The result of my latest experiment-DO WE STILL NEED TO EAT?

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“Do we still need to eat?”

This question may sound ridiculous to most so first I have to explain some things.

We are in the middle of drastic change of reprogramming. The whole Universe is changing and with it our Galaxy and our Solar system with all its diversity and life is changing as well. We have been reprogrammed and now we are going slowly through the process of activation.

Our science has a name for such change and calls it the Evolution.

Huge changes are happening. What has worked for thousands of years, now is crumbling. We can see this in politics, soon we will see this in banking system and then in general business as lies and deceits will no longer be sustainable and only honest business will have chance to flourish.

Our activation has started with the weakening of our brain filters so we are becoming more aware of what is going on around us. Many things will change as the activation of our new life experience progresses. One of the things that will change is the need for food. We will gradually lose the need to eat since the necessity to eat to be able to sustain our lives is a part of the old program.

Many people have noticed that they do not eat as much as they used to. Same happened to me so as I decided to cleanse after my last experiment, I also decided to see how much food do I have to eat to maintain my body healthy.

My normal weight is between 77 and 79 kilograms. I have gained some weight in my last experiment so I started my cleansing having 82 kilograms of weight.

I stopped eating and first three days all I had was water with sea salt. My body immediately started detoxifying. The symptoms of my detox were headache, fever and sweats.

First two kilograms of weight I have lost rapidly as most of it was just accumulated waste.

Fourth day, to suppress the hunger, I had a glass of freshly made grape juice. It worked like a charm. Hunger was gone so the fifth day as my headache diminished I started with my normal daily routine which involves going to the gym. and exercising for an hour.

So daily I was drinking approximately 2-3 litres of water with sea salt, for lunch I was having a glass of freshly made grape juice and I was losing approximately 300 grams of my fat daily.

Energy wise I was feeling ok. I noticed that I have the same power but I could not do the same amount of repetitions with weights as there was a slower energy build-up in my muscles.

When I have reached 75 kilograms all of the sudden my weight loss stopped. Even with my normal routine of exercising I was not losing more weight for about 4 days. I thought,this is great, I do not have to eat no more. Well this was not exactly the reality of things.

I must have been drinking more water so I did not notice the weight loss as it was happening until the 24th day of my fast when I noticed in the mirror that my muscles have shrunk quite a bit.

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When I checked my weight it was 74 kilograms. So that was the end of my experiment. I immediately started to eat again. I still had some belly fat but since there was no energy from fat available, my muscle cells basically eat themselves up. I noticed drop of strength and I could no longer lift the same amount of weight as before.

The interesting thing I noticed later. As I was again eating my breakfast shake with 3 raw eggs, coconut oil, yogurt and bananas, and had a piece of raw meat for lunch I continue losing weight and went down to 73.4 kilograms. Also I became hungry while exercising in the gym which never happened before.

Reason for this was lack of fat in my body. My muscles could rebuilt themselves with the food I was eating but no fat was left over to support my next day workout.

The small amount of belly fat that was still in my body is actually the brown fatty tissue that keeps us warm. Normally this brown adipose tissue uses the white fat (triglyceride) as heating fuel. Since there were no deposits of triglyceride left, my muscles were not fed during the exercise and I became hungry. It took me several days to overcome this by eating more fat and depositing more triglyceride in my body.

Now, the fourth day since I have started eating again, finally I feel normal again. No more hunger in the gym and my weight started to increase.

My meals are small. I drink one litre of water with sea salt first thing in the morning. I do my morning work on the Internet and then we go to the gym. After exercising we go to shop for food and return home around 11-12 am.

This is when we have our morning shake/breakfast. The lunch is at around 3 pm. and consists of some meat and sometimes salad is added. At 6 pm I have a glass of yogurt and sometimes a bit of fresh cheese.

This is really not much of food at all and it allows me to slowly gain weight again as my muscles are starting to rebuild themselves.

We definitely do not need a lot of food to eat but as I have proven, we still need to eat unless we reprogram our brain the way Yogi in India do.


When I lost some weight and had 78 kilograms I felt much lighter and more flexible. During the whole fast my urine was darker than usually and tasted acidic and bitter. My breath was unpleasant. This was all do to the toxins being expelled from my body. After the third week of fasting this started to normalise.

Now I feel fantastic. Light, flexible and strong with a lot of energy. My weight is slowly improving but not as fat deposits but my muscles are growing back. All in all a great experiment.

I hope it will help some of you who are trying to lose weight or maintain healthy body.

During fasting, cells adjust their genetic expression and this aids to healing. Fasting for a week or longer is definitely a good thing to do periodically.

Love and light.



15 comments on “The result of my latest experiment-DO WE STILL NEED TO EAT?

  1. It was great to hear about this experiment. I, too have evolved eating only twice a day since 2013 and it is perfect for me. Most people are so so hungry when they sit down to eat but I’m not. I don’t eat for pleasure I eat out of necessity so I can sustain health. I love smoothies and was wondering if you could share your smoothie recipe for us all. Thank you so much!

    • Jackie hi.
      My breakfast smoothie is the same one that I recommend to my clients as breakfast. Two raw eggs, two spoons of coconut oil, glass of plain full fat yogurt or milk kefir, 3 or more ripe bananas and water as necessary to be able to blend it. Make it thick because it is not a drink, it is a food. If you are hungry and want more volume, ad as many ripe bananas as you wish. They are just a filler since bananas in raw state do not provide any significant amount of energy..

  2. Thank you for that update. I have also been experimenting and adapting intermittent fasting in various forms. That has included a 24 hour fast once a wk as well as reducing the daily “eating period” – most often by skipping breakfast, but sometimes by skipping dinner. It works well for me as you describe, both with regards to maintaining weight as well as energy/performance.

    Surprised about your use of (from processed milk I presume) yoghurt/kefir unless raw from organic, free range animals? Same for the cheese you mention. Your video of making the shake here on your homepage does not show any yoghurt as ingredient?

    Are there other processed foods, that you accept to eat as part of your diet?


    • Ben I started to ad yogurt and milk kefir here in Peru. I can get fresh not pasteurized milk. Milk and cheese are great sources of good fats, proteins vitamins and enzymes brother.

  3. Is it not that dark urine during fasting is loaded with ketones? And also bad breath. Becasue we excert ketones out of the body thru urine and breath if they are not used as energy?

    • This is not true.
      While fasting you use your fat as energy (ketones). As the fat is released from adipose tissue, so are released the toxins that accumulated in the past and were absorbed with the triglyceride. At the same time genetic expression is changing aligning the genes and increasing the number of mitochondria within the cells. This makes ketone burning more efficient and complete. Since no leftover organic matter is available, bacteria, fungus and viruses are left without the food and start leaving the body.
      Love and light

  4. Thanks dear Darko for sharing your experiments. I’ve noticed that you haven’t talked much about veggies. I know what you think of veggies but I’d like to know your take on leafy greens or celery or cucumber ect. that mixed in smoothies which the cellulose might have been destroyed by the high-speed blender? Then the good stuff could be released and be absorbable by our body or no? Love and light, Lee.

    • Lee we are mislead into believing that vegetables are necessity and beneficial to our health. This is not so and in my book “The Resonance of Nutrition” I explain what is food and what we benefit from and what are just myths. Cellulose fiber will not break even with juice extractor.

      • Thanks Darko for your explanation. Then how about fermented vegetables? For me being a city dweller, home-made organic sauerkraut could be the best choice in harsh winter. It’s impossible, for now, to get raw milk products here. Then what foods could be the second best option beside the “good sources of fats, proteins, vitamins, enzymes” of raw fermented kefir? What veggies are in your salad plate? I recall, if my memory serves me right, you’ve said that raw veggies are cleansers and cooked veggies are carbs. And I only eat raw organic veggies. Could that be counted as one way of detox? Thanks for your time. Love and light 🙂 Lee

      • Yes Lee. Eating salads is helping you to cleanse your digestive track. Fermented vegetables are ok but only the green ones like cabbage, cucumbers, peppers…Vegetables that contain carbohydrates are to be avoided because they turn into alcohol. This is why cows raised for meat production are given corn only in the last 3 months before slaughter. If they would eat corn longer they would start showing variety of chronic diseases. But fermented green vegetables are very low on energy so there is not much nutrition there. We do not have to eat a lot when we eat correctly. The banana shake with eggs for breakfast and small amount of meat for lunch is all that your body needs as long as the food you eat is raw.

  5. I used to consume a tablespoon of coconut oil every morning, I read many articles on the benefit of coconut oil. But it made me feel irritable and moody. Is that a normal part of the healing process? Or is coconut oil problematic?

    • Coconut oil is rapid energy. Not as fast as glucose but because they are saturated fats, it is healthy. Many commercial products including the coconut oil are chemically treated and irradiated so they have a long shelf life. Such coconut oil is transparent as water. Pure virgin cold pressed coconut oil is slightly cloudy and has some sediment on the bottom. This is hard to see if it is cold because coconut oil becomes solid.
      Your problems may come from the bad coconut oil brother.

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