Fatty liver disease

There is ever increasing number of people who are diagnosed with fatty liver syndrome or disease as doctors label it.

Doctors and scientists differentiate fatty liver in two categories.

1 Fatty liver induced by alcohol abuse

2 Fatty liver induced by unknown origin

This makes me laugh. Scientists agree that alcohol abuse reflects in fatty liver because liver is the organ that neutralizes alcohol by transforming it into uric acid and triglyceride (fat). So more you drink, more fat is produced and liver cannot release it into the blood fast enough so liver itself becomes fatty. Many alcoholics do not eat. The alcohol they consume provides enough of energy to sustain them so their cells are nourished by triglyceride produced from alcohol. Since alcoholics consume large quantity of alcohol, liver becomes full of triglyceride as the transformation takes place making the liver fat. So this is accepted knowledge. It is just unbelievable that scientist cannot use the same logic when discussing non alcoholic fatty liver.

Here is what scientists and doctors have to say about non alcoholic fatty liver disease;

From webmd.com:

“Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD)

It’s not clear what causes this type of fatty liver disease. It tends to run in families.

It’s also more likely to happen to those who are middle-aged and overweight or obese. People like that often have high cholesterol and diabetes as well.

Other causes are:



“Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is a clinicopathologic entity increasingly recognized as a major health burden in developed countries. It includes a spectrum of liver damage ranging from simple steatosis to nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), advanced fibrosis, and rarely, progression to cirrhosis. Recent studies emphasize the role of insulin resistance, oxidative stress and subsequent lipid peroxidation, proinflammatory cytokines, adipokines and mitochondrial dysfunction in the development and progression of NAFLD. Furthermore, accumulating evidence supports an association between NAFLD and metabolic syndrome. Although the data are mainly epidemiological, the pathogenesis of NAFLD and metabolic syndrome seems to have common pathophysiological mechanisms, with focus on insulin resistance as a key factor. This review summarizes the current knowledge on the epidemiology, pathophysiology and diagnosis of both NAFLD and metabolic syndrome and the findings that strongly support the association of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease as a possible component in the cluster of metabolic syndrome”.

I can go on pulling articles from Mayo clinic or medical books and everywhere you will see the same nonsense about fatty liver. Scientists are contributing many factors to this disease like insulin resistance, inflammation, genetic predisposition, auto immune syndrome, the stupidest reason I have heard is rapid weight loss being blamed for fatty liver occurrence.

For those of you reading my blogs regularly, this must be unbelievable how scientists are so out of touch unable to see what is poking them in eye. Only triglyceride (fat) can produce fatty liver. This automatically eliminates a bunch of insinuations as autoimmune response, insulin resistance, genetic origin, medication toxicity and whatever else is considered as the cause of fatty liver and does not directly involve triglyceride.

Several of my clients have reported that their doctors asked them if they can use their case of liver recovery and keep the liver scan to present to their students and colleagues. Mind you, not one had contacted me for explanation. They were just amazed how is it possible for the liver to recover in such a short period of time.

So here is a quick explanation about what creates non alcohol induced fatty liver.

People who eat dietary carbohydrates daily increase sugar absorption because dietary glucose stimulates insulin and GLUT (sugar transporting protein) production. As more glucose appear in the blood, more GLUT is produced and more glucose and fructose can be transported from intestines into the blood. As the amount of sugar in the blood is increasing so is the need of the body to deal with it. Our cell can only utilize small amount of glucose for energy so all the rest of available glucose and fructose becomes livers problem. Our body is not equipped to deal with dietary glucose so it cannot store it. All glucose that was not utilized by our cells and fructose has to be processed by the liver. The only thing liver can do with the sugars is to transform them into triglyceride and uric acid or if needed into cholesterol.

So people on carbohydrate diet if they eat large portions of carbs will produce large quantity of triglyceride (fat) and their liver will be full of it making the liver appear fatty. Liver releases fat into the blood and from there it deposits into adipose tissue making us fat. This is a slow and controlled process and as liver falls behind it becomes fatty itself.

Adipose tissue (fat tissue) also converts glucose into triglyceride making cells acidic in the process but this is not important for this discussion.

This is why all fat people have fatty liver. They simply eat to much of the wrong food.

