Tarapoto is a small town in the region of Peru called San Martin. Tarapoto is situated in the Amazon region where multiple rivers start forming the beginnings of the Amazon river.
Many people are familiar with Tarapoto and they are flocking to this small town. Some are coming to see the beautiful nature but most of them come for a particular experience and that is to engage in the Ayahuasca ceremony. This is why Tarapoto is known as the Ayahuasca capital of the World.
On the one hand this is good for the economy of Tarapoto, but on the other hand  it is detrimental for the spiritual aspect of what Ayahuasca is and what Ayahuasca represents.
Once, the Ayahuasca ceremony  was a sacred ritual in which the chosen one would connect to the spiritual world and then interpret their experience to others. It was also used as a method of healing be it either directly,  where the patient would drink the Ayahuasca and cleanse, or indirectly by the shaman taking the Ayahuasca and learning what plants to use to heal the patient.
This sacred ritual has been prostituted for money  and performed without adequate supervision making it unsafe and disappointing for many whose expectations were of a different experience .

Many people that come to have the Ayahuasca experience are people who regularly use narcotics like opium, LSD or marijuana and they expect a similar and stronger  experience with the Ayahuasca. Those people will be disappointed because Ayahuasca is not an hallucinogen drug.

Some people may argue that marijuana is not hallucinogenic either. Well it does interfere with cerebral activity and it will intensify the way you feel so if you feel happy it will make you delirious. If you feel sad it will drown you in bad feeling, bad visions and really put you down.
Ayahuasca has nothing to do with this.
There are several aspects to Ayahuasca. First and foremost Ayahuasca will purge you. It will clean your digestive system and your stored negative energies that are interfering with the bodies healing processes. Under the influence of Ayahuasca you stay alert and connected all the time. You are being guided and shown what you have to know or what you have asked to be shown before you took the drink.
There could be moments where you start drifting and disconnecting. Here is where the experience and the connection of the shaman that is supervising you comes into play.  He notices what is happening and gently clears you of the energy that took a hold of you. In an instant you feel connected again and continue with the learning process. And it is a learning process because your spirit is showing you what you wanted to know. There are no lies and no hidden agendas.
Everything is self explanatory. You do not hear the words but you understand what is going on.
People who expect a delirium often think that they will intensify the experience if they use marijuana or alcohol before they take Ayahuasca.
Bottled ayahuasca ready for a ceremony in Peru.
A foggy brain does not help since it cannot keep you concentrated and no Ayahuasca experience will be possible
Those people remain disappointed and in fact often have a bad purging feeling with vomiting as the body tries to cleanse itself of the opiate.
My Ayahuasca experience was fascinating. I was shown what is Ego, where I have attached it and how I can purge it. I always thought that Ego is a part of me. A part of my personality of who I am.
The spirit  has shown me that Ego is what we create when we want to be recognized for particular things that we do, or to show ourselves in another light: as in competition with others.
 Every time you do something to elevate yourself over others, ego is being created and attached to the event. Those egoistic  thoughts stay within you as negative energies and interfere with your daily life. They become precursors of judgements.
As they interfere with your thoughts, egoistic  thoughts start to interfere with the flow of energy  within your body and this can lead to the cellular dysfunction we call disease.
It was a really great feeling of lightness that came over my body once i had purged those egoistic  thoughts.
 My opinion was always that I am not an Egotist, and that my Ego is not pronounced. Well, it took me about an hour of purging to get all those bad energies with an Ego attached to them out of my body.
The other thing I was shown is that we never lose the sense of who we are. Our body is just an Avatar, a robot which we use as a vehicle  for our three dimensional experience we call the life. After we have experienced everything we wanted to experience, we have no more need for this Avatar  so we leave it behind and think of other experiences we want to have in the new game of life.
During our life we make a decision  to experience something additional that just caught our imagination so we add this to the cocktail of our Earthly experiences.  This is possible because we have a free choice to do so. We may have a glimpse of what is awaiting us  and we do not want this to happen. We can consciously change this and avoid this experience even if it was one of those experiences we had chosen  to experience before entering the new Avatar. As they say, “we can change our stars”.
During the influence of Ayahuasca I wanted Hilno to know that I am ok and that everything is well so I sent her my love  and reassurance. She later reported to me that all of a sudden  she felt my presence and love and she became overwhelmed with feelings and started to cry.
Our friend noticed this and took Hilno to the place of the ceremony and she saw me sending kisses to the Universe. I was so delighted and thankful for this experience that I did start to send kisses to the Heavens, to the Creator and the creation of all there is. It was just unbelievable.
I wrote this article for those of you who are thinking about whether or not to come and experience the Ayahuasca ceremony.  If you are recreational drug users leave those drugs behind because Ayahuasca has nothing to do with getting high. Ayahuasca can help you heal and it can be your teacher if you ask her to be. Try to avoid compromised commercial Ayahuasca centers and look for genuine shamanic supervision.
I know that some of you will be disappointed but better now than later after you have paid a lot of money to come here.
For those of you who are searching for health and spiritual connection Ayahuasca can be a real eye opener and I highly recommend it.
Love and light.
Spherical Panorama Shaman Rock or Cape Burhan on Olkhon Island in winter, surrounded by the blue ice of Lake Baikal with cracks.



  1. marijuana can be compared to ayuhuasca because marijuana has many many different strains with different thc levels like pineapple express,purple haze,og kush and blue oister that can give really good experiences

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