nanorobot fertilizes the cell egg. Medical concept anatomical future.
Many people are still not aware of technological achievements being done in creating small, nanoparticle size self perpetuating and self repairing robots.
How small is a nanoparticle? Nanoparticles are anywhere between 1 to 100 nanometers in size. And one nanometer is one billionth of a meter. So this is a very very small size we are talking about and it can easily penetrate into our food supply and into our body.
Nanorobots and blood cells , Nanotechnology , Nanorobotics and Bioengineering
This blog is in response to a very good article that I have received from my friend Ante.
Here is the article and I recommend that you read it and watch the video associated with it.
For those of you who have not been aware of this nanotechnology this must be very disturbing. Do not worry, there is no reason to panic.
First of all, if nanorobots could be  so dangerous, the evil scientists would have given up on  biowarfare a long time ago  and put all of their attention to nanorobot technology. As you can see this did not happen.
Because nanorobots are not as successful as scientists had hoped them to be , efforts in promoting the chipping of people are accelerating  The chips are much larger than nanorobots are and can be programmed with a variety of functions that can be remotely controlled. To entice people so that they accept being chipped , false advertising is being used claiming of super human abilities that can be achieved by merging modern technology with the mental power that human’s possess.
To demonstrate how this can work after people have been chipped, bank codes are imprinted into their chips and micro circuits that will operate certain electronic devices are programmed into them. So when you go shopping you just pass by the infrared scanner and it automatically reads your chip and deducts the amount from your savings. When you enter your home the alarm system automatically shuts down, lights come on and music starts playing. Whoa, what a fantastic experience, or isn’t it???
Chips are already being used to manage farm animals. Farmers can track sheep, pigs and horses as they move through a gate, weigh them instantly and make sure they are eating properly.
Through such technology your slave masters are hoping to control every aspect of your life. Are you really so dumb as to allow them to do this? Apparently many of us are that dumb since more and more people are sheepishly lining up for free chip implantation.
Well if nanorobots are not such a big problem, why are so many people suffering from Morgellons disease?
The same as with  biowarfare viruses, nanorobots will present a health problem  in people with weak immune systems.  Even the AIDS virus is non effective on people with a strong immune system.  This is why people are urged to be tested for the virus and if the virus is detected within the body the patient is then given a very toxic cocktail that will destroy the body’s immune system and at the same time prevent infections.
Now if you let go of the toxic drugs because they made you feel terrible, you will succumb to infection and die. This is why AIDS was released through the gay community  first and through drug addicts because their immune system is shot. Why the gay community?  Because they often have  infections and use a lot of antibiotics. All of that weakens the body’s immune system.
We are being frightened every year that a new pandemic  is taking a place and we have to go and get vaccinated so that we can survive, but nothing is happening. Our power is way stronger than we are permited to know and all these false artificial  attacks are not giving the result our slave masters were expecting.
Recently Mr. Devil himself  Bill Gates warned us that an extremely deadly virus is going to decimate the population.  Another attempt at failed strategy. Being so smart, they are really so dumb.
They try to promote fear in us as a tool for our manifestation of the outcome they desire to achieve, but they do not notice that we are no longer afraid and manifesting for them. More and more we are beginning to realize our own power and reclaiming it for ourselves by manifesting peace and outcome we want to see happening. By they, our slave masters, I mean the Zionist “banksters” controlled Illuminati.
Nanorobots are spread through the food we eat, through the air we breath utilizing chemtrails and through the drinks we drink, including the polluted water.
So how do we protect ourselves from this assault?
First keep your immune system strong. If you are reading my articles then you know what to do.
You can go to the filtering process of the food you eat and the beverages you drink but as you can see from the video, it takes time and substantial effort to do this.
You can easily detoxify the way it is mentioned in the article or by utilizing the feet ionic detoxifier like this one
In the video it is mentioned to stay a way from electrostimulators.  Here I disagree.
This is why:.
Several years ago when Hilno and I visited our friend who uses an ionic foot cleansing machine  we decided to check the state of our toxicity. I had been  on my normal diet of no carbohydrates, drinking water with sea salt and using a Beck’s blood electrifier (pulser). It took about 20 minutes for some yellowish color to start appearing in the water. My friend could not believe that I was so clean, no metal, nothing really to talk about. She said it takes the average human  at least 10 cleansing sessions to have such clean water during the detox process.
Hilno eats the same way I do but occasionally she will have a croissant or pumpkin soup that she loves and she does not use the pulser. Her water was much darker and metals were showing up.
This shows how even small amounts of dietary carbohydrates interfere with our immune system and blood electrification helps the cellular detoxification process.
The purpose of this blog is to show you that there is really nothing to worry about and you can effectively protect and cleanse yourselves. So do not panic but be aware and change the way you eat, hydrate with water and sea salt and start meditating so that you help us to change this World we live in. 
Beach Yoga Balance Healthy Lifestyle Breathe Concept
Love and light to us all.



  1. Hi deardrDarko
    i love very much technology and in future i want to be an Network Computer for my profession.
    And this profession can expose me to these nanotechnology?
    Love and peace

  2. Thanks Darko. A question about vegetables: I see veggies are not in your routine diet. But most people who live in a city are overloaded with toxins, any type of toxins. In your opinion raw veggies are cleansers and not sources for nutrients because of the unbreakable cellulose. I guess they work in the same way as chlorella, clay, charcoal does in our body. Since the organic fresh vegetables are getting more and more expensive, I am wondering if there are other simple and practical ways to detox? I’ve done some googling on industrial food processing standards especially how they keep the organic produce fresh because I’ve seen things unnatrul taking place in those boxed leafy greens, like the colors, shapes ect., which made me thinking even organic is not safe. As a health conscious person I am trying my best to buy local and organic, fresh/live/raw/grass-fed/free-range/wild are the words I am looking for. So can we stay healthy without vegetables? You eat more fruits than vegetables, why is that? More bioabsorbable or easy to get or some other things? In your opinion can we survive by only eating animal sourced food? Thanks for your help. 🙂 Lee Love and Light!

    • Lee if we eat just raw and slightly heated animal products like eggs,milk, cheese, yogurt, meats and fats, we would be very healthy. There is no need for anything else assuming we also drink water and add sea salt to it so that we can cleanse. I eat fruits because I like them, they are sweet and sour. My friend does not eat any fruits and lives healthy as well. I have also diminish my fruit intake as I feel better when my stomach is empty and not processing something it cannot digest. Love and light brother.

  3. Thanks for an interesting article. I have a Terminator Zapper. What is your view on that electric treatment?
    Also; I am not in a situation to obtain raw milk, cheese, yoghurt products. Most of them I can not even find organic. Would you still say the benefits of these products outweigh the negatives if not raw? Any alternatives you can think of?

    • Ben, Hulda Clark zappers are not that effective because the voltage is to low. The electricity does not penetrate into the arterial blood and no cellular hydration is achieved.
      Yogurt from pasteurised milk is ok because after pasteurization they have to add live yogurt culture to the milk to make yougurt. Just make sure it is full fat and without sweetener. Same goes for cheese.

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