God Zeus. The king of the gods the ruler of mount Olympus and the god of the sky and thunder.
This blog will be controversial and it is intended for the open minded. I assume that most of my readers belong to this group  but extremely religious people may be offended. So if you are one of those people I advise you   not to read this article because it may leave you frustrated. It is not my intention  to bash religion, I just want to point out  who was responsible for introducing us to carbohydrates as food and what were their motives behind it.
In the Old Testament  of the Bible at the very beginning as God was creating the World, God is sometimes mentioned as the single God the creator and sometimes in the plural as the Gods.  Many scholars say this was a mistake, I say it was not, it was a disclosure. Why a disclosure?
Those that ruled over us created all the events and told us about them in advance but – because we did not pay close enough attention to their writings – we missed out on vital clues that the rulers always left beforehand as to the true nature of those events.
The whole Bible is not what we think it is. The Bible was created  during the last days of the Roman empire.
Armor of God on a Christian Warrior
The Old and The New Testaments  were created at the same time and they were put together from selected manuscripts to lead humanity  into manifesting the plans of our masters who actually put the Bible together. As they knew how difficult it would be to control such a large mass of people, the same masters who created the Bible, created the Curran as a controlled opposition.  The masters came from Egypt and were Jews.  This is why the Bible is based on Jewish One God views. And it is not the one God who resides in everything, but it is the one bearded God in Heaven.
The idea of controlling humanity and keeping it enslaved is not just a modern phenomenon.  People have been controlled and enslaved for thousands of years. They have been controlled by the nobility, a higher ranking class of people who have claimed that it is their God given right to rule. Where did this idea come from and why have people accepted this and became subservient?
As we are being purposefully mislead through our educational system we believe that ancient people believed in many Gods and the idea of one God, came from the Jewish Torah  As I am talking to the Shamans of the Amazon jungle, they all know of  God, the creator who is encompassed in everything there is and has no beard and does not sit in Heaven.  This makes me believe that humans knew of the true God but they have been brainwashed into believing in the mystical creature instead. Why was this done and who can benefit from this?
We can find the answer to this question in the Bible.
In the beginning people roamed this Earth living in an excess of 600 years of age. Methuselah died when he was 900 years old and Enoch never died. He had such a loving and pure heart that God allowed him to ascend and to walk with him. So what has happened? Why was human age shortened so drastically?
Planet Earth underwent a cataclysmic event in which humans became vulnerable, so an extra terrestrial race  of humanoids from planet Nibiru called the Anunnaki were put in charge  to protect the Earth and humanity from the interference  of other extra terrestrial races who might have wanted to conquer the Earth.  This functioned for some time  until some Anunnaki could not resist the beauty of human women and started to copulate with them. Realizing how humans were not aware  of their powers, those Anunnaki started to present themselves as the authority. In the Bible, the rough Anunnaki are mentioned as the Nephilim, the fallen angels.
Now how did the Anunnaki look?
They were giants with elongated sculls and red hair.
Fossils and mummies with this description have been found all around this planet. They were the first nobility in Egypt, China and the Europe. They tricked people into serving them because they presented themselves as superior and with a direct connection to Anu, who was viewed as a God. In the fact, Anu was the leader of the rough Anunnaki.
This is where the image of  a man like creature with a beard sitting in Heaven in judgement of humanity comes from. 
To further control people into submission, Anunnaki started poisoning people by introducing them to the wrong food. This is why in the Bible, grains are mentioned as the food of the Gods. This is also why the human age was shortened after the fallen angels came to the Earth. We know today that dietary glucose shortness the human age, deprives the brain from a steady supply  of energy and in this way lower our IQ and when used in excess creates a variety of chronic diseases.
We also know that the Anunnaki ate meat and even humans, so dietary carbohydrates were not part of their diet. Humans were simply duped into the wrong beliefs And this was done throughout the whole planet. This is why the Ayurveda diet promotes eating carbohydrates as well. This is why Buddha lived to be only 80 years old when he passed away.
The whole mislead science is based on false beliefs  and as people started to wake up, the slave masters who portray themselves as God given rightful rulers are inventing more and more toxic means to prevent the rest of us from realizing the truth of the powers we posses.
This is why vegetarianism and veganism were invented. Since that was not killing us quickly enough, biological warfare was implemented and then toxic vaccines, but none of it is working any more.  We have crossed the threshold and our awakening is speeding up. Soon we will be free.  Realizing the truth and accepting the new information is a sign of awakening.
So ditch the food of the Gods and switch to the food of God, the creator. If you have forgotten what the food of God is, just look to nature  and imitate wild animals  because they have not been influenced by the false teachings.
We are omnivores like the bears, wolves, raccoons, boars..and they all thrive on animal products and as opportunists they will also eat ripe fruits and berries for their sweetness. The only time omnivores will eat plants in the wild is when they want to cleanse their digestion.
For those of you that still believe dietary carbohydrates are necessary, please read my books, especially “The Resonance Of Nutrition”. Here you can learn the ABC of nutrition and implement it in your lives.
Love and light to us all.
HYDERABAD,INDIA-NOVEMBER 17:Hindu Gods Rama,lakshmana,Sita and hanuman idols during karthika deepam ustav event lighting 1 crore lights on November 17,2016 in Hyderabad,India



  1. Dear drDarko about the religion trust me Islam is the true religion. When i say Islam is about a devout Muslim not the other like isis etc etc.
    “Islam is the true religion of the God”

  2. Cool post Darko…I think its important to note that wether we live to be 80 years old or 800 years old we all are one day going back into the ground from which we came. This life is precious no doubt, but one day we all will leave this place and then real life (eternity) begins. I guess an important question to ask is “where am I going when I die.” Its says god gives salvation that can not be lost for all who believe in christ. Relgion has unfortunately turned this into “works salavation”. Salvation is the greatest gift and free for all who believe christ died for them.

