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For some people it may be surprising but there are people who have a problem gaining weight.
I am not talking about anorexia. I am talking about people who try to eat correctly but have difficulty to control their weight.
As more people are realizing  how eating meat may be a good thing, and instead of piling potatoes, rice or pasta onto their plates,  they use salads. Instead of pastry they reach for a piece of fruit, instead of wine they take a glass of water and all of a sudden  the weight starts coming down.
When this happens we feel great but the time comes when we want to maintain the weight we have, or even gain some weight back. Now here comes the problem. How to do this?
Ever increasing numbers  of people are asking me this question.
There is a simple answer to this question but unfortunately some people find it to be complicated because there are many variables involved.
Let me start by using  the correct diet as an example.
When we eat correctly, our food is mostly animal protein and fats mixed with some fruits. Our genetic code is properly activated, our cells have plenty of active mitochondria and our immune system functions perfectly. Such a body can produce all the energy it requires utilizing fat as a fuel. This means that as long as there is enough fat in your diet, your cells will have enough energy and you will not lose any weight.
Protein provides a similar amount of energy as carbohydrates do, but saturated fat brings more than double the amount of energy to the body.  So if you want to gain weight, eat more saturated fat. Eat meat with its fat, do not separate the meat from it.
Many people make the same mistake when changing their diet. They eliminate or drastically reduce carbohydrates from their meals but they do not increase the amount of meat or fat in the portion.
Let us look at it.
You take a chicken leg, add the salad and skip the 3-4 potatoes that you usually consumed with the meal. Well, the potatoes provided more energy (calories) than the piece of chicken you were having. Here you have diminished the amount of calories you were consuming.
Meal, Sauce, Restaurant, Plate
You then eliminated the alcohol you drank previously with the meal and had water instead. 
Alcohol is full of sugar and that is also an energy that was deducted from your average meal.
You have skipped the dessert and had a fruit. Another loss of energy. When you add to this that your cells have a huge number of mitochondria which will process the fat and turn it into energy, you can understand the reason for your weight loss.
Once you understand this, the solution to gaining weight is simple.  Load up on the fat or double up on the animal protein. Do not increase the amount of fruits you eat. They won’t provide you with the energy you need. This is the mistake most people are making. The majority of people grab fruit when they are hungry because they are seeking something raw and healthy.
Apple, Red Apple, Red Chief, Red, Fruit
Well fruit is ok, but it does not have any energy to speak of so do not use it as a food supplement  if you want to gain weight. Instead reach for a piece of cheese or a T-bone steak  Shove some raw eggs down your throat and flush them down with a full fat yogurt or a glass of fresh full fat milk.
Some people complain how they are constantly hungry after they have decreased the amount of carbohydrates in their diet. This is understandable.
If your body has not already reprogrammed it’s genome and has not reactivated the necessary amount of mitochondria, because dietary glucose is still a part of your diet, your cells cannot produce adequate amounts of energy utilizing the fat alone.
If you have drastically lowered the carbohydrate intake, even if you have increased the protein and fat content in your meal, your cells will be underpowered. They cannot utilize fat because they do not have enough mitochondria so they are glucose dependent and they are waiting for the carbohydrate. This makes you hypoglycemic, lightheaded and weak. If you did not increase the amount of fat or the protein in your food, you will not be depositing triglyceride and no weight gain can be expected.
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Here you can see how incorrect is the popular saying; “everything in moderation is good”. No amount of poison can ever be ok, even if it is used in “moderation”.
This is not to say that lowering the amount of carbohydrates in your meals will not have a positive impact on your health. But you do need to be aware  that cells hesitate to increase the amount of the mitochondria if glucose is regularly present in the blood. Regular consumption of dietary glucose increases the sugar absorption so strong spikes in glucose blood levels will be present every time you eat dietary carbohydrates and this will interfere with the cellular adjustment of the mitochondria.
This is exactly why so many people have failed in losing weight when they follow any kind of caloric counting diet. It is simply a torture for the body and the mind.
Even after reading my book and following the Self Healer’s Protocol many people decide to have a Skype consultation with me to better understand the principle and they report to me daily, everything they have eaten. This way I can catch their mistakes and correct them. Losing weight becomes easy and no hunger is involved. Since the body becomes adjusted on the genetic level, healing will take place and true health can be achieved.
Once your cells function properly, it is easy to control the weight simply by adjusting how much of the protein and fat you are eating daily. This is easy because you do not experience any hunger or weakness doing it.
Simple isn’t it?????
Love and light.



  1. Thank you for quick respond! So that means i can increas protein consuption and dont be worried about it, like too much protein is converted to sugar, or too much protein is bad for kidneys, or can promote cancer etc.

    • Cells convert to the sugar only as much protein as they need to produce adequate amount of a glycogen. If there is more protein than necessary, cells do not convert it into glycogen but into triglyceride and store it as energy.

