Human kidney magnification from a body as a medical diagram with a cross section of the inner organ as a health care illustration of the anatomy of the urinary system.
In medical school we learn how kidneys control water re-absorption through enzymes they create. Those enzymes are not created only by kidney cells. Every cell in the body can produce them and those enzymes are then used  to control the flexibility of the local blood vessels. By controlling the flexibility, they control blood pressure in the tissue where the enzymes were released. The more rigid the blood vessel is, the higher the blood pressure.
Somehow, doctors think that this is what happens when the kidneys do not perform well and hypertension is present. This is why the general opinion is that kidney problems increase blood pressure and create hypertension and if renal insufficiency is detected, hypertension is to be blamed for it.
Another misconception is that kidneys have difficulty removing salt from the blood, especially if they show signs of failure. We are told that ailing kidneys cannot remove salt from the body so the salt starts to accumulate. Since the body starts to adjust water to the salt, we start retaining more water in our body This increases the blood pressure and causes inflammations and water retention.
This is why low salt diets are readily recommended by our health professionals.
This is incorrect. Lack of salt actually speeds up the deterioration of kidneys. Doctors get lost in the scientific details and explanations of how the body works and lose the overall picture of what is really going on in the body. It is like not being able to see the forest because of the tree in front of you.
This is why some are blaming the kidneys  for increased blood pressure and some are blaming hypertension for kidney failure. No matter which way we look at it somehow one is influencing the other.
So is this really so? Are those two health problems related?
Yes they are but not the way doctors are made to believe. Increased amounts of salt have nothing to do with either of the two things  Actually, lack of salt contributes to both problems.
How is it so, you may ask?
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When people with hypertension or kidney failure contact me they get the surprise of their life when I tell them that they have to drink water with sea salt in it and their response is as expected, surprise and disbelief. They were all told to avoid salt.
I have explained many times how there are three organs designated to cleanse our blood but to do their job, there has to be plenty of water and electrolytes available. If one or the other are missing, the blood  will not be cleaned. So the body will be stuck with polluted, toxic blood.
Our cells refuse to hydrate with such blood which will cause their own dehydration to take the place.
So little by little the cells in the body will become dehydrated. Dehydrated cells diminish in their size, lose elasticity and increase their acidity.
All this will happen to the blood vessels and capillary system of the body as well. They dehydrate on the cellular level. This causes them to lose elasticity which will increase the blood pressure. So as people become hypertensive, internal pressure within their kidneys will rise as well.
Since the cells of the capillary system of the kidneys  are dehydrated and toxic, they cannot properly perform their filtering action  resulting in kidney failure. So as you can see  hypertension and kidney failure are related, but not by one problem influencing the other, but by them both being exposed to a toxic blood.
Allowing the blood to be cleansed we are helping the cells to hydrate and cleanse. They recover their flexibility and the whole tissue becomes elastic again resolving the problem.
By using chemical additives like beta blockers, we can relax blood vessels and lower the blood pressure but we cannot improve capillary absorption. So lowering the blood pressure artificially will not solve kidney problems. Instead it will further pollute the blood worsening the health situation of the patient. Healing and not symptom suppression is the answer to all health problems. The body knows  what to do, all we have to do is to support it by providing what it needs to do the job.
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This is the purpose of the Self Healers Protocol.
Do not be afraid of sea salt and water if you suffer from hypertension or kidney failure. They are the necessity. When starting the hydration process you may experience elevated blood pressure since your body was starving for water and your blood vessels are stiff. There is no danger there but if you are concerned give me a call an I will guide you. Soon your cells will start becoming flexible and the blood pressure will normalize. Your kidneys will start filtering again as your body heals. Sea salt cannot harm you, it can only resolve your health problems.
With love and light.


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