    • Mark there is no question about it. We are not the Avatar. Our body we use only so that we can experience. As we have experienced what we have planned to experience, we leave the Avatar. Our spirit is everlasting and we are going to have many more experiences and occupy many more Avatars. Love brother

  3. Good post – and certainly an eye opener for many. Religion have been used to control people for 1000s of years – and for some reason it still works!

    As for the diet conclusions – that is probably the most controversial thing that you are covering. Animal products (raw) and some (raw) fruits should be our main diet. Vegetables just for some detox. SO many other experts see the (raw) vegetables as the main stay of how we need to eat.

    The times I have tried to live of raw fruits/veggies/nuts/seeds/oils I initially feel great (the detoxing part), but later I feel weak and also notice loss of muscle mass, even when add plenty of spirulina/nuts Etc. for protein.

    I have moved towards your advise (the salted water being my first step) and with good results so far.


    • Hi benthailand very good comment
      In these weeks im 90%eating raw but that you say i have very muscle loss even i eat everyday meat nuts dairy eggs etc.
      I want to ask you is have any method to gain weight(increase muscle mass) in this diet especially Ketogenic diet(90%raw)?

      • Hi Arha! I have found that (for ME!) it helps boosting calories with cashew nuts (no peel so presume been blanched). Cashews can be eaten directly and also turned into dressings/milk and many other goodies! I have also added a raw protein powder called Epic Green. I would be open for a natural whey protein too. While even raw protein powders are not fully aligned with Darko’s view – I do not get enough options for raw meats where I live, and want some change from organic, free range egg (but have upped the amount of those too).

      • If you eat cashew nut you are increasing sugar consuption. Raising insulin, and therfore increase muscle mass. I am also struggle with my muscle mass while on ketogenic/raw diet and it looks that without insulin spike i can’t get my muscles.

      • Ante, cashew nuts you eat raw, There is no dietary sugar and no insulin spike going on. The nuts are full of fat that gives you energy and this is what you experience. We do not need insulin triggered by dietary glucose to grow muscles. This is a stupidity promoted by Dr. Mercolas “experts”.

      • Darko what do you suggest, to grow muscle or at least preserve? To eat more eggs? Maybe there is in some food more open dietary sugar than in others?

      • Ante, muscles do not grow from sugar. They grow from protein and fat but to grow they have to be stimulated. So more weight you have to handle, bigger will be your muscles. Whey protein is good so drink milk,and yogurt . Eat raw eggs and meat and exercise myfriend.

  4. Dear Dr. Velcek,

    Thank you for all your research on how the body works, and for everything you are doing to help people be healthy and able to fulfill their potential!

    When it comes to speculating about things of the past we don’t have enough information about, it’s probably best to keep in mind the fractal nature of the Universe, which extends on all levels, including the level of consciousness. Humanity as a whole, just as every one of us in particular, is an intrinsic part of the Universe; hence, the Universe is taking care of us in the same loving manner that our cells and body take the best possible care of us, in all circumstances, in order to prolong life.

    God loves us and supports us all, regardless of who we are and what we do; God is affiliated with all religions, since they all stem from the truth, even though they get distorted in time. But despite all the distortions, if you can get to the essence of any religion, to its esoteric core, you will inevitably reach the all-creating source.

    What we experience is exactly what we need to experience, so that we can learn, grow and become creators in our own right.

    Why waste our energy on perpetuating victim mentality when we can use this energy to promote life, love and creativity — or, as you say, raise our resonance?

    • Tomi it is exactly as you say brother. I just wanted to answer those people who defend grains and other carbohydrates as the food given to us by God and promoted through some religious writings. I see how such a food destroys our health and this food has nothing to do with “God given food”. Love and light

      • Yes, I agree,

        However, even the Bible says that originally Adam and Eve’s food in the garden of Eden was fruit (except one). After they ate from the forbidden apple, God told them that from now on they would have to painfully toil the soil and eat the plants of the field; and they became mortal. (Here we can see the connection between eating the plants of the field and dying.) Later, grains were used as food, and it probably happened when nothing else was available. There are so many conflicting texts in the Old Testament, it’s impossible to rely on it.

    • Oh, you have ruined such good information with your lack of empathy. Victim is not a bad word it just means one who was done wrong and why would you add to this by parroting “victim mentality”? The guilty seem to spread this thought and lower the resonance of the ones that seem to have an impulse to repeat.

      • I’m truly sorry, Macg, no offense was meant, and in the future I will be more careful how I word my thoughts. Best wishes!

  5. annunaki does not exist and annunaki did not protect earth from extra terestrials,you are watching too much star wars and cartoons my friend

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