
So why does endometriosis cease to exist  after the menopause?
After the child bearing days of the woman are over, there is no more need for the uterus to be in a pristine form so that it can support a new life. A much lesser volume of blood  will be passing through the uterus and especially the endometrium of the uterus so the cells of the endometrium will have less need to hydrate. This way less toxins will be taken in by the endothelial cells and they will become less polluted.
Several times before, in my other articles, I have mentioned how the organs that have to work harder will show the signs of problems faster when the blood is polluted. As it is with the prostate of sexually active men so it is with the uterus of women in their child bearing age or the brain of people  who have to concentrate a lot during the day or are exposed to permanent stress.
Now the question remains, can endometriosis be healed even when it is enormous and protruding out of the uterus?
Of course it can. Simply follow the Self Healer’s Protocol and you have nothing to worry about.
With love and light.


12 comments on “ENDOMETRIOSIS

  1. Hi dearDarko
    You say:Several times before, in my other articles, I have mentioned how the organs that have to work harder will show the signs of problems faster when the blood is polluted.

    Now i want to know when i make my blood toxic with antibiotics i have much pain on my kidney and this is means that my kidney work so hard to cleanse my blood and i have painful symptoms?

    • Tubal ligation has no connection to endometriosis.
      Yes you pollute your blood with the antibiotics and kidneys suffer because they have to remove them and at the same time they become more toxic.

  2. Recently i have convince one vegeterian lady to start drinking salt water. She is small and 105kg heavy, and she eliminate salt from her diet. After one week, miracle her, ankles are not swollen anymore!!

    • Ante thank you for sharing your knowledge and helping others. Love and light brother.
      Now convince her to get off the vegetarian diet and start to eat animal based products.

      • I am. We got wheat, soy and beans out. Eggs, chees and fat nuts in. But i have to wait to push her for meat.

    • Tomi, chia seeds are basically fibre and oils. Every seed is protected by toxic proteins to prevent animals from eating them. Those proteins are used sometimes as medicinal remedy. They inflame the intestine. This interferes with their absorption. Since water has difficulty to be absorbed it remains in the intestines making the stool softer.
      When heated, the toxic protein is destroyed but very small amount of glucose will be released and will enter the blood which is not good for health. Otherwise chia has a lot of unsaturated fat All in all it is better to have a stake than wasting the money on chia seeds.

      • Yes, steak is my choice, too!

        I should’ve specified, I was wondering if you could explain what happens when you soak chia seeds in liquid overnight — the result is a gelatinous drink or pudding. (I am amazed at the enormous popularity of consuming all sorts of seeds and incredible variety of grains which require so much resources and the destruction of our environment in order to produce! Personally, I stick to listening to my body when it comes to eating, don’t venture into fads; the simpler, the better.)

        Also, do you recommend the consumption of animal-derived gelatin?
        Thanks again!

      • Tomi, by soaking, chia seeds start to sprout. The protective protein diminishes so it does not create indigestion and some complex sugars ( polysaccharides) mix with the water creating gelatine. Your small amount of energy that chia seeds provide is mostly sugar and some unsaturated fats. For vegans this is great since they are extremely fat deprived so some seeds that contain more fat like chia seeds for example are a great news. I do not touch carbohydrates so chia seeds are not part of my diet.

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