Symbols of sacred geometry, depict fundamental aspects of space and time. Background Flower of life symbol variations.
I believe that most of you who are following my blog are awakened and aware at least to a point of what is going on with our planet, our Solar system and beyond. Many of the videos on YouTube are mentioning the raising of frequency in the Universe and the same is happening on planets and on the Earth. As the frequency increases, so does the resonance of all that is living  and what we presume is dead as well. This rise of resonance is changing everything there is since everything there is is just an expression of energy represented by it’s frequency.
I have mentioned several times  in my other articles how living cells react to the stimulation they receive from this frequency. They receive the frequency through the telomeres. As telomeres synchronize their oscillation to the received vibrational energy, they influence the whole DNA to vibrate with this received frequency. Genes that are placed on the DNA spiral then begin to resonate to the vibration of the DNA. Every gene is tuned to a different frequency  and will start to resonate as that particular frequency is received.
Those genes that started do resonate are called the active genes. Since the energy is always vibrating with a multitude of different frequencies there will always be a group of genes that will resonate together. Those resonating genes we call the active genome  or active genes.
We have been often told how we use only 3 % of the genes that we possess and the rest of the genes form the so called junk DNA. As you can see, there is nothing junkie about it. Those are dormant genes because telomeres did not receive adequate frequency to make them resonate.
There is only one genetic chain for the whole Universe and by stimulating genetic oscillation, different life forms appear. As different planets resonate with different frequencies, the life form will vary.  Since many frequencies that we are exposed to come from the depth of the Universe,  the life forms through the Universe will be similar.
3D illustration of a method of DNA sequencing.
I am explaining this so that you can better understand those things that are happening right now on our planet Earth or Gaia as it is known in this new vibrational field.
We are noticing previously impossible things happening. The people’s refusal to vote for the Democratic Party’s chosen candidate: Hilary Clinton (the favourite and someone who was widely expected to win the presidential race) came as a seismic shock! Instead the people chose to vote for the most unlikely choice, the Republican Party’s chosen candidate: Mr Donald Trump, a rank outsider who was inserted as a distraction to ensure Hilary’s win!
This is a sign of humanity awakening. This massive awakening is created by the rise of frequency on planet Earth. As the new frequencies arrive, they stimulate and activate previously dormant genes.
This is awakening humanity to a better realization  of what is happening and the need of change. It is not an accident. It is a new program being formed. This will bring new experiences and knowledge.
Because the frequency is changing, changes in our body are following. Many people are experiencing strange pains and aches in places they never had them before. Headaches are common and even dizzy spells. This is why at the present time  it is often difficult to distinguish the pain triggered by frequency adjustment from a pain triggered by health problems.
As the frequencies are rising, we see things differently. Those people that are living their lives indulged in modern technology and glued to their computer screens  and their “smart” cellular telephones are disconnected from reality and completely under the control of the slave masters. This is very obvious as we listen to our movie stars and music idols. They are all completely lost with the exemption of a very few and so are their blind followers.
Young people looking down at cellular phone - Teenagers leaning on a wall and texting with their smartphones - Concepts about technology and global communication
Blindly following any ideology is insane.  This goes for the religious fanatics as well. If you are afraid and you need a support, religion can help you and give you hope  but do not let yourself be obsessed by it. Listen to other opinions and think about what you hear. This is how we learn. Learning and experiencing things is the purpose of our lives.
As you are starting to better understand frequencies,  you can imagine how food and your environment  causes changes on your DNA and genetic expression. The closer is the source  of vibration to the genetic structure, the more influence on genetic expression it will have. This is why food is so important.  When food is absorbed,   it comes very close in proximity to your cells and gives a strong vibrational impulse. 
So eat correctly and eat the real food of God  and not the food of the Gods as it is mentioned in the Bible and also in some channelling like the Pleadian’s channeller Barbara Marciniac. About this I will write another blog and it will be for those of you more opened to the truth and less restricted by religious beliefs
In this time of separation, those who are lost will not be able to raise their frequency and they will stay in low vibrational fields exposed to diseases and deterioration of their bodies. Those of us who allow a frequency rise,  will separate and form a new program of life.
The high frequencies will purge the New Gaia, clean it up from the toxic and radioactive garbage from the low frequencies and new life will spring out. We will finally get what we were waiting for. We will merge with Christ’s consciousness  and start our one thousand years  of peace and prosperity.
We are almost there.  Just a little more patience my family.
Love and light to us all.
Blue Marble



  1. Hi, what about childern who are eating bad, and watch tv and video games, or if they live good but not eating raw? How will they bring up frequency? Or if they are wery small and dont know about bring up frequency?

  2. hi dear drDarko
    you say that smile and to eat correctly raise our frequency im curious what else raise our frequency?
    And can music with hz like 528 etc etc can raise our frequency?

  3. trump won because russia helped him the people never wanted him hillary clinton was leading in the polls if it was not for russia, trump would never be president.russia president just wants to use trump.

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