Fatty liver has nothing to do with fat content in the food you are eating. Your intestines are processing this fat and not your liver. Same goes for the cholesterol unless you do not eat animal fats and then your liver has to produce the necessary cholesterol utilizing glucose or triglyceride for this process.

Be aware all you vegetarians and vegans. You have reprogrammed your body to utilize the sugar and it has lost the ability to correctly function. It can no longer produce enough energy utilizing their own fat and it has become dependent on glucose from diet which is not readily available because we do not eat every 2 hours. You are damaging your health and I have more and more vegetarian clients to prove it.

So how to fix the problem?

Ziggy (Jan/20/2017). Tom Wilson and Tom II.

Simple. Start eating correctly.

Reprogram your cells by eliminating dietary carbohydrates from your diet. No sugar, no fatty liver. It is as simple as that. Remember that glucose is the culprit and it is sugar that is not sweet. So when you are eating bread, pasta, potatoes,cooked bananas, yucca, breadfruit… they are not sweet but they are pure sugar.

The big mystery of fatty liver is solved. For all the health professional reading my blog please open your mind, absorb the information, think about it and start helping. No drugs are needed to solve any chronic health problem. All we need is the correct information.

For those that want more information, please donate by purchasing my books and educate yourselves with the new information.

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Love and light.


15 comments on “FATTY LIVER SYNDROME

      • Dear drdarko
        Hypoglycemia, it means when in the blood has low glucose level and it is very dangerous when is to low(even can u death) and drdarko when we cut carbs completelly from our food we become hypoglycemia and what u suggest we to maintan a good sugar level without carbs(perhaps foods like banana quinona or no?)
        Thanku that understand me in this typing cuz i dont know english language good:)

      • I explain hypoglycaemia in my book but I will write an article on it love. Only people who eat dietary carbohydrates become hypoglycaemic if they do no teat in time. People that eat correctly, never become hypoglycaemic.

  1. Thanks Darko,
    for your logical and simple explanation. I always appreciate your job.Please, in next topic could you talk a little bit about uric acid?

    All the best..

  2. Hi Darko, that is the best explanation I have heard yet on NFLD. It is also very well explained in layman terms.
    Thank you for your work!

  3. statins can reduce the fat content in the blood decreasing the overall triglycerides reducing the chance of fatty liver and cholesterol in the arteries.

    • This is correct brother but for what cost? Statins practically destroy body by depriving cholesterol to the cells that need it. This cause muscle, heart, brain and circulatory defects.

  4. the important thing is not to affect the good cholesterol only the bad cholesterol cause the bad one is what is causing heart disease

  5. Hi Darko! I have both of your books and follow your posts with appreciation. Just got a blood test reading on ALT (some sort of liver test) that is elevated: 35. Found a few years ago that if I drank a beer, my feet would be very hot in the night, so I stopped that. Then last year found that if I drank wine, same thing happened, so I stopped it too. My alternative doctor said it was the liver’s second line of defense. Do you address this issue in your books…have not tried to scan for the info – not sure what to search by. I used to drink red wine..stopped last July, and foolishly got a flu shot and the pnemonia shot january 2016. Only things I have done unhealthily…am low carb for 15 years and eat very little processed food. 68 years young. Trying to drink lemon juice in the a.m. Can you point me somewhere in your writing to address for explanation and any solution? Am going back to retest the first week in March. Thanks in advance!! Linda B

    The larger the island of knowledge, the longer the shoreline of wonder. – Ralph W. Sockman


  6. Dear drDarko
    I like very much yours boks that u explain all for our body and the true
    I think u are the only one doctor that i believe 99% cuz all the others lie in the many forms.
    I want to ask u which is the best way to cooking meat(or raw?) and is it good redmeat(grass feed beef)?
    Which oil you suggest we for cooking
    I know butter,coconut oil and the olive oil are the best but which u suggest we for cooking?

    • Healthiest is raw food, basically animal products. You can sear them or cook lightly so you acquire the taste you are used to but then eat it with salad. Salad will help you to clean from intestines what was cooked and not digested.
      Best oil for cooking is butter and natural animal fat. I used to collect in one jar fat from cooking and reuse it when I cook again. Animal fat is saturated and does not change properties when heated.

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