Businessman in blur shirt stomachache
I wrote about this topic before but ever increasing numbers of people are contacting me with this question and asking me; “Darko is there a solution for those health problems?”
As always, my answer is a big YES!!!
Doctors are being mislead into believing that the Helicobacter pylori causes both of those health problems, or as the doctors call them, diseases.
Why is this so?
The answer is simple. When the patient complains of stomach pain, there is always an inflammation going on. In medical science the Latin and ancient Greek languages are being used to name and identify diseases, so when inflammation is in question, the affected organ is mentioned and “itis” is added to the end of the name. This signifies inflammation of the organ. So red and itchy eye is caused by inflammation of the conjunctiva of the eye so it is called conjunctivitis. Redness and swelling of the skin (dermis) is called dermatitis. Inflamed lungs (bronchi) is called bronchitis….
This part is easy to explain but why do those doctors blame Helicobacter pylori as the cause of the gastritis and stomach ulcers?
Well, since the doctors are being ill informed of the real reasons why inflammation occurs, they think if the inflammation is present there has to be some pathogen involved. And since the Helicobacter pylori is regularly found in the stomach of affected people, they presume that the H. pylori must be the cause. Doctors do not find it important that H. pylori is abundant in the small intestine and there it does not cause any problems.
Since there is no other pathogen present in the stomach that can be blamed for gastritis  and ulcer in most affected people, doctors simply put the blame on the “usual suspect”. This is very common in our modern society run by gangsters and cartels and where no questions are asked.  Sounds familiar?
medical bacteria illustration of the helicobacter pyloris
The doctors are using antibiotics which is of no surprise since this is what they are trained to do and no healing is achieved, just a temporary suppression of the symptoms at best.
So if the H. pylori is not the culprit, what is, you may ask?
I am always pointing out how the reason for just about all chronic health problems is our wrong, vegetable based diet, lack of water and the insufficient amount of salt we eat.
The vegans and the vegetarians are ready to jump down my throat,  so here let me explain what is going on.
I often point out how we are primarily carnivores and then fruit eaters. The vegetables are used as medicinal remedies and mostly for purging our digestive system. When we eat animal protein, our stomach creates hydrochloric acid which it uses to break down the protein. This acid is very strong so when it is produced, whatever bacteria finds itself inside of the stomach will be digested. This goes for H. pylori as well. This is why when you eat correctly, you do not have H. pylori in your stomach and it is almost impossible for you to get an infection of the stomach.
An obvious question springs to mind, how come that H. pylori is present within the stomach of so many people?
I did mention that the stomach will produce acid when the acid is needed. So when we eat correctly, we eat meat and the stomach produces acid.
Everything changes when we eat incorrectly.
There is no acid necessary when we eat fruits and vegetables. This does not mean that we should not eat fruits. We eat fruits on occasion and even if we have the habit of eating a large quantity of fruits, we still eat the meat for its protein and energy. This means that if some of the H. pylori managed to enter the now alkaline stomach,  they will not be reproducing there much, because the next meal of meat will destroy them.
The problem occurs when our main source of nutrition becomes alkaline vegetable or carbohydrates. Neither of them will stimulate hydrochloric acid production so the stomach will remain alkaline. Even if a small piece of meat is consumed with a predominantly vegetarian diet,   some stomach acid will be produced. The amount of acid produced will be inadequate to destroy the H. pylori or any other bacteria that could find itself inside of our stomach.
Well, after I have explained all this I have to disappoint you and let you know  that the Helicobacter pylori is not the primary cause of gastritis or stomach ulcer.
So if H. pylori does not cause gastritis and ulcer, what does?
The primary cause is the lack of water, secondly an insufficient amount of salt in the body and then the toxic, protective proteins which are present within raw vegetables.
Let me explain.
By eating incorrectly, utilizing mostly vegetables and adding some meat to the meal, we send the incorrect signal to our digestive system.
A very small amount of hydrochloric acid will be produced.  Also the lack of water and sea salt will prevent acid and sodium bicarbonate production. When the hydrochloric acid is being produced, in the same chemical reaction, sodium bicarbonate is manufactured as well. Sodium bicarbonate remains within the stomachal membrane and protects the cells  of our stomach from contact with the hydrochloric acid.
The smaller is the amount of sodium bicarbonate, the weaker will be its protection of stomach cells and the higher will be the possibility of some acid getting by and affecting the cells of our stomach.  Frequent irritation of cells in the stomach will cause the irritation and the inflammation we call gastritis. Also if one area of the stomach is frequently exposed to strong acid, the stomach wall may be damaged  and it can start to bleed. This we call a stomach ulcer.
Yes Helicobacter pylori may be present but it does not cause this problem and the reason it is there is because the environment is allowing it.
So how do we fix this health issue?
Here we go again, the Self Healer’s Protocol will do the miracle.
By hydrating with water and sea salt, we provide the body with all the necessary ingredients it needs to produce the hydrochloric acid and the sodium bicarbonate, and by changing the diet, we bring the proper environment to the stomach so that the irritation stops and healing takes place. 
The results will surprise you.
If you feel that you need any guidance,  do not hesitate to ask for my assistance.
I have to mention, that more and more health problems are being attributed to this harmless bacteria we call the Helicobacter pylori, including cancer. The fake science of medicine is obviously on its last legs.
Love and light to us all.
Beach, Calm, Dark Clouds, Dawn, Dusk



  1. Hi dear drDarko
    Now that i have an infection(bacterial, even antibiotics didnt heal me)
    Which are yours advice to heal my infection dearDarko?
    Also like colloidal silver is have another substance dearDarko that kill bad bacteria that cause me inflammation to my organ..

  2. Hamdi inflammations in our body is not caused by bacteria, fungus or virus as we are being told. The inflammation is caused by acidic, toxic body and the attempt of such a body to hydrate and detoxify itself. Unfortunately, toxic and acidic body is the perfect environment for bacterial and fungal growth so they also thrive in it.
    Using antibiotics brings even more pollution and since it destroys only selected type of bacteria and stops the cleansing of the body, symptoms disappear but other bacteria or fungus continue to grow even faster since the body is even more acidic.
    Instead of waging a war we have to change the environment and cleanse the body.
    Read my book and follow the Self Healers Protocol or make Skype appointment with me and I will explain to you everything and I will guide you into health.
    Love and light

  3. Hi dearDarko
    Is it good idea to use baking soda internally everyday to improve our health?
    Also can really baking soda can make our body alkaline(without sea salt)?
    Love and Peace:)

    • We should not be using alkaline solutions for extended periods of time. Alkalinity I am talking about is achieved by flushing acids from the blood and from the cells. Alkaline solution do nothing to achieve this. Water and sea salt does. Eat correctly. This is way more productive than eating acidic food and countering the poison with an antidote.

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