  2. hi dr darko i want to ask you about dietary protein .dr mercola and dr rosedale say that it’s important to limit our protein intake because Excessive protein can have a stimulating effect on an important biochemical pathway called the mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR) This pathway has an important and significant role in many cancers and also and aging process also Higher protein intake elevates IGF and high IGF in the blood has role in cancer and aging process.what your thought about that subject dr darko

    • Karim you have to realize that Dr. Mercola and his friend Dr. Rosedale are supplement pushers and not scientists. Their knowledge comes from medical books and studies which everyone who investigates knows that they are nonsensical. What they are repeating about the protein is pure crap. Just try my suggestions and you will s how great you will feel. According to the “medical science” involving protein, all carnivores would be doomed. Dr. Mercola took down several of my comments where I pointed out that he should talk more truthfully. I do not want to push him to much because he warned me that he will block me if I continue disrupting. So I am being more reserved but do not think that Dr. Mercola has peoples health on his mind. It is the money first deal. Love and light

      • Everytime brother when i look your comments in drmercola website your comments are much superior and truthfully than the others but your comments have very small likes now and much of your comments are hidden, because you tell the truth and when you tell the truth drmercola lose their money(supplements drmercola antioxidanrs blah blah).
        For me the only good thing that drmercola make me is that i found you brother 🙂

  3. When Darko explains things – it just makes so much more rational sense than some of the stuff that is out there! Eat like an omnivore (we are!), little to no processing of foods (animal products too) and plenty of good sea salted water! Cheers!

  4. Good article, Darko. I’m currently trying to lose the last bit of excess fat I have around my midsection, but I seem to have reached a plateau. I’ve eliminated carbohydrates from my diet almost entirely (aside from the lactose in cheese, the small amounts in fruit, and some small amounts in condiments). I don’t count calories but if I had to guess I’d say I consume around 1500 per day in the form of meats, cheese, and fruit. I exercise at the gym 4 days a week. I start each workout with a 10 minute incline walk and then do 4-5 muscle hypertrophy-based excersises, 20-30 repetitions per exercise with moderate weight. I am also drinking sea salted water but not as much as I should be.

    Since elimating carbohydrates from my diet a month or two ago, I’ve lost about 15lbs (I weigh 140lbs now). Which is great, but it seems as if the fat isn’t coming off as quickly anymore. What could be the reason for this? The rest of my body is quite lean except for my midsection. My goal is to get rid of all excess body fat and then increase caloric intake and build muscle. What do you suggest I do to get get rid of this body fat while retaining as much muscle mass as possible in a short amount of time?

    Thank you, Darko. I anticipate your response.

    • Stefan do not count the lactose and meat as carbohydrate. They have animal origin so the sugar in them is connected to the protein and it is handled by our cells completely differently than carbohydrate of plants which is basically a starch (glucose). Nothing prevents you from building the muscle mass right now, just use as heavy weights as you can so that the maximum repetitions that you can do is no more then 12. Using heavy weight tells your muscles that they have to adjust to this weight and they will grow.
      To lose the fat from the mid section is the most difficult thing to do because this is the fat storage for the rainy dais. So what I did is fasting. I stopped eating and just had my salted water and one glass of fresh juice as lunch a day. I continued with exercising and the weight went down rapidly. You will notice loss of about 300 grams of fat a day. At one point you will stop losing weight again so when that happens immediately start eating again because if you do not, you will start chewing on your muscles and they will disappear. This had happened to me in my experiment. Now a month later most of my muscles are back but I remain lean and mean. Do not think that you need some carbs to build up your muscles. Drink more yogurt and milk and eat fresh cheese, this helps the best. Add more eggs to the breakfast smoothie and you will do great.

      • Thank you for the reply!

        Sorry I should have been more clear about my weightlifting routine. For each exercise, I perform 10-12 repetitions on my first set with as much weight as I can. I then perform 4 or 5 repetitions for each following set until I reach 30 repetitions total for that exercise.

        I have been intermittent fasting for quite some time now (feeding window from 11am to 7pm) but I have never tried complete fasting. How long do you think I should do this for? 3 days? Also, is it possible that I’m currently eating too little? I mentioned I eat around 1500 calories, but I’m not certain. Some days it could be anywhere from 1000-1500. Could this be a reason for my body holding on to excess fat?

        Secondly, What is the reason that the body begins using muscle as energy rather than stored fat after a certain period of fasting? If the fat is there for a rainy day, why doesn’t the body utilize all of the excess fat first before going after the muscle?

  5. Hi dearDarko 🙂

    I would very happy if you explain me how intestinal parasites(worms) make we to loss weight and how parasites interfere with apsorbation or our calories…?
    Also can apple cidearv kill parasites by increasing out hidrochlorid acid in our stomach and how we can prevent to not infected our body with parasites?
    Love arha88:)

  6. Hello again my bro
    I want to ask about calories calculator.

    For example when i looks how much calories have and eggs is about 70calories but they dont count cholesterol(186mg)as a energy,
    so i want to ask u is the cholesterol another form of the calories?
    Because u say bro cholesterol=fat+protein.

    • Archa; don’t be bothered with counting milligrams of fat (cholesterol is fat mostly) – or even whether you have one egg more or less. After you have adjusted your body to utilizing (mainly) fat as energy, simply let your hunger mechanism handle things while just ensuring you load up on good proteins and fats. I have found that fasting for a day or 2 (salt water and fresh pressed juice/coconut water) – is a great way to re-set (and detox) from any carb cheating that might have been done :o). Cheers!

      • Hello my friend Banthailand
        In these days im looking to much which foods has more calories because even i eat to much i dont gain weight.
        With protocol of my bro Darkos im feeling very good but underweight.
        Sometimes i think i need for 1months to eat an diet full of sugar,fat,protein only to gain weight and then only fat and protein(0carbs).
        What do u think can i do this for example?

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