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Everyone who has ever tried to lose weight knows how difficult it is.  Just one lapse and you are back where you started. No matter what program you followed, it has always brought you a disappointment. There are some people with strong will and perseverance that succeeded but those are the few amongst the many who have failed.
Fast scroll  through the Internet and you will find many options and many different programs claiming fast and easily achievable weight loss.
For example http://www.health.com/health/gallery/0,,20501331,00.html offers “16 ways to , lose weight fast”.
https://authoritynutrition.com/how-to-lose-weight-as-fast-as-possible/ offers the information on “how to lose weight fast the scientific way”
https://www.helpguide.org/articles/diet-weight-loss/healthy-weight-loss-and-dieting.htm will give you a “healthy weight loss and dieting tips”.
We can go on forever because there is no shortage of sites  but if you read them, you will find nothing new or different in their suggestions. Some put more attention to calorie counting, some to the amount of exercising recommended, some focus on your nutritional type, some on your blood group…but all in all the recommendations are the same. Some claim that that ancient was the source of truth and the Ayurveda diet is the epitome of proper nutrition.
I disagree with all of them because of the many people I am working with and their experiences. They all succeed with weight loss and are surprised at how effortless it has been and how their health improves dramatically in the process.
So where is the catch?
The one suggestion that you will find on most weight loss programs is a reduction of carbohydrates and an increase in the consumption of the “good fats” and protein.
This is not good enough. If your cells are adjusted to utilize glucose as the energy source, reduction of glucose in the diet will make you hungry because your cells will be starving for energy. Remember that cells adjust to glucose by reducing the number of active mitochondria. So if the number of mitochondria is low, cells can produce enough energy only if glucose is available.
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This means that the increase of fat with decreased carbohydrate count will be starving your cells since they cannot produce adequate energy utilizing fat. The result will be hunger and the feeling of starvation. If you are eating carbohydrates daily, your sugar absorption will be very high. This means that all the sugar that finds itself within your intestines will be absorbed into the blood. In this way, your cells will be flooded with glucose with every meal you eat and cells will be very careful not to activate more mitochondria than necessary.
Only if you have a strong character and can tolerate the hunger for a while will you have a chance to succeed  and the weight loss will be slow as little by little cells activate more mitochonria and become more efficient  in utilizing fat for energy production.  At the same time you will be craving for more carbohydrates and sooner or later you will lapse and go back to your old habits.
The suggestion to count the calories and match them  to the amount of exercising you do is one of the worst suggestions you can get. It is very difficult to control your weight through exercising because it is not just the matter of calorie count, what matters is the source of those calories. When you have a small amount of cellular mitochonria, your cells cannot properly utilize your fat as the energy source so what you end up doing is eating carbohydrates before exercising and drinking energy drinks during the exercise. It is very difficult to lose weight that way.
Fat People cartoons, Fat People cartoon, funny, Fat People picture, Fat People pictures, Fat People image, Fat People images, Fat People illustration, Fat People illustrations
Some suggest losing weight on a carbohydrate diet.  Here you have to cut your portions very small and eat multiple times a day. This is not easy for most people since we enjoy eating big meals.  Also it becomes very difficult during the night since the cells are rebuilding energy and glucose is not available. Many people wake up during the night in search of the refrigerator and the goodies inside it.  Although it is possible to lose and maintain low weight on such a diet,  I do not recommend it because it is not healthy and cellular deterioration will occur.
Many recommendations are off the wall as nutritionists treat the raw carbohydrates the same way as the processed or heat treated ones. For example you will often hear statements to avoid eating bananas as they are carbohydrate so they will bring sugar into your body. This is incorrect as I point in my book “The Resonance Of Nutrition”. Eating raw potatoes or raw bananas will not present any problems as the carbohydrates are inside of the cellular structure enveloped with fiber (cellulose). This means they will just pass through the digestive tract untouched as cellulose cannot be broken down by our digestion.
If I were to  analyze all the claims separately, I would end up writing a book so I think I have made the point  with the examples I have presented.
This is why so few people succeed in losing weight.
Since every cellular change is directed and controlled by the action of genes, the best way to change and recalibrate cells from glucose to fat burning is to change their genetic expression. I wrote about it many times and it is described in detail in my book “The Owners Manual For The Human Body”
You can read about the digestion process with the genetic influence in my new book ‘The Resonance Of Nutrition”
Limiting carbohydrates will not do the trick. The wrong frequency persists and so does the craving and the wrong genetic expression.

Fat People cartoons, Fat People cartoon, funny, Fat People picture, Fat People pictures, Fat People image, Fat People images, Fat People illustration, Fat People illustrations

Following The Self Healers Protocol  will show you the way. If you have tried and failed before schedule a Skype appointment with me and I will lead you through this process. You will lose weight and recover your health without starvation and you will easily keep the weight down simply by eating correctly and doing moderate activity.
People are being mislead into believing  that everybody is different and responds differently to the food they eat. This is not true. We all respond to the food we eat according to our genetic expression. This expression is controlled by the environment and not by preset family genetic order. The environment represents not only the food you eat but also your thoughts, music you listen to, electrical devices in your vicinity, nature and animals that surround you.
Since the food brings the resonance closest to your genes, its influence will be the strongest. Do not fool yourself into thinking  that your body type requires dietary glucose. Dietary glucose is toxic to all animals and humans.
With love and light.



  1. Hi Darko, great article as usual. I personally believe that a (good salt) water fast of a day or 2 will help tremendously in re-calibrating cells from glucose burning to fat burning. It can be a bit hard – especially for people who are very toxic from a SAD processed diet.

    While there is no clear answer (mainly as toxicity varies); how long would you say it takes to make the cellular switch to fat burning for the average person?

    I have read a number stipulating an estimated 3 weeks before from other researchers, but would appreciate to hear your input.

    Also; you have previously mentioned that AFTER that switch to fat burning; that “cheating” with SOME carbs here and there will no longer be a problem (bday cake!) – but how much “cheating” do you think one can get away with – and IF one wants to cheat (best not to!), how is it done the smartest? (Eg: a carb cheat day a week is better than a small piece of chocolate daily Etc.).


    • Hi Ben.
      Cells will starve for 24-30 hours if glucose is not available and than they will start activating more mitochondria so that they can supply the adequate energy. So if 0 glucose is available this mitochondrial activation will be fast and within 3 days there is enough mitochondria active to supply necessary energy. You can see this when fasting. The first day you are weak and starving and sleepy. Second day you feel slightly more energetic and the third day you are starving but you are nor sleepy and you have enough energy to perform. Even little bit of dietary carbs will interrupt this process and reactivating of mitochondria will be dragging.
      The body then needs about three weeks to re adjust the amount of GLUT and other protein so you cannot cheat or you will undermine what you are trying to achieve. After about 40 days if there is a party and great cake you can have it. Sugar absorption will be low and not much harm will be done. You cannot have it the next day or the day after because every time you have carbs you star to increase the sugar absorption again and easily return and reprogram your genes to the bad sequence you work so hard to change.

      • Does that mean that lets say Tour de France bike competitors never use fat as fuel? They burn lots of energy, it is not possible to obtain all from carbs, because they will eventualy hit the “wall”. If they go only on carbs.

      • Hi Ante,
        Good point! The whole “carbing up” craze from the athletic world which was the trend for a long time, is being turned up side down these days. Yes; the crash/hitting the wall situation that long distance athletes experience is exactly a body used/programmed to using mainly carbs for energy experience, when the carbs “run out”. They then load up on sugary gel packs and sports drinks to keep going – when the better solution would be to re-set their bodies to run on fats (ketones), and never having to hit the wall in the first place. Cheers!

      • I have read before, not read they have teach me that if you exercise in zone 2 intensity rate you body would start to burn fat for fuel, i have never try it or use on anyone else to prove or disprove this method.

  2. Thank you for the reply – that matches my experience for sure. So starting with a fast, seems to be the best way to quickly activate the mitochondria. For energy I might use a few spoonfuls of (organic, cold pressed) coconut oil which makes the 1-2 day fast so much easier – and potentially makes the cells get used to utilizing fat for energy even faster… Cheers!

  3. I have read before, not read they have teach me that if you exercise in zone 2 intensity rate you body would start to burn fat for fuel, i have never try it or use on anyone else to prove or disprove this method.

    • This is all science as you go. The reasoning behind fat, glucose and glycogen burning is completely wrong. As long as you eat dietary carbohydrates you will lack mitochondria and you will be glucose dependant. If you push yourself exercising and your cells cannot provide sufficient energy utilizing fat and glucose is not available your body goes into type of shock and starts to utilize partially glycogen but also its own protein. This is why ,marathon runners or cyclists are skinny and puke after race and collapse with exhaustion.

      • So it is not possible to switch from carbs to fat while doing somenthing like bike or hiking or similar in short period of time because gene expression and mitohondtia connection

      • No, you can only increase the amount of mitochondria in accordance to glucose intake so you will always have energy problem if the exercise is longer that hour and half.

  4. Dear drDarko
    for example i want to gain weight with ketogenicdiet(nocarbs)
    but i failed even i eat meat dairy etc i think i consume about 2500calories in day..
    it has any strategy or plan how to gain weight in ketogenic diet because i only lose weight..:(

    • When eating correctly we can gain weight by increasing the amount of saturated fat we eat. So increase the amount of eggs, full fat yogurt and cheese and eat meat with its fat. Chicken with its skin and liver. Fat has more than twice the amount of energy of carbohydrates and proteins.

  5. Darko do you believe sea salt can help eliminate mineral deficiencies? I’ve known vegan who have developed severe zinc deficiencies due to all the anti-nutrients from all the plant Foods they take in. Many claim that they can no longer eat meat because they can’t digest it. This is because of low stomach acid due to low zinc. They also developed what they thought were food “food allergies” but went away when the supplemented with zinc. I’m curious if you had any experince ridding severe mineral deficiencies with sea salt.

    • People claim all sorts of things simply by repeating someone else’s stupidity. You develop aversion to the smell of dead animal and the raw meat If you start eating the meat again, quickly you get over it. Every change of diet has to be done slowly so that the digestion can be adjusted.
      Sea salt has all the necessary minerals our body needs.

  6. Hello,

    Greetings from Canada…..I really enjoy reading your articles. I’ve been adding sea salt to my drinking water…..was wondering how much salt do you use per liter?



  7. You speak often in your books about the ill-effects of cooking fruits/veggies, but how about cooking nuts and seeds? Does the same idea apply? I frequently look at “low carb” recipe websites and some include things like almond flour, coconut flour, or ground up nuts/seeds (usually to form a crust for things like pizza). Are these things okay or should they be avoided also?

    • Some nuts like coconut and almonds have a low mount of carbohydrate so when my wife makes a cake she uses pulverized almonds instead of flour. Still there are carbohydrates present . This is why it is healthier to eat nuts raw then heat treated.

      • how about phytic acid ,Lectins ??The most widely studied antinutrients include: Phytate (phytic acid): Mainly found in seeds, grains and legumes, phytate reduces the absorption of minerals from a meal. These include iron, zinc, magnesium and calcium (4). … “Lectins” : Found in all food plants, especially in seeds, legumes and grains.

        One of the most nutritionally important features of “”plant lectins”” is their ability to survive digestion by the gastrointestinal tract, which means they can penetrate cells lining the digestive tract and cause a loss of gut epithelial cells, damage the membranes of the epithelium lining, interfere with nutrient digestion and absorption, stimulate shifts in the bacterial flora, and trigger autoimmune reactions.

        Lectins can cause GI upset similar to classical food poisoning and immune responses like joint pain and rashes. Improperly prepared raw grains, dairy and legumes like peanuts, and soybeans have especially high lectin levels.

      • Michael, the lectins are mostly toxic phyto-proteins totally unimportant to humans and animals alike.
        Several people requested an article on lectins so I will write one soon.
        Everything we have been told is wrong brother.

  8. Thank you for the prompt reply, Darko. That is good news. I don’t plan on indulging in these types of things often, but i figure it’s better to enjoy a pizza or cake made with almond/coconut flour than it is to completely derail my diet with the wheat variety.

    Also, are you familiar with sugar alcohols? In particular one called “erythritol.” I’m very unfamiliar with how the body processes them, but from the research I’ve done, erythritol doesn’t seem to have any significant impact of blood glucose or insulin. So I’m wondering if it would be a safe alternative to sugar for use in baking etc. Cheers!

    • erythritol is sugar alcohol and as any other type of alcohol erythritol is toxic for neurons. It stops cellular osmotic pump so it dehydrates on the cellular level. It evokes diuretic effect so it dehydrates the body. Alcohol is simply a bad thing as far as health is concerned